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I am extremely scared of flying , I can handle small flights up to around 7 hours possibly , I'd love to visit my in laws in London - how could I break up the trip from Perth - Australia to get there ? Don't mind staying for a few nights somewhere :)

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Brad from Perth

Hi Jes! I know the feeling. Weird thing about long flights though is that once you're up, the length of time doesn't seem to make much difference. I find the best routes are Perth (Scotland) -> United Arab Emirates (any of their airlines are great) and then UAE -> London. Another decent way is Perth -> Hong Kong, spend a few nights in HK, then HK -> London with Cathay Pacific. I do the London to Perth and back thing a few times a year and I don't love flying. Those are 7 and 10 hour flights (the Perth/UAE ones). Try to pick night flights and stay up late the night before so you're tired so you can sleep the majority of at least one leg.  

Good luck!

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Lee from Atlanta

I flew from Sydney to Abu dhabi 16 hrs and then to rome in November (6)

read there was a flight to singapoure and then on to paris i think,

i would not do my 22 hr flight again and i was in business class

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Hi Jes,

I'm sorry to hear that flights cause you anxiety.  I used to struggle with this as well.  I'm not sure what your travel dates are but I came up with a good routing.  Bangkok is about 7 hours from Perth (Scotland)...and then you could pick up a flight to Dubai that is 7 hours and then the flight to London is another 7.  

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Try flying premium economy to give yourself a bit more room than in economy seats. Do a stopover in Singapore, Thailand, or Hong Kong. Even if you don't stay for a day or so, just getting off plane, using a lounge-excellent one in Singapore-to rest, shower, etc., helps. Flights going via Dubai will also give you a break. Night flights are good-if you're sleeping, you're not worrying. Give yourself plenty of time to check in, get through security and passport control and find your departure gate so you don't feel stressed from the beginning.

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Janelle from Charleston

Jes, flying is the safest means of transport.  You're more likely to be struck by lightning than be involved in an air crash.  If it makes you feel any better, I've been travelling between South Carolina and Liverpool at least once a year for the last 10 years, as well as other trips I've taken, and I'm still here :-D  If you're that afraid to fly, then I would definitely recommend seeing a professional who specialises in treating phobias before undertaking such a journey.  If you end up having a panic attack and behaving irrationally on board then you would become a threat to the safety of other passengers and you would interfere with the flight crew's ability to do their jobs, which I'm sure is the last thing you would want to happen.  Many people have a fear of flying, so you're definitely not alone, and I'm sure there are plenty of psychotherapists and support groups in Perth/WA who can work with you. 

Having said that, pretty much the only way to get from Perth to London these days involves transit through the Persian Gulf states, Singapore or Bangkok (at least until Qantas begins its PER-LHR nonstop flight next year).  Perth-Singapore/Bangkok will be about a 5-6 hour flight, and then the flight to London will be about 11-12 hours.  Perth-Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Ad Dawhah will be about 10 hours and the flight to London will be 6-7 hours.  Singapore has the nicest and most efficient airport of the lot and it's a great place to spend 2-3 days.  The Gulf states have OK airports (I hear the new one in Doha/Ad Dawhah is quite smart) but aren't exactly the most interesting places to spend a few days and nowadays travel to anywhere in the Muslim world just isn't responsible tourism. I haven't been to Bangkok...I heard the airport isn't the best for transit but the city is amazing.

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