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  • Dennis Johansen
  • "Any recommendations for places to stay/beaches/sights?"

Dennis Johansen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Any recommendations for places to stay/beaches/sights?


I'm going to Thailand in October, (my 10th time) so I've been to a lot of places around Thailand, but never Koh Kood. So does anyone have any recommendations for this place which should be really nice!

Hit me!

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  • Dave Levart

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    Hi Dennis - its been a few years since I was on this island, it is one of the few places I purposely never wrote about on my travel site - it wasn't Western touristy like some of the southern Thai Islands are (although there were certainly Thai tourists visiting) - and it felt very local. I hope things haven't changed. We stayed at this place: Koh Kood Ngamkho Resort - it is family owned, inexpensive and right on the water. Not really a resort, more rustic, simple lodging. When you arrive from boat - like on other Thai islands there are small trucks with seating in the back delivering visitors to the various properties on the island. Once we got settled in, we rented motorbikes from a nearby vendor and explored the island. Be sure to visit the main Koh Kood Waterfall - nice little hike in - and the neat little fishing village which is a fun drive on a motorbike - located in a tiny bay on the southern/eastern part of the island. Also consider the relatively nearby island of Koh Mak - I've stopped there a few times but never explored - one property reached out to me to stay last year, Good Time Resort, Koh Mak and my brother actually runs their booking system - also looks like a nice quiet place - but I haven't yet stayed there, perhaps later this year.

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    • Dennis J.

      Dennis J.

      Hi Dave, Thank you very much will look into the places you recommend. I've actually been to Koh Mak around 10 years ago - really nice place, very laid back, which also is my impression of Koh Kood as well - besides that Koh Kood seems to have more stuff to explore e.g. the waterfalls. · (0 likelikes)

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    1. Koh Kood Ngamkho Resort (hotel)
    2. Koh Mak (city)
    3. Good Time Resort, Koh Mak (restaurant)

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