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Daniel from Valencia asked

Climbing Mount Fuji in a day from Tokyo- best ways of transportation?

Hello friends.

I have only one day to visit Mount Fuji and (really) want to climb it. I would need to go to 5th Station and go back from Tokyo on the same day.

For arriving to the 5th Station, the choice seems clear: I will take the bus from Shinjuku Station ( at 6:40 AM and will arrive there at 9:05 AM.

However, I do not know how to go back to Tokyo. The last bus leaves at 18:30 from the 5th station. Not sure if I will have time to walk up and down in 7 hours, so I would need to explore other options. 

- Is it possible to catch a train? From where? What time?

- Better rent a car?

- Is there any other way?

I'm a bit desperate. 

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3 Answers
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Chieko from Tokyo

Kevin is right. You don't want to go and back in a day. But if you really have to, rent a car.

Or, if you could manage to leaving Shinjuku previous night, there must be some tours. Leave at night, (sleep in overnight bus) arrive at 5th point next early morning and back to Shinjuku at night, like this: (sorry but I couldn't find the website page in English.)

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answered by
Kevin from Charlotte, North Carolina

My friend you don't want to go there during morning, unless you are used to extreme heat, there is no tree or shady on the way to the top from 5th station. (Main season) 


What you want to do is arrive there at noon walk up to 7th station, it should take about 3 to 4 hours then take a rest or nap at the hut so your body can get use to the higher attitute. After the rest approach summit, it should take another 4 hours to arrive the summit, if you time it right you can see the sun rises at the top. I promise you it is worth it. 


Make sure you make reservation for the hut, it is crowed during the season. It will cost about 6000yen per person for a light sleep share with other 30 people in one place but don't skip it because you need it. 


Being water or money, because water cost about 1000yen per bottle in the hut ;) 


For off season advance climber with a lot experience, go there during March. With clampon, ice axe, tent and etc ... Full winter gear, because you need to start from station 1 and go all the way to the top.

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answered by
Tony from Connecticut

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