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Burlingame, California

Erica from Burlingame, California asked

In Kyoto for Two Days: what to do & where to eat?

My boyfriend and I are flying to Japan in October and we will spend a few days in Kyoto. What are the best places to check out? Any good restaurants or bars that are recommended?



Kyoto (Japan)

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Joanna from Vancouver

Walking around the Gion area and Nishiki Market is pretty fun. In Gion there's a restaurant called Isomatsu nearby the Kawaramachi Station, check this FB page: - No one speaks english there and the menu is in Japanese, so you can say "Omakase" which means "Surprise me" and they LOVE that - you'll eat so good (if you get the sweet corn tempura you are lucky!)

Nearby that station and by the water there are plenty of restaurant options and a small Whiskey bar Sasola, but everything there is written in Japanese characters, so I don't know the name in Japanese, but I have this card if you want to show it to someone. 

One tip: ask for a card with the information of where you're staying or going in the local language. It will be easier to ask if you think you are lost. 


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Awesome answer, Joanna! I'm a community manager and I wanted to let you know that we updated Isomatsu (so I removed the comment to avoid confusion). Whenever you add an unknown place, someone from the Trippy team will update it shortly :) Thanks so much for sharing!

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  1. Gion (attraction)
  2. Nishiki Market (attraction)
  3. Isomatsu (restaurant)
  4. Kawaramachi Station (attraction)
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Ebe from Sao Paulo


you should go to Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Kinkaku-ji ...They are nice places to visit....and there are a lot of nice restaurants around them...

Hav a nice trip

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  1. Kiyomizu-dera Temple (attraction)
  2. Kinkaku-ji (attraction)
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Duyen from Hội An

Here are some of the best restaurants in Kyoto: 

Hyakuren restaurant



 Kyoto Takabashi Honke Daiichiasahi

 Hinode Udon

Kyoto Takabashi Honke Daiichiasahi

The most common thing about them is that they bring to eaters a great value at Japanese foods. Click to the name to see where they are. 

Some best places you shouldn't miss when you are in Japan: 

Nishiki Market

 Kodai-ji Temple

 Yasaka Shrine

 Kinkaku-ji Temple

For more detailed information, you can view this plan to see how to spend 3 days in Kyoto. Hope it works on you! 

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answered by
Jonny from Nowhere

I spent a week in Kyoto and loved it. I wrote a blog post about that time to give an idea of some of the things you could get up to. It's easier for you to just read the post on my site:

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