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Italy, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Amalfi, Amalfi Coast

Which coastal area should we visit in Italy during October?

We're a couple travelling to Italy in October for 8-10 days. We are interested in art, culture, history and romance. We're definitely planning to visit Rome and Venice, and maybe Florence and a coastal area. Which coastal area will have the best weather during October? Are there any good beaches near our destinations (Rome, Florence and Venice)? We do not have the time to venture towards southern Italy/Sicily.

We have been thinking of heading to either Amalfi Coast or Naples. Which of the two is more beautiful and has beaches? Will it be too cold to swim in the sea during this time? Which is the best spot to take in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast? 

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Marco from Bergamo

A very special place is the very eastern coast of Liguria. In particular, Cinque Terre and Porto Venere are just plainly amazing. There have been massive landslides a few years ago because of the heavy rains, but friends who went there recently told me everything is now just as beautiful as it used to be. For this very reason there might also be not as many tourists as there used to be in the past. Make sure you take a walk on Sentiero degli Innamorati (the Lover's track). You can taste some local specialty like farinata di ceci, a savoury chickpea bread, and of course pesto and just so many more delicious dishes. Cinque Terre can be easily reached by train from Genoa or Florence (a bit lengthier). Then you can take a boat to Porto Venere, Lerici, Portofino and many other gorgeous places.

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answered by
Paolo from Rome

Hi Sue,

8/10 days is a short visit for such important destinations like Rome (minimum 3 days), Florence (min 2 days) and Venice (min 2 days). I strongly suggest to visit a beach in between Rome and Florence and the one suggested by Antonietta Spataro sounds good. The weather in October could be nicer in south Italy but is not convenient for you to go south and then north! I also recommend to visit a natural hot spring water in the hills of Tuscany, you can have a bath there also in winter. Here's two of them Terme di Saturnia and San Casciano dei Bagni. Have a nice trip and enjoy my country!


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answered by
Antonietta from Legnano

I would definitely recommend Amalfi Coast. But at the same time, i suggest you to pay a visit to Castiglione Della Pescaia and puntala in Tuscany. It may be not warm as in amalfi but their landscape, historical place and food is unique .

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answered by
Alex from London

I have travelled quite extensively through Italy and think that you will be hard-pressed to find two coastal areas that beat the Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast.

But consider this:

The Cinque Terre is reached via train from Rome or Florence to La Spezia, from where you can catch the regional service to all five villages.  It is stunning, with beautiful walking trails, emerald seas, amazing seafood (and pesto!) and picturesque villages. Very romantic but essentially a walker's destination.  While a favourite option, it is located in the north by Genoa so October may prove a bit too cold (and even rainy) for you to enjoy the sea.

As a result, I would suggest you head south, skip Naples and choose the Amalfi Coast or take a ferry to either Ischia or Anacapri. If you choose the Amalfi Coast then consider driving to fully appreciate the spectacular coastal road and town-hop between Sorrento, Santa CrocePositanoand Ravello (and even visit the hidden coves of Bagni Della Regina Giovanna and Laurito). The tourist season will be finished by October but the south will still be warm enough for the beach.

If you get a bit more adventurous, consider that you can take an overnight DIRECT train from Rome to Taormina (Sicily).  It is actually quite fun, InterCityNotte leaves in the evening (after dinner) from Stazione Roma Termini and arrives in Taormina in early morning, the entire carriages are placed on a ferry (no joke) in Naples to cross the straight.  Note than when checking trains, the main rail site Trenitalia has an excellent English version but destinations must be entered by their Italian names (so that Florence is Firenze and Rome Central is Roma Termini).

If you were to give me the choice for a beach option, I would much prefer a visit to the breathtakingly stunning Taormina in Sicily (via train) to any other option in October.  Anacapri or Amalfi Coast would be second choices, and I would scrap Cinque Terre for fear of the weather.

If you opt for a beach daytrip, near Rome you can find the local favourites of Santa Marinella, Sperlonga and Sabaudia. Easily accesible from Florence is the majorly underrated Castiglioncello.

I hope this helps, and enjoy your time in Italy!

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answered by
Veronica from Malibu

Hi Sue! 

I've spent a brief amount of time in Naples and the Amalfi Coast, and I actually have to recommend a more northern coastal area near Florence -- Cinque Terre

The weather in October will probably not be ideal for sunning and swimming, which is why Cinque Terre would be a great choice. There are five towns along the coast that you can visit by train or on foot -- I've hiked from one to the other and it was absolutely beautiful! Some parts are more like walking along a sidewalk, while other parts are uphill and mildly strenuous (but not difficult by any means).

Each town offers something special, and the seafood is not to be missed. It is also the birthplace of pesto! The brightly-colored buildings along the coast are like nothing else. There are beaches on Vernazza and Monterosso you can certainly enjoy.

Have a great trip!


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answered by
Caterina from Florence

Dear Sue, I have never been to the Amalfi Coast but one of my best friends told me that it is a gem and there is no comparison between the two (in Naples, I actually found the sea dirty...). "Near" Florence (2-3 hours' drive...) there are dozens of fantastic beaches (e.g. Cala Violina (Cala Violina), Punta Ala, Cala Civette, Feniglia and so on...) but you have to rent a car and as I told you before they are not close. As far as weather is concerned, there are really warm Octobers and really cold Octobers... it is basically a question of luck! (Sicily is undoubtedly warmer and sometimes locals swim until mid-November... ;-) ). PS 1 h and 45 mins away from Rome (near Terracina) is the beautiful beach named Sperlonga with the charming village on top.

Hope this will help you ;-)

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answered by
Maxie from San Francisco

Hi Sue! You MUST go to the Cinque Terre. I asked a bunch of friends the same question who had been to Italy and everyone kept telling me to go there. It was one of the most beautiful trips I've ever taken. I made a weekend of it after visiting Milan. I stayed in Vernazza, which is one of the 5 towns that make up the Cinque Terre region. I hope you go!!

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answered by
Anna from Naples

Maybe you could visit Liguria, it has beaches and it's absolutely wonderful.  

Or, if you want to visit the Amalfi Coast, you have plenty of places to choose from: Positano and Ravello, for example, Amalfi itself, of course, or the smaller town, like Maiori or Vietri sul Mare. They all have beaches and if you're lucky enough you'll get to have a bath in the sea, usually it's a bit cold in that period... but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! 

If you have any other question feel free to ask!

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  6. Vietri sul Mare (city)
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answered by
Tiana from Florence

The Amalfi Coast! Beautiful spot, amazing food, romantic hotels, close to Naples and Rome.

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  3. Rome (city)
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answered by

We LOVED Amalfi!  It felt like a second home.! However we could not get out of Naples fast enough!  It was scary and dirty!  If you have time though,  the Cinque Terre is beautiful! 

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answered by
gloria from New England Usa

On the Amalfi Coast in PositanoHotel Villa Franca has just spectacular views.  Great roof top pool.  

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  2. Positano (city)
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answered by
Sergio from Caserta

Hi, Amalfi could be the best option, it's sure, even Sorrento. Naples doesn't have beaches, even if it's a must choice visiting Italy. You could use ferry boats for visiting, from Naples, Ischia or Capri. You can swim in october, no problem, it will be hot :)

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