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Santa Monica

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I've got zero sense of direction -- what app do I need?


Anyone have an app they love that gives directions on how to get from A to B using a combo of public transportation and walking?

Something that tells me to turn left (not go Southeast or follow this visual map) when I leave the train station would be a game changer for me.

Major bonus if I could add a third point and it would tell me that A to C to B is more efficient. Basically, what our brains do every day in figuring out that you go to the gas station on the way to work and the grocery store on the way home.

13 Answers

answered by
Linda from Nashville

answered by
Barbara from Cambridge (Massachusetts)

Google maps app and apple maps app both have what you are looking for. It gives you directions using a car or subway or walking. When they start directions, the app will say" head Northeast towards a particular street. You need to go into compass app( it is on apple phone) dont know about android phone. That will get you heading in the right direction.  There is a place to click on these apps if you want the directions write out step by step.

2 thanks

answered by
Thomas from Baltimore, Maryland

First, look at the Sun.  In the morning its East, evening its West and you know the rest.  Remind yourself of those vectors before you travel anywhere.  Second, peek at GoogleMap, MapQuest or AppleMap before your travels.

answered by
Brad from New York City

Moovit is a brilliant public transport App, super easy to use, works internationally. Insofar as walking or driving directions, use Waze, it's free and great, also international.

answered by
Sabrina from Geneva

Rome2rio is the absolute best <3

answered by
Nancy from Birmingham (Alabama)

My husband and I have that same disease! We used Google Maps for our 1st trip to LA, checking the box saying “no freeways”. The app will offer you optional routes, all without using highways. The app has a voice that warns you before the next turn and has never steered us wrong. We never have heavy traffic as they do on the 

I-10, and travel through so many interesting neighborhoods. AND our travel time is no greater than those who use the freeways.

answered by
Maurice from Nijmegen

Dear Laurie,

There are two apps which will help you navigate in a efficient way. First of all, Google Maps. With Google Maps you can setup preferences for making your route efficient as possible. The only downside is that an internet connection is needed for having real-time updates. If you just want to plan in advance you can also download the route to youre smartphone. 

The second solution is This is an offline map tool with a very high accuracy. Routes can be pland in a very efficient way. 

Hopefully my answer is helpfull. 

Kind regards,


answered by
Pat from Cambria

I would still be lost in Katmandu without Google maps. It will not do a combo of types of transportation but you can draw individual maps for walking, public transport and driving. The blue dot tells you within feet of where you are and step by step spells it out. The first direction is worthless on Apple and Google maps so it helps to check a compass but for me I tap on the satellite view of google maps and it helps to see what building to begin walking toward. Also, I always plot out my route before traveling using google maps and save to my iPad and phone. I can also use the wonderful little golden man in Google Maps to drop down almost anywhere in the world and look around at what is in front and around me, down the street and around the block. I can plot an entire days route up to 10 stops. The little blue dot, me, will show within feet what direction I am moving or where I am standing. I’ve used it driving and walking in my many travels around the world. Love Google Maps and would never travel anywhere without it. 

answered by
Jerry from United States

Google Map is good.

answered by
Luc from Portland

I use google maps and if you have no internet, you can download the maps

answered by

Google and Apple Maps typically work great. Give car, walk and transit options in most locations

answered by
Hazel from Port St. Lucie

waze app would suit you the best, it is updated constantly by local traffic.

answered first by
Jon from Tromso

Hi there.  


You haven’t told us what operating system you’re using (iOS or Android or other). There might be good gps apps for different operating systems.  


I think the one I’m using is pretty good, and includes public transport, walking and cycling, at least here I Europe. It’s called Here. Don’t remember if it is free, or I paid for it (I’m using iOS).  


Have no idea if it’s any good outside Europe, since I haven’t used it there.  



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