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Stef asked

Must sees in London??

I'm planning on spending 2-3 days in London (is that enough?). 

What are some must see attractions? Also, if you know of any good local restaurants or fun clubs, please share!

London (United Kingdom)

8 Answers
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Johnny from Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

when is ever enough.. lol.. theres loads to do there.. have a bite at Busaba Eathai Wardour Street for the best thai ever (the calamari is the sh*t!!!)... coffee at Bar Italia after a night out.. peeps go there at 3am onwards for a coffee.. or if you're hungry in those wee hours have a bite at Balans.. you'll see all sorts of peeps there.. definitely take a river cruise.. quick way to see loads of the must see London sights like Tower Of London , Tower Bridge , Canary WharfThe Shard etc etc.. go see Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre.. have a glass at Gordon's Wine Bar.. try the cocktails at Lab.. one of London's best training bar bars.. not a great looking bar but the cocktails rock!.. have some amazing quick tapas at José.. ask for Herve.. the coolest, funniest maitre in London.. if you're into museums.. Tate Modern.. theatre.. Shakespeare's Globe.. do a walk from House Of Parliament to Westminster Abbey then walk past 10 Downing Street.. take a pic.. up to Trafalgar Square.. take a picture on a lion.. walk down The Mall and head to Buckingham Palace.. for a another quick snack you can't miss Princi.. clubs you have to experience.. fabric on a saturday usually gets better after 3am.. or XOYO is cool too (both underground type clubs).. always depends on whos playin of course.. if you like the celeb type clubs check out Jalouse or The Cuckoo Club.. they're hard to get into so look as HOT as possible or latch onto some peeps that look like they're VIP's.. go check out Tate Modern.. cocktails at Hakkasan.. its a restaurant... try book there to eat if poss.. if not.. just hit the bar and try their strawberry and basil martini.. another hot bar ECC Chinatown.. wicked vibe and ridiculous cocktails.. for great pizza in hipsterville check out Pizza East.. while near there.. more great cocktails at Callooh Callay.. after a night out in shoreditch you must try the salt beef bagels on brick lane at Beigel Bake.. check out the members club Shoreditch House is a cool place to chill (you'll need to befriend some locals to get in)... ok.. shopping now.. Carnaby St a must.. if you have lots of $$$ then hit New Bond St or just walk thru it.. cool street to tick off..  

Camden Market for some funky cheap gets.. Borough Market on a Saturday is a must in the morning.. cheeses.. antipasta.. wine.. its gorgeous and on the river.. try not to use the tube when in the west end.. its not that big.. so walk and you'll see a lot more!!! enjoy... :D

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Awesome answer!!!

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answered by
Sarah from Hamburg

Hi Stef!

You're going to love London, there's really something for everyone. And I think you can spend a day or a year there and still find something to do. So 3 days will be alright for a start.

Since there is so much I think it's gard to give advice on places to go in general.

There is East London, a hip and your area with lots of artist, cute cafés and crazy bars. There is the West, sparkly and posh with beautiful parks, world-known restaurants, the shows etc or you could go to the north or south for a quiter time. And of course there is the centre with everything you've seen about London on TV (London Bridge, Big Ben, Oxford St) and a lot of shopping but also MANY people and tourists.

I personally love the east and advice everyone who is only staying for a couple of days to JUST stay there but it really depends on what you're interested in.

Best, Sarah

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  11. HMS Belfast (attraction)
  12. MI5 (attraction)
  13. Cutty Sark (attraction)
  14. MI5 (attraction)
  15. Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) (attraction)
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answered by
Barbara from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

sketch restaurant and bar is awesome and really trendy. 

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answered by
Courtney from Los Angeles

Hey, Stef,

To answer your question, no, that is definitely NOT enough time for this amazing city!!! 

Here are a few of my all-time favorite places to go (although you've gotten some awesome answers here!!!) in no particular order:

Natural History Museum - OMG, this is such an amazing place and frankly, I'm not even that interested in natural history but I come here every time I'm in town and never regret it. The architecture alone is reason enough to come!

Liberty & Co - OK, again, even if you don't like to shop, you MUST see this place--it's like Anthropologie meets Romeo and Juliet meets Chanel. Don't miss it!

Kensington Palace - Don't get me started. It's where William and Kate live and they have some of the best exhibits in town. Love this place. If you go, try to have lunch at The Orangery Restaurant. It's one of the most beautiful restaurant I've ever been in in my life if a bit hot in the summer. 
V & A Museum  - This museum is almost too good to be true. The exhibits here are beyond amazing and so is the building itself. Try to go on a Friday night when they play music. (By the way, I always think the pattern on that floor looks like the Louis Vuitton pattern. ;)The Design Museum - also incredible. I saw an exhibit of Christian Louboutin shoes here once. 

If you like quirky things, check out the Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garrett. It's totally bizarre. Just make sure you're wearing comfy shoes, though--as I remember the climb up is narrow and steep. 

Kew Gardens - I ended up here by accident once and it was one of the luckiest things to ever happen to me. ;) This place is well worth a day by itself, I think. 

For restaurants, my fave is The Botanist. Very hip crowd, very good food. I'm going to second Borough Market. Not a lot there to do, but an amazing place to see. Regency Cafe has an amazing breakfast and is beyond adorable. Just be prepared to have to wait a bit to sit. I also love the Spitalfields area (but that could be because I'm an All Saints fan), although I'm not a huge fan of the market (it's a bit too commercial for me). If you go to that area, you have to go to a little store called A.Gold which is this little tiny grocery store that sells mostly British food stuffs. I can never resist going in there. That reminds me of The Olde Curiosity Shop which was the store Dickens based the book on. The last time I was there it was an extremely expensive shoe store but it looks like the site is down so I'm not sure what it is now. Still fun to see, regardless. 

Have a blast and let us know what you see there!!!

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  12. Spitalfields (attraction)
  13. All Saints (attraction)
  14. A.Gold (attraction)
  15. The Olde Curiosity Shop (attraction)
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answered by
Felipe from Medellin

Please try not to miss

1. A breakfast in The Breakfast Club

2. A walk in Southbank Centre

3. A picnic in Hyde Park or Green Park 

4. A picture in London Bridge

5. A morning in Borough Market

6. A shopping session in portobello markets

7. An afternoon in Camden Town

8. One or two beers in any PUB


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This sounds like the perfect day!

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  7. portobello markets (attraction)
  8. Camden Town (neighborhood)
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answered first by
Grant from Chicago

So much to do in a great city! Biggest variable here is price point, as London can be extremely expensive. Also, depends on where you are staying in the city, as it is very spread out. I will say that the restaurant scene in London has really blown up and there are some great spots. 

If you are staying near central London then you will have a great opportunity to experience both sides of the city. A great Soho lunch spot is Barrafina -- some of the best tapas i have ever had, including Spain. They dont take bookings though so I would recommend getting there early (I think they open at noon) If you enjoy Indian food, then I would strongly recommend Gymkhana. It is a bit pricey, but well worth it! From there you are pretty close to some of the great sights in St James's and Westminster. Another great spot is Burger & Lobster - for 20 quid you can get a delicious lobster meal (a steal in this town).

I would definitely say that venturing out to the east end of town, as it is very up and coming with tons of culture. Spitalfields is a really cool open air market that has tons of great clothes vendors and artwork. Shoreditchis an amazing neighborhood with cool vintage shops and right up the street would say that the Pure Evil Gallery is worth checking out. Nude Espresso is an awesome spot with great coffee and snacks. I went there for breakfast almost every morning (my flat was right down the street though!) St. John Bread & Wine has a killer bacon sandwich and homemade custard doughnuts also really good granola. Andina London is an awesome peruvian spot too. 

I would say the coolest experiences I have had over there are at the amazing open air markets that are around the city. Borough Market is one of the largest open air markets in the world and is certainly one of the most amazing spots. Its a great place to spend the late morning/early afternoon noshing on delicious food with your friends. It can get quite crowded and touristy, so if you are up for more of a local vibe, check out Broadway Market on the north side of town, great vendors, food, and music. Would also recommend Columbia Rd in east london -- lots of cool little shops and they have an amazing flower market on Sundays. 

For nightlife, there are tons of great little bars and clubs in and around the Shoreditch High St area. Queen Of Hoxton is always a good time and has a good vibe. It has great music and i think it has the perfect balance of that underground club vibe without the pretentious (e.g. bottle service) attitude or the sketchy/sweaty basement vibe that alot of the major clubs in london have (although they do have a great sweaty basement if you are game) very chill rooftop too with a great view of London. If you are looking for good music/deep sets i would avoid the big clubs and check out some of the warehouse parties on RA. 

I am sure you are going to have a blast! There is a ton to do there. 


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  7. Spitalfields (attraction)
  8. Shoreditch (neighborhood)
  9. Pure Evil Gallery (attraction)
  10. Nude Espresso (restaurant)
  11. St. John Bread & Wine (attraction)
  12. Andina London (restaurant)
  13. Borough Market (attraction)
  14. Broadway Market (attraction)
  15. Columbia Rd (attraction)
  16. Shoreditch High St (attraction)
  17. Queen Of Hoxton (attraction)
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answered by
Ashley from Calgary

London is a great place to visit, I'd say 3 days is better -- there is a lot to see and do! 

Saint Paul's Cathedral is a must, it is gorgeous -- make sure you do the walk to the dome. 

Big Ben and House of Parliament are also musts(right next to each other) and Westminster Abbey is right across the way and great. Tower Bridge is also in the vicinity, hard to miss. Hyde Park is lovely...

Buckingham Palace is alright, if you go during the changing of the guard there are swarms of people which make is less enjoyable.

Camden Town market is a quirky area to discover; roam around Piccadilly Circus; grab a pint and eat some fish and chips; check out one of the many museums; pop into a Harrods.

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  6. Hyde Park (attraction)
  7. Buckingham Palace (attraction)
  8. Camden Town (neighborhood)
  9. Piccadilly Circus (attraction)
  10. Harrods (attraction)

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