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Sunil Gupta

Mountain View, California

Bachelor party venues

One of my best buddies is getting married next year and as a groomsman, I've been tasked being one of the organizers for his bachelor party.  Here's the thing: none of us groomsman are really party animals, so we really have no idea where to start, but we just know that we want our buddy to have a good time and that we want to go to Vegas, just for the experience.  

Any ideas on which venues to start looking at and/or bachelor party-type activities?

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  • Angie Sanchez

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    One of my friends had her bachelorette party at the Aria Resort and Casino and it was awesome. I imagine it's pretty much just the same thing for a bachelor party. The matron of honor organized the whole thing and we were able to get a special group rate for rooms plus bottle service at their nice club.

    By the way, everything about the Aria is impressive, from the rooms to their pools to their club. We almost didn't leave the hotel for the entire week! They have several pools lined up with literally hundreds of lounge chairs set up around it and the best part is that they're guest only, so it's not crammed full of people. They also section off one part of the pool for the Liquid Day Club & Lounge, which is an adults only poolside party where they serve tasty drinks and have a DJ.

    As far as the club goes, it was so much fun! It's called the Gold Boutique Nightclub & Lounge and it came with table/bottle service since we got a bachelorette package. The club was built in collaboration with the folks at Cirque du Soleil if that's an indicator any anything (hint: otherworldly!).

    Here's a couple links you might find helpful:

    Good luck planning this!

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    • Sunil G.

      Sunil G.

      Thank you, Angie! Sounds like something to definitely consider! · (0 likelikes)

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    1. ARIA Resort & Casino (hotel)
    2. Gold Boutique Nightclub & Lounge (attraction)

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