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Mexico City

Kael from Mexico City asked

Should we do Italy only or Italy and Greece?

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are planning an 18 day trip to Italy and we are considering an eurail pass for Italy and Greece against renting a car and stay only in Italy.

What are the pros and cons of each alternative in your opinion?

Italy   Greece

5 Answers
answered by
Maria from Dublin

Hi Kael,

Do you like to really spend time in a place or just visit for a day to see the sights? I don't think there are too many cons to a trip to either country, both are stunning and steeped in history and culture. I would go with either / or rather than both. Italy is easy to travel by train as it has a cheap and pretty efficient service and railway stations in many small villages as well as towns and cities. Travel in Greece might be more time consuming if you want to see a couple of islands and the mainland. If this is your first trip to Italy I would recommend you spend two or three days in Florence Rome Venice and maybe spend a week touring Tuscany or, alternatively hire a car and drive south from Rome and checkout some of the beautiful coastlines of Campania or PugliaPugliaTuscany

With only 18 days you will get a mere taste of what Italy or Greece has to offer but you will definitely want to go back!

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Anna from Athens

It depends how many cities and how much time you want to spend in each country! I'm usually for renting a car, because you get to see the countryside as well, but tolls in Italy are not cheap. If you spend for example three days in Rome, two in Florence and two in Venice, then you have 12 days left and you can do Greece as well. You can either fly to Greece or take the ferry from Venice or Ancona to Patras (and then the bus to Athens. And again for Greece it depends what you want to see. Α "classic" recipe is Athens and Santorini, but then again Greece has so many beautiful islands and archaeological sites!

If you need inspiration for Greece though I've got a mini guide in order to choose which island is ideal for you

plus a quick guide to Athens

Happy planning!

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Meir from Tel Aviv

Although it seems so 18 days is quite a short time for such a rich with culture place as Italy (or for that matter - Greece). 
My suggestion would be - focus only on one of the two and make the best of it. You will have the necessary time to get used to the language, mentality, food, atmosphere... Hopping between both you may lose the pleasure of really connecting to a culture, and you may fall in the pit of sampling snapshots of both.
Focusing on Italy you can travel between let's say 3 main centers, and i suggest you start from the south and climb to the north:

Start at Naples area, you will LOVE to spend the better part of a week visiting the Amalfi Coast, all the bay between Sorrento to Amalfi. The only problem you may face there will be refusing to leave. And let me remind you of CapriPompei... All in this beautiful area.
From Naples You may want to continue to Rome, and of course you will need at lest three - four days to really enjoy the place with all it has to offer. I won't go into detail here... I'll just warmly recommend to look not just ffor those touristic highlights but also seek for the hidden gems, like Trastevere... and the like of it.

Next stop Tuscany, one of the richest corners with beauty in Europe. You will most probably stay at Florence - which deserves again between 4-5 days to really enjoy, and then visits to Siena and San Gimignano are a real must... You will find that each of those will take a whole day to visit.
If you must squeeze in one more destination you could chose between the lakes, Lake Garda... Or Venice.
I am sure you will feel 18 days are hardly enough to cover all the richness this itinerary has to offer... 
Wishing you the best trip ever! :-)
The post was offered by Meir Jacob, founder of Trips for Photographers. Please visit our website:

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Cassandra from Long Island (New York)

I would say it really depends on how you travel I would say only Italy or Greece but if you are really set on seeing both why not split the days? Keep in mind you will need at least 4-5 travel days (flying to and from the USA plus transfer from Italy to Greece. Also, do you want to see main cities or off the beaten path areas? If you need any advice I'm always posting tips on my website, blog or social media on all areas of Italia: . Buon viaggio!

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answered by

Either/or - both are fabulous! 18 days not enough for both; so much to see in Italy and Greece. Have a wonderful trip! Anne

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