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Courtney Robinson

Los Angeles, California

Joshua Tree adventure

I'm thinking about including Joshua Tree in my summer staycation this year. I am NOT a nature person, so can someone point me in the right direction? I literally don't know where to start planning a trip there--no idea where to stay or what to do. Help! 

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  • Ted N.

    Ted N.

    I drove through Joshua Tree, I only had an hour, so I am not much help on Joshua Tree, but I found an incredible place just south of Joshua Tree called the Mecca Hills Wilderness Area. You can camp for free anywhere in the canyon and if you drive all the way up the road there is a couple of short hikes through the canyon that are not too difficult and are beautiful. Check out this post I did I only spent an hour in the actual park, but I was impressed with its beauty. You can camp inside the park or there are plenty of places outside depending on your comfort level. You can stay at five star hotels in Rancho Mirage only an hour away, camp, or find anything in between either near the park or in the cities outside. · (0 likelikes)



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  • Trevor Morrow

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    If you're definetly not a nature person, you might want to reconsider going to Joshua Tree. It's a very small town with the main draw being the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park (great for hiking and camping). Perhaps nearby Palm Springs is more in line with what you're looking for (spas, pools, golf, tennis, comfortable hotels, great restaurants...)

    If you are set on Joshua Tree, then check out Hicksville Trailer Palace Anniversary . It's a kitchy, cool, and super funky little gathering of refurbished tailers centered around a pool. For me, Joshua Tree is about finding a comfortable place to set up shop, cook your own food (no dressing up and going out to dinners here), relax, and enjoy the quiet of the deset.

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    • Courtney R.

      Courtney R.

      Thanks so much, Trevor! I just feel as if I should see it since I've lived here so long--the trailer place sounds perfect--and like a really, really good way to be able to stay inside and still say I've been. I agree with you about PS, although I've been there quite a lot. Thanks again! · (0 likelikes)

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    1. Joshua Tree National Park (park)
    2. Palm Springs (city)
    3. Hicksville Trailer Palace (hotel)

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