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Life-Changing Trip

Has anyone ever had a life-changing trip? If so, where and why? 

9 Answers

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Scott from Cesky Krumlov

Every trip is life-changing.

Just a little, each time.  Hardly noticeable.  But you've been somewhere and done something different than those around you.  

Do it further and more frequently and you'll soon have a much better idea of how the world works than those around you.  You'll be more flexible and understanding.  When you get back, you'll see how your home town IS different than everywhere else.  You just didn't see it before, in the way you do now.  (Perhaps you'll no longer like it there.  It happens...)

Get out there.  Explore!

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Vicky from New Delhi, India

India Trip, 

North India trip may b Life changing trip. So try incredible India.

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When I was 19 years old, I left home with 65$ in my pocket and stuck out my thumb.

I came back 9 months later after having traveled around GermanyFrance SwitzerlandAustriaSloveniaCroatiaSerbiaMacedoniaGreeceIsraelEgypt and Netherlands.

This was a trip where I learned how to take care of myself and to find work when I was out of money. Groundbreaking trip that turned me in to the professional globetrotter I am now 27 years later.

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  2. France (attraction)
  3. Switzerland (country)
  4. Austria (attraction)
  5. Slovenia (country)
  6. Croatia (country)
  7. Serbia (attraction)
  8. Macedonia (attraction)
  9. Greece (attraction)
  10. Israel (attraction)
  11. Egypt (country)
  12. Netherlands (attraction)
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answered by
Sean from Hudson Valley

Every trip is life changing.  Every trip adds to your view of the world we share.  Every experience enriches you as an individual.  You may not be aware of it, but it happens.

Chaz Chadwick, the manager of the late Jimmy Hendrix, once said that Hendrix had the ability to be aware of that (musically).  He once said, "You could take him to see the worst band in the world, but he would come away with the one thing good about them, and keep that thing with him."

Travel is like that too.  Being hustled, getting pick-pocketed, coming out to find you rental car has been vandalized can lead to positive character development as much as any breathtaking vista, any fine museum or any great restaurant.

In time you'll find yourself more tolerant, more easy going, and more able to help a fellow traveler; be it on the road or in your own neck of the woods.  You'll have greater understanding as to how you, and all of us, fit into this world we share.  You'll see how we are all different, and yet how we're all so similar. 

You'll also be dismayed at the many how prefer their blind prejudices and petty hatreds to the greater possibilities out there.  Yeah; travel can leave you wiser, but sadder. 

You'll also find yourself hooked on the act of travel itself.  Believe me, it's not a bad way to be.

There isn't one trip that I wouldn't repeat, without any changes. 

So keep your eyes, your mind and your heart open, and get out there.

Happy travels!

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answered by
Nam from Bangkok

It is my first solo trip after my 15 years of chronic sickness which I never expected it would be recovered in my life. During the 15 years of heavy gastritis and diarrhea, every trip were the trauma.

When I have gradually known  that my health have been better, I was bored and tired by the office job. So I resigned and went to UK for long holiday and just let's it go with the vague travel plan.

I registered a summer English language course for travelers at Edinburgh, Scotland where a few Thais were found. New friends and new environment brought me beautiful memory.

After finishing the English course, I traveled to the South, the North of England,and London. The trip took 11 weeks.

4 years after the UK solo trip, I have started the journey as solo traveler throughout Southeast Asia focusing on World Heritage Sites, historic and natural places. I also have initiated the travel blog talking about WHS and nearby attractions in this region until today.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Edinburgh (city)
  2. England (attraction)
  3. London (city)
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answered by
Christie from Hershey

A trip to Japan - I was totally enchanted by the people.  NZ - Totally enchanted by the geographic beauty.  A remote town in Italy where my purse was stolen - with everything in it - passport, phone, much cash, cards, ID, driver's license... where the police and residents spoke no English and I was alone.  All life changing.

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I agree-every trip changes your life in some way.For example-travelling round the Somme and seeing farm land still roped off with live shells from WW1, visiting former concentration camps, listening to the beautiful calls to prayer in Turkey, marvelling at Machu Piccu, painted monasteries in Romania,attending shinto ceremony in Japan,Danube delta wildlife, Berlin wall,communism museums. You see the best and the worst of humanity-it makes you kinder, more respectful of others and makes you appreciate the good in your own life. You may not ever have much money if you're an inveterate traveller, but you will always be rich in so many other ways.

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answered by
Steve from San Francisco

It is impossible to visit Israel without having a profound experience. Nothing there is exactly what it seems.

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answered by
Janelle from Charleston

I agree with Scott Wilkins. Every trip is life-changing (or should be).

The MOST life-changing trip I've been on was when I went to Israel for the second time when I was 14.  The first time we went I was only 8 and wasn't really old enough to appreciate what it had to offer.  Going to the Western Wall, Temple Mount, Church of the Holy Sepulcher and City of David in Jerusalem, Masada and Tiberias made me believe that the stories told in the Bible did actually happen, and seeing other historical sights such as Acre, Jaffa and Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut made me truly realise the impact Israel/Canaan/Judea/Samaria has had on the world.  Yad Vashem helped drive home the sheer magnitude of the Holocaust and how it led to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

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  2. Western Wall (attraction)
  3. Temple Mount (attraction)
  4. Church of the Holy Sepulcher (attraction)
  5. City of David (attraction)
  6. Masada (attraction)
  7. Tiberias (city)
  8. Acre (city)
  9. Jaffa (attraction)
  10. Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut (attraction)
  11. Yad Vashem (attraction)
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