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  • Ying Yau
  • "Nice Bday Dinner OTW (Berkeley>>Klamath Falls)"

Ying Yau

Berkeley, California

Nice Bday Dinner OTW (Berkeley>>Klamath Falls)

My family is driving up from the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area to Portland, Oregon, in May for my brother's birthday.  We are planning on leaving at 4pm on Friday and spending the night in Klamath Falls.  We are looking for a nice restaurant for dinner along the way.  Here is what we are looking for in a restaurant:

  • We are huge foodies so taste is very important. Food would preferably something that we can't get better versions of in the Bay Area
  • Budget isn't an issue, we are fine with any price range
  • We are open to any cuisine
  • We are looking for something that is not too out of the way from Hwy 5

Thank you!

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  • Ying Y.

    Ying Y.

    Thank you for all the answers. We ended up going a bit out of the way to Chico, CA and stopped at Sierra Nevada Brewery for dinner. The food was decent but the drive was beautiful! · (0 likelikes)



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  • Lissa Willis

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    The places that come to mind in the downtown (near I-5) are Veritable Quandary, Bluehour, 23Hoyt, Higgins Restaurant & Bar. and Paley's Place

    You might find others to your liking at this link:

    Just FYI, Klamath Falls is considerably out of the way from I-5. Ashland or Jacksonville are much closer choices to spend the night....

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    • Ying Y.

      Ying Y.

      Thanks for your answer Lissa. To clarify, we are driving from the Berkeley, CA to Portland over 2 days and stopping at Klamath Falls on the first night. We are leaving at 4pm so we are looking for a place between Berkeley and Klamath Falls. Around dinner time, we will likely be around Redding, CA. · (0 likelikes)

    • Lissa W.

      Lissa W.

      Oh, Ying, so sorry! I read and answered too quickly... I don't know much about the area you're researching. Good luck! · (0 likelikes)

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    1. Veritable Quandary (restaurant)
    2. Bluehour (restaurant)
    3. 23Hoyt (attraction)
    4. Higgins Restaurant & Bar (restaurant)
    5. Paley's Place (restaurant)

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