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Las Vegas

What time of year is the best for scoring a cheap deals in Las Vegas

Was thinking of planning a long weekend trip later this year as a fun getaway to Las Vegas (I've never been). I'd love to book a package instead of planning it for myself for once. I'm usually a budget travellers but as it's a short trip in such a luxurious destination if I can get a good deal I'll stretch what I spend.

Are there times of the year where the deals are predictably low or maybe booking sites you've seen that have great deals for Vegas?

Are there particular hotel recommendations from places you've stayed that are your favourites or that you'd go back to? I've heard the hotel can make all the difference in the Vegas experience. Any help is appreciated!

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Ian from San Francisco

Hey Kim,

If you really want to score the best deals on hotel rooms and flights in Las Vegas, I'd recommend the Summer. The downfall is that the weather is going to be super hot. (105˚+)

But they definitely want people there during that time, so you'll get great deals.

Another great time is the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Xmas. The weather is much cooler then (50's and 60's) but that's the slow season for them. Rooms should be much cheaper.

Check out the website -- you can type in when you're going to be there and then you can compare all the room rates.
(And no, I don't work for that website or anything. I just think it's a good site to compare rooms)

I hope that helps.

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answered by
Jen from Los Angeles

This completely depends on the type of Las Vegas trip that you're after. For example, typically April- end of Sept/beginning of Oct, all of the hotels that have popular pool parties or the newest clubs/resident DJS will be more expensive as they are always packed for these events. If this is not something you're interested in at all, then no worries. Just bear in mind that the newer, perhaps more trendy hotels on the Strip are always going to be a bit more pricey year round, but winter months are cheapest. I would aim for a late Sept/early Oct visit where the weather is still warm but not scorching hot, hotels will be a bit less expensive and your visit should be more enjoyable after the summer party crowd goes home.

Also, for hotels, may have some deals or packages, but also check with Costco, AAA (if you are a member) or a site such as Expedia to book everything as a package. Have fun!!!

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Spencer from Los Angeles

Some great recommendations here. I'll add a little bit. When you're looking at weekends, I'd think about what types of weeks they are. For example, really big convention weekends, sports playoffs (Super Bowl, March Madness), big boxing fights, and big festivals (like Life is Beautiful) will be busier and thus more expensive.

I've found that middle of the summer is usually the best because it's so freakin hot. So like July/August. The winter months, like between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and mid- to late-January are also typically cheaper. However, it's a bit cooler, so you won't likely be kicking it by the pool. You may think of something like May before Memorial Day, or later in Sept/Oct, like Jen mentioned, when you may find some deals but have great weather. 

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answered by
Hazel from Port St. Lucie

The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino offers the best bang for the buck if you stay on the breakfast floor. The fun place is Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino or MGM Grand Las Vegas pool. My trick is l go there on cheap deal. When i am checking in, then l ask for an upgrade. I like to stay at any Boyd gaming property. I stay at Sam's Town in Henderson. Thet have free shuttle to Harrah's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and back. It is in the back of Harrahs. You can take an airport shuttle to Harrahs for $16 then free shuttle to Sams Town. 8:30 pm is the last shuttle to Sams Town. Resort Rate is $14. Half of the Strip resort fee. If you gamble some there contact casino host and ask for comped room rates.

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answered by
JR from Manhattan Beach

Here's a tip I've noticed over the years. Since Vegas room prices are very elastic (meaning they vary greatly based on how busy the town is) it's best to pick a time of year that has low traffic.

I randomly noticed the weekend before the Super Bowl is really cheap and here's why i think why:

Most of the Vegas party people like to go for New Years (it's the most expensive day of the year for a room) and then again a bunch of people go out for CES which is the first week in January usually, and then for the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, it's packed. Sooooo... the weekend before the Super Bowl (when there is now playoffs because they have a bye that week) is kinda a dead weekend out there. There is no major event that weekend and the "party people" are all recharging that weekend at home. 

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answered by
Johnny from Las Vegas

Ian had a great answer.  I'd only add that early January is another option.  It's cool here but still decent (not pool weather) and many people are tapped because of Christmas and NYE.

As for hotels, the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and The Quad Resort & Casino as well as Luxor Hotel and Casino will probably give you the best bang for the buck.

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answered by
Karen from Maryland

Travel in the late spring and summer time when the temperature is hot.  Most visitor's tend to avoid that season.  Also there are less conventions and trade shows going on to drive up the hotel costs.  If you can try to avoid the weekends.  Traveling Sunday through Thursdays offer the best rates but you may find a deal or two on the weekends during the summer months. Check out .  Lot's of hotel discounts as well as show/entertainment discounts.  Enjoy!

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answered by
Lila from Las Vegas

I would echo what some others have said.  The best times for deals to visit Las Vegas are between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the week after Christmas and before NYE.  The weather is still awesome, average of ~50 degrees and the strip is very festive looking.  Bellagio Hoteland Wynn Hotel Las Vegas have spectacular displays at their conservatories for FREE. You can go ice skating at Caesars Palaceor the The Cosmopolitan at a very reasonable cost.  You may just run into carolers and enjoy FREE musical entertainment at the Winter Parq at the Linq and The Quad Resort & Casino which is also home to the High Roller(world's tallest Ferris wheel).  It is less crowded and a perfect opportunity for gorgeous Christmas pics!

I would not worry too much about your hotel experience as long as you stay in a mid priced or named hotel.  I suspect you won't be spending much time in your hotel room since there are so many attractions.  Save the money that you would spend at a high end hotel and use it for some of the fantastic shows in town.  If you go to one Cirque show, I highly recommend Cirque du Soleil - "O" at the Bellagio Hotel or for a non Cirque show-Absinthe Las Vegas at Caesars Palace.   I would make location more of a priority since the strip is longer than most people think so plan according to the attractions you're interested in experiencing.   Good luck and have fun in Las Vegas!

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answered by
Steven from Winston Salem

I have found amazing cheap prices either:

-- When it's really damn HOT there (July/August) 

-- The time after T-Day and Before X-Mas .. 

-- The week after X-Mas and before NYE 

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answered by
Robert from Las Vegas

Vegas has always great deals. Try Polo Towers Suites  Desert Paradise Resort and Cancun Resort Las Vegas These resorts are like home away from home. Polo Towers is right on the Strip, close to everything! Desert Paradice is 5 minutes away from the strip, but the condos are huge with a nice pool. Cancun is just a wonderful, 10 min away from the strip but not far from all the fun and relaxation. Great pool area with slides, bar, and spa. All these resorts are spacious with
kitchen! So, up to you if you want to cook. I really recommend these three resorts, great prices, check them out!

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answered by
Chris from New York City

Other than a few peak periods and when large conventions are in town Vegas is a really low cost place to visit for the quality you get.  Technically the summers are the cheapest months to go but its really the worst time to be there because the heat is so bad.  December through February can be a bit on the cold side and spring / fall is my favorite times to be there.  Most hotels let you browse their calendar to find cheap rates.  Just avoid those times when there is some massive event going on and you should be fine.

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answered by
Melanio from San Diego

Summer but make sure there are no conventions in town.  But also sign up for their programs since you can get free rooms on slow days.  They want you to stay so you can spend your money at their casino.

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answered by
Ashley from Calgary

I was there around the end of August and hotels were super cheap. It's so hot it deters people but if you can handle a little heat you can save some moola. 

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answered first by
Scott from Fort Collins

Hello Kim!  It really depends on what you are wanting to get out of Vegas.  December is usually a great time to score deals as long as it is not around National Finals Rodeo.  The only problem is that it's not conducive to pool time, if that's important.  Some shows also take breaks in December.  July and August are pretty good times too, in my experiences, for good deals.  ! though it can very warm.  Some people really love the experience of the hotel and yes, it is nice to have a great suite with nice amenities and lots of room.  The problem for me is I'm never in the room except to sleep, or mix up a cocktail.  I think you will find there are plenty of nice rooms at affordable places.  I like Bally's, Mirage and Caesar's for their location.  I also stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, which I really enjoyed, but I'm not a fan of the location. I haven't packaged a deal there for about twenty years, so not much help there.  Anyway, hope that helps and safe travels!

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answered by
Hazel from Port St. Lucie

Be aware of resort fees. You can barely talk on phone or use computers. By the time you get where you are going cam battery is 50%. If you can carry extra battery do so. I walk with backpack. I carry water bottles in it. I carry gifts for the homeless. Tips for musicians, taxis, maids, waitress. I carry hand wipes and sanitizers

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