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Young HO asked

I'm trying to drive from Baton Rouge,LA to Livermore, Ca Any suggestion?

I'm trying to drive from Baton Rouge, LA to Livermore, Ca Any suggestions for stops, route, and etc ? I'm driving myself and thinking about driving 2-3 days at the most. 

Thanks !

Baton Rouge Livermore

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This is a 32 hour trip.  So if you want to do it in 3 days that means 10+ hours a day.  Three days could be

Baton Rouge to Odessa (Texas)(11 plus hours)

Odessa to Phoenix (10 hours)

Phoenix to Livermore (10 hours)

I think I would not want to do such long days. I might split it into four or five days and stop at San Antonio (6 hours), El Paso (8 hours), and Phoenix (7 hours) before I went to Livermore - this still leaves a 10+ hour day in California to get to Livermore.

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  1. Baton Rouge (city)
  2. Odessa (Texas) (city)
  3. Phoenix (city)
  4. Livermore (city)
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Janelle from Charleston

I'd recommend doing the drive over at least 4 days.  8 hours per day of driving is about the maximum of what can be reasonably expected of any person.  You don't mention if you'll have anyone else with you - if so, then maybe you can do it in 2-3 days if you split the driving so that each person drives no more than 8 hours per day.  

I'd do it as follows: Day 1: Baton Rouge - Oklahoma City (via Shreveport and Dallas); Day 2: Oklahoma City - Albuquerque; Day 3: Albuquerque - Las Vegas (along I-40 to Kingman and then to U.S. 93) and Day 4: Las Vegas - Livermore (via Barstow, Mojave, Bakersfield and Modesto.

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I agree with this but sometimes young people can do longer drives. My daughter did 1220 miles Baltimore to Miami in a day (she left Baltimore in the morning and turned in the rental truck in Miami at noon the next day) but she did have my husband with her and he did a little of the driving and they stopped in Georgia for the night.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Baton Rouge (city)
  2. Oklahoma City (city)
  3. Shreveport (city)
  4. Dallas (city)
  5. Albuquerque (city)
  6. Las Vegas (city)
  7. Kingman (city)
  8. Livermore (city)
  9. Barstow (city)
  10. Mojave (city)
  11. Bakersfield (city)
  12. Modesto (city)
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