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Buenos Aires, Argentina

London, Paris

New Years Eve/birthday celebration in London or Paris?

Hi all, it's my first time to Trippy, I'm planning a trip for December '15 and January '16 to Paris and London. 

I want to know your opinions whether to spend New Years Eve in London or Paris? Also my birthday is 3rd January and I want to spend it in one of these cities, which is better?

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Valerie from Seattle

The ultimate question, Daniel! Which is better... London, or Paris. I think you'll find we all have our own opinions, and they're based on personal experience and not much else :)

Personally, I would spend the time in London: it is a beautiful time of year to see Oxford St done up for the holidays and watch the New Years fireworks at the London Eye and House Of Parliament.See? Stunning!

Of course, Paris has beautiful fireworks as well at the Eiffel Tower, but having spent Bastille Day on the Champ de Mars, I can say that they usually shut down most of the nearby Metro stations, meaning you have to walk quite a ways to get back to the Metro, and with a lot of Parisians in the cold and the middle of the night... that doesn't sound as pleasant to me!

(For context, my first trip to Paris was in November, and the city was beautiful, but the cold weather seemed to make everyone grumpy!)

Both cities will be beautiful, whichever you choose, but I think that my vote is for London. Bon voyage!!

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Kemkem from Malaga

I have never spent New Year's Eve in Paris, but l have spent it in London and it was fantastic! Everybody is out and about. It is one gigantic huge party. We walked all over the city and joined the parties. We had the best time around Chinatown area. It's definitely worth it. As said by Valerie, Oxford Circus is awesome for the decorations. You could just stand there, and the crowd would move you. I still have great memories years later, and l think you will too.

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answered by
Michelle from Melbourne

I agree with Valerie. Even though I love Paris, I think NYE is spectacular in London - if you can get a good vantage point to see the fireworks over the London Eye, Westminster, etc.

When you move on to Paris, you'll still be able to see all the wonderful city lights at that time of year.

For your birthday? It depends on how you'd like to celebrate. Both cities have amazing food and bars. London in particular has come such a long way in its food culture.

There's a reasonable chance you'll see snow at that time of year. I've never been to Paris in the snow but I've lived in London and I know the city copes reasonably well with bad weather (it's had plenty of practice).

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answered by
Scott from San Francisco

In general, even though I really like Paris, I prefer London.  I have found that London has almost every culinary delight that Paris has, PLUS I can get around a lot easier, and being able to speak the language unlocks all of London's incredible vast cultural wealth - especially the live theater which is IMHO the best in the world.  

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answered by
Sigourney from Melbourne

I'm looking at heading over at the same time. From what I've read, London seems the way to go for New Years, and Paris for Christmas. Both are cities are absolutely lovely, but I certainly felt London was somewhere that would make a wonderful New Years!

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answered by
Kamel from Paris

Hola Daniel,

Difficult question ! which one to choose between those two wonderful cities? I was born in Paris so i would recommand my city :-)

You will have the choice to spent NYE in the Champs Elysées full of people or

or La tour Eiffel that i prefer. You can there take a seat on the grass and celebrate this new year with people and a beautiful fireworks !

Dont' forget : " Paris c'est magique ! " :-)

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