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Veronica from Malibu asked

What's the best beach to visit in Italy during June/July?

My previous experiences with Italian beaches have been "rocky" to say the least ;) Which ones have great sand and a place to lay out with a good book?

We'll be there in the summer months so any place that isn't *quite* as touristy would be amazing, too!


5 Answers
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Polly from Washington, DC

If you're looking for sandy Italian beaches, you probably want to head for Sicily.

Beaches near Cefalù and Taormina are well know, and will be crowded in the summer. Scala dei Turchi in Realmonte and San Vito Lo Capo are physically gorgeous beaches that may not be quite as well known yet.

Sardinia and Isola d'Elba are other possibilities.

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Sicily (island)
  2. Cefalù (attraction)
  3. Taormina (attraction)
  4. Scala dei Turchi (attraction)
  5. Realmonte (city)
  6. San Vito Lo Capo (city)
  7. Sardinia (attraction)
  8. Isola d'Elba (attraction)
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answered by
Cassandra from Long Island (New York)

Hi Veronica,

Which area are you planning to visit? Off of Tuscany you can nice sandy beaches around Livorno, Province of Grosseto and even the Isola d'Elba.

And I agree with Polly, Sardinia and Sicily will have great sand too just as Polly suggested.

This link might be helpful for Tuscan Beaches.

I have also have a travel company and I tend to share tips on social media and my blog, feel free to check it out if it helps! Travel Italian Style.


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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Tuscany (state)
  2. Livorno (city)
  3. Province of Grosseto (attraction)
  4. Isola d'Elba (attraction)
  5. Sardinia (attraction)
  6. Sicily (island)
answered by
Roni from Dallas

There are so many unexpectedly gorgeous (and sandy) beaches in Italy! That time of year is great because the August rush to beach is much busier. Sicily, as mentioned, has some great sandy beaches- I agree with San Vito Lo Capo - gorgeous (windy) ! Cefalù is also great - small town with tons of charm and a fantastic church.  

Tuscany has some wonderful beaches- I would recommend Castiglione Della Pescaia - small beach town with great sand, and near so many Tuscan towns and cities (Siena). 

The absolute BEST beaches in Italy are in Sardinia. There are too many to name but my favorite is Stintino! And nearby Alghero is a great city to explore. In the south near Cagliari also has beautiful sandy beaches that are very accessible. I would highly recommend renting a car and exploring various areas. The southern and southeastern areas are amazing- Costa Rei, Villasimius.  

You can do some googling and get a look at these phenomenal places. Have a wonderful trip!!!

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. San Vito Lo Capo (city)
  2. Cefalù (attraction)
  3. Tuscany (state)
  4. Castiglione Della Pescaia (city)
  5. Siena (city)
  6. Sardinia (attraction)
  7. Stintino (city)
  8. Alghero (city)
  9. Cagliari (city)
  10. Costa Rei (city)
  11. Villasimius (city)
answered by
Maria from Dublin

Many of the beaches in Liguria are good, like Moneglia but tend to be packed each day in summer.

On the other hand the beaches of Puglia
are often empty and are really beautiful. Pescoluse is lovely as is Riserva Naturale Torre Guaceto 
Torre Guaceto

Polignano a Mare is mainly rocky but with great, small, sandy coves which are often empty. If you are driving through Puglia, head from Brindisi to Lecce or Bari and many of the beaches are signposted off the motorway. We found LOTS of quiet, beautiful places to spend a day.

Polignano a mare

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Liguria (attraction)
  2. Moneglia (city)
  3. Puglia (attraction)
  4. Pescoluse (city)
  5. Riserva Naturale Torre Guaceto (attraction)
  6. Polignano a Mare (city)
  7. Brindisi (city)
  8. Lecce (city)
  9. Bari (city)
answered by
Brett from Eindhoven

Rimini has sandy beaches. and proximity to the rest of the great Emilia Romagna region. However, during the summer months, may not meet the "not quite as touristy" criteria...

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Rimini (city)

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