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2 weeks in Japan- what areas can't be missed?

What are the best spots/not to be missed activities in Japan considering a 2 week trip in mid-May, arriving and leaving from Tokyo?

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in Tokyo- Studio Ghibli if you're a fan of Miyazaki. Tickets can be hard to get-you must go at the exact date and time on the ticket. From the 10th of every month you can buy them on-line from Lawsons convenience stores. Voyagin's last minute ticket website can also help. Shibuya (try to be at the intersection outside Shibuya station when the lights all turn red at the same time and people surge from everywhere. The Starbucks nearby, upstairs, is a good place to observe from), Ginza and Shinjuku areas for shopping and people watching.Mid-May you may be in time for some of the sumo matches. Nikko about 2 hours train from Tokyo-temples and Edo Wonderland. Kobe, south of Osaka is a nice place-visit the earthquake memorial park. Kyoto is a must do-try and stay a night at one of the monasteries for a unique experience. Many temples, wander round Gion and spot geishas, and the narrow wooden houses,walk through the bamboo forest. Himeji-not much in the town itself but a really interesting castle-look for the hidden floor. Hiroshima-the Peace Park and museum. Take the ferry out to Itsukushima- watch out for the deer around the terminal-they will eat anything. Try to organise your visit for the full tide to take photos of the tori gates. Nagasaki is an interesting place-also has a Peace Park and Museum. Beppu with its geothermal activity-the 9 Hells are an interesting visit, good onsen or have a therapeutic sand bath.

If you intend travelling round the country, my advice is to get a JR pass-saves money and time. In Tokyo a suica or pasmo card, bought at subway stations, are good-just swipe as you go through turnstile-saves a lot of time working out fares etc for individual tickets.

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  1. Tokyo (city)
  2. Studio Ghibli (attraction)
  3. Miyazaki (city)
  4. Shibuya (metro area)
  5. Ginza (region)
  6. Shinjuku (metro area)
  7. Edo (attraction)
  8. Kobe (city)
  9. Osaka (city)
  10. Kyoto (city)
  11. Gion (attraction)
  12. Itsukushima (attraction)
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Devin from Coldwater

I suggest seeing Ōnaruto Bridge and the whirlpools beneath it, definatly a site worth seeing!

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  1. Ōnaruto Bridge (attraction)
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1 - Tokyo (Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Harajuku, Imperial Palace, Ueno Park & museums, Tsukiji fish market, Roppongi, Sumo Museum & Edo-Tokyo Museum)

2 - day trip to Mt. Fuji & Hakone

3 - a few days walking the Nakasendo Trail in the Japanese Alps (Magome, Tsumago Azuma, Narai)

4 - Kyoto (Kiyomizu-Dera, Higashiyama, Philosopher's Walk, Arashiyama river & Bamboo Forest)

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Tokyo (city)
  2. Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo (attraction)
  3. Harajuku (attraction)
  4. Imperial Palace (attraction)
  5. Ueno Park (attraction)
  6. Tsukiji fish market (restaurant)
  7. Roppongi (neighborhood)
  8. Sumo Museum (attraction)
  9. Edo-Tokyo Museum (attraction)
  10. Mt. Fuji (attraction)
  11. Hakone (attraction)
  12. Magome (attraction)
  13. Tsumago Azuma (attraction)
  14. Narai (attraction)
  15. Kyoto (city)
  16. Kiyomizu-Dera (attraction)
  17. Philosopher's Walk (attraction)
  18. Bamboo Forest (attraction)
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Hi Maxime,

I live in Japan and wrote a blog post about the kinds of things to do and see that you won't want to miss! (Shibuya crossingTsukiji Fish Market Golden Gai

May is a beautiful time of year to visit Japan. Also, definitely recommend the JR pass.  Enjoy your trip!


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  1. Shibuya crossing (attraction)
  2. Tsukiji Fish Market (neighborhood)
  3. Golden Gai (restaurant)
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Chieko from Tokyo

Cool! Mid-May is the best season in Japan. The Cherry season is over but it's warmer and before the rainy season. (Also, it's a long holiday season for Japanese.) And you have 2 weeks, you can go anywhere in Japan.  

It's depends what you want though. You enjoy sight-seeing? Or nature, events,  or shopping?

FYI: Since it's nice climate season, many Japanese enjoy nature at May. If you want to enjoy the season like residents, for example, this is a list of "Places you want to go before you die in Japan:". It's in Japanese but I think you can translate the pages by Google translate.

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Justin from Phoenix

Have a look at Hakone. It's super-quiet and relaxed, with views of Mount Fuji. There's also a really nice lake there, and you can take a little cruise. And you can pet all the cats that roam around the shore.

Aside from that, you could spend weeks in Tokyo alone. If I'd been myself, I'd probably still be wandering around in Akihabara gawking at all the electronic stuff waiting to be put together!

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  1. Hakone (attraction)
  2. Akihabara (attraction)
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