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London, Paris, Italy, Taipei

Need help with a 15-Day Europe Itinerary from Taipei

My family is planning a 15-day trip to Europe in June. We plan to visit London, Paris, Florence/Naples, Rome, then maybe 1 day in Venice. Can you help me plan a 15 day itinerary including travel? I don't know where to start with this. From what I know, it'll be Taipei- London and Rome. The in betweens are the tricky parts.

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Valerie from Seattle

Mimsy, what fun! I hope you have a great trip. Here's what I'd do:

Day 1: Fly Taipei > London, arrive, rest
Day 2: London
Day 3: London
Day 4: London morning, take afternoon Eurostar to Paris
Day 5: Paris
Day 6: Paris
Day 7: Paris morning, fly evening on a cheap airline to Rome
Day 8: Rome (including Vatican City if that's something which interests you)
Day 9: Rome
Day 10: Day trip to Province of Florence via trains
Day 11: Train to Naples
Day 12: Naples, take evening train back to Rome
Day 13: Take morning train to Venice
Day 14: Venice
Day 15: Take train back to Rome, fly home.

Some notes:

  1. Italian trains are pretty easy to manage -- info is available online and they run quite frequently so you can just show up at the train stations and book there if you want to be more spontaneous.
  2. Book the Eurostar in advance -- the farther in advance, the cheaper!
  3. There are tons of cheap airlines that fly around Europe, I flew Monarch Airlines into Rome when I visited in December 2012.

If you want more details on what I'd suggest to do in each place (the only place I haven't personally been is Venice), comment below and I'll send more along! Have a great trip!!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. London (city)
  2. Paris (city)
  3. Rome (city)
  4. Vatican City (city)
  5. Province of Florence (metro area)
  6. Naples (metro area)
  7. Venice (city)
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Martin from United Kingdom

Of the cities mentioned, allow most time for London and Rome. London because it is so big and cosmopolitan, Rome because no city in the world has the vast, continuous history to be seen.

Things can be a bit chaotic in Italy, but it is a wonderful country. Depending on the time of year, you may find places like Venice and Florence somewhat overrun by tourists.

I would use the train to get aound, That will give you a sense of travelling and allow you to see the landscapes as well.

If so, go Rome, Florence, Switzerland (Lugano, Lucerne and Basel are all worth a single day. Beautiful, clean and safe ... but expensive by European standards). Then Paris and finally London. Or vice versa.

Short answer, but hope it helps.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. London (city)
  2. Rome (city)
  3. Venice (city)
  4. Florence (city)
  5. Switzerland (country)
  6. Lugano (city)
  7. Lucerne (city)
  8. Basel (city)
  9. Paris (city)
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answered by
John from Carlsbad (California)

I would recommend flying into London and back to Taipei from Rome.  Stay in London for 3-4 nights and take the Eurostar to Paris.  The Eurostar is a great train and the trip only takes about 2.5 hours.  Stay in Paris for 3-4 nights.  Fly from Paris to Venice and stay one night there.  When booking this flight, make sure you figure in baggage fees.  They can be very high on some low-cost airlines.  You can fly Air France classic coach for about 100 euros and get one checked bag free.  Take a train from Venice to Florence and spend 2 nights there.  Take a train from Florence to Naples and spend 2 nights there.  Take the train from Naples to Rome and spend 3-4 nights in Rome before flying home.  You could also reverse the trip, flying into Rome and out of London.

You can book you train tickets on

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. London (city)
  2. Paris (city)
  3. Venice (city)
  4. Florence (city)
  5. Naples (metro area)
  6. Rome (city)
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Rebecca from Manchester

15 days is plenty of time to see the places you have mentioned. London is a good place to start as its a good base and it is easy to get to Paris from there. You can either fly from London to Paris or get the Eurostar. The Eurostar tends to be more expensive but they usually have a few offers on.

From Paris you could then stop off in Lyon or the South of France on the way to Italy. This can easily be done all by train which I would recommend booking at least one in advance to get a decent seat. From Paris to Lyon takes just over 2 hours on the fast train (TGV). From Lyon you could even stop in Switzerland but then you might be pushed for time.

I'd recommend going from Lyon to Florence where its easy to get to Pisa or Venice. These just take a few hours on the train from each other (you may need to change in Milan as its a big train station so you could even have a few days there). Then I would suggest going from Venice to Rome and ending your trip in Rome.

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