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  • Hannah Grant
  • "Fun neighborhoods to stay in with good public transportation"

Hannah Grant

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Fun neighborhoods to stay in with good public transportation

My boyfriend and I have decided to go to London for the holidays.  Any suggestions as to where to stay that's safe and fun for a couple of 20-somethings?  Any neighborhoods or affordable hotel suggestions would be appreciated.  Bonus points if there's a train station close to it.

The only plan that we have so far is to visit his extended family in Hertford and we were told that we could just take a train there from London.  Other than that, plans are still up in the air and we figured finding somewhere to stay would be a good place to start!

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  • Tiffany Weber

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    My short answer is Camden Town . It is on a tube line with an easy stop Camden Town Station [27, 88, 168, 214, 253, 274, C2] , so you can easily stay here and see the rest of London.

    This area is young, fun, a bit quirky, and fantastic to see. This is where street art and street artists (buskers) are most prominent and you may see several works by the now famous, Banksy, on random walls.


    Check out the well known Camden Market and the The Camden Stables Market . The Stables were once a horse hospital and now house a great market and houses countless life-sized bronze statues of horses and their caregivers. It's incredible.


    The hands-down, uncontested BEST COFFEE SHOP is Camden is at The Little One . Enjoy the coffee by the local roaster, Monmouth, and try the pear danish. It's to-die-for. Tower 47 is another great coffee shop there. For cookies and great coffee, go to the Musical Instrument Cafe. Salt Cafe is also really good.

    Ok, so you have to go to the The World's End . It's beautiful, famous, but loved by locals as well. A must try.

    For a famous chef, try Gordon Ramsey's restaurant at the York & Albany . It's a little pricey, but nice for appetizers and a pint. On Tuesday, pizza is 2 for 15 pounds and there's live music. For a special evening out, try the Lansdowne Pub restaurant. It's well known by locals and celebrities, but the food is excellent, it's not at all touristy, and locals just LOVE this place. It is a little pricey, but for a special night, worth it.

    Barfly club is great also for live music. They have a knack for discovering great talent and featuring bands that end up being quite well known.


    You'll find great views of London from Primrose Hill , also in Camden.

    I love the Camden Lock near the Lock Market . It's beautiful. Who would have thought that there are canals in London! But there are. A stroll along the Canal is just gorgeous.

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    • Courtney R.

      Courtney R.

      Totally agree--Camden Market is great as is the World's End Pub! · (2 likelikes)

    • Hannah G.

      Hannah G.

      This all sounds so amazing and I LOVE COFFEE!!! I'm taking notes on all of these and I may have to splurge and check out Gordon Ramsay's restaurant. Thanks so much for these recommendations, Tiffany!!! · (1 likelikes)

    • Tiffany W.

      Tiffany W.

      Your welcome! Have fun! · (1 likelikes)

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    1. Camden Town (neighborhood)
    2. Camden Town Station [27, 88, 168, 214, 253, 274, C2] (attraction)
    3. Camden Market (attraction)
    4. The Camden Stables Market (attraction)
    5. The Little One (restaurant)
    6. Tower 47 (restaurant)
    7. Salt Cafe (restaurant)
    8. The World's End (attraction)
    9. York & Albany (hotel)
    10. Lansdowne Pub (attraction)
    11. Barfly (attraction)
    12. Primrose Hill (attraction)
    13. Camden Lock (attraction)
    14. Camden Lock Market (attraction)

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