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Esther from Utrecht asked

Travel tips in Laos.

In january we will be going to Laos, Thailand and Cambodia for six weeks. Any tips about must-sees and must-do's in these countries are very welcome. We want to see a lot but also have a relaxing holiday.

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In Laos i would strongly recommend The Plain of Jars.

It's by a town called Phonsavan and is quite off the ebaten track, but one of the most interesting sights in Asia if you ask me.

Several hundred giant stone jars scatterd around the hills and it's still unkown who put them there and what they were used for.

If you want to relax then Luang Prabang  is really nice.

Very laid back town with good cafes and restaurants and also a fair bit to see.

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Debbie from San Francisco

I can't speak on Laos and Cambodia since I've never been, but in Thailand, you should definitely check out temples, beaches, and islands.

Bangkok has a wealth of temples -- Wat Arun Temple of the Dawn and Grand Palace are two of the most popular ones there.  Plus, there are cool street markets that you can go to like  Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market (flower market) and Patpong Night Bazaar Bangkok.

Nearby Bangkok, I really enjoy Ayutthaya, which is full of temple ruins, and I also like Lopburi, which is a town full of monkeys.

For islands, I really like Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, which are just ferry rides away from each other and a short plane ride from Bangkok.  If you like beach parties, there's a really big one once a month on Koh Phangan called the Full Moon Party.  Warning: don't know if you're into this, but it's like college spring break at that party.

If you like animals, you should check out ElephantStay.  It's where retired show elephants live, and it's also a hotel for humans.  When you stay there, you get assigned an elephant that you can take care of, feed, ride, etc, for the duration of your stay.  I have not yet stayed there myself, but it seems like it would be a pretty neat experience.

For more animals, there's also the Sriracha Tiger Zoo where there are tigers, crocodiles, and pigs who do math (really!), and there's the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm & Zoo.

If you want to see a ladyboy show, Alcazar Cabaret puts on a good one.

I haven't yet been to Chiang Mai, but it's next on my list because I hear it's really beautiful up there.

If you want to get a Thai massage, definitely do it at Health Land Spa when you're in Bangkok.  Best massage I've ever gotten.  About $15 USD for 2 hours including tip!

Let me know if you'd like any other specific recommendations!  Envious of your trip! :)

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Esther from Tel Aviv

I know many people say Koh Samui can be touristy, but if finish your trip in Thailand, pick a resort on the west side of the Koh Samui- beautiful beaches!

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