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Choice between 2 itineraries

I have been selected for a youth exchange in Italy and need to choose between the following camp programs.

Along with the camp I have 2 week host family stay in Milan. Please suggest which camp should I choose for visiting Italy for the first time?

Camp 1 - 20 participants 200 euros

Day 1 - Saturday 8/07: Arrival of Cormons participants at Felcaro Hotel in Cormons by 5 pm. At 5.30 pm transfer to the Ara Pacis of Medea for the ceremony with parade of flags and deposition floral composition in memory of the fallen. Dinner at the hotel with any authorities present.

Day 2 - Sunday 9/07: Visit of the places of the Great War: Shrine of Redipuglia, Austro-Hungarian Cemetery and visit of Gorizia, Cormons and Gradisca d'Isonzo. Service at the Schultz Foundation of Medea in collaboration with the Gradisca d'Isonzo-Cormons Club. Arrive in the evening at Cormons at the hotel. Dinner and country presentations

Day 3 - Mondays 10/07: Visit of Trieste and Miramare Castle (in collaboration with Lions and Leo clubs). Arrive in the evening at Cormons at the hotel. Dinner and country presentations

Day 4 - Tuesday 11/07: Bassano del Grappa transfer to Rafting on the Brenta River and visit of the Oliero Cave. Grilled to pic pic. Afternoon Walk to Bassano del Grappa along with Campo Emilia. (In collaboration with Lions Bassano Bass and Bassano Jacopo da Ponte). In the evening I arrive at Padova at Hotel Milano, dinner and Country presentations.

Day 5 - Wednesday 12/07: Guided tour of Venice with return to Padua in the late afternoon. Dinner and Country presentations

Day 6 - Thursday 13/07: Day dedicated to the 2015 Expo in Milan together with Campo Emilia, Campo dei Laghi and Campo Azzurro. Return to Padua in the evening.

Day 7 - Friday 14/07: Visit to Padua throughout the day. Dinner and Country presentations

Day 8 - Saturday, 15/07: Departure for the two organized days of Club I in District I of the Ta2 District with overnight at the Rifugio Lagazzuoi.

Day 9 - Sunday 16/07: Day organized by Zone I of the Ta2 District with dinner and overnight in Belluno.

Day 10 - Monday 17/07: Morning departure to Bus to Florence. Arrival, accommodation in rooms and lunch. In the afternoon transfer to Pisa by train, visit of Piazza dei Miracoli. Return to Florence and dinner.

Day 11 - Tuesday 18/07: Visit to Florence and the Uffizi Gallery. Lunch in the center. In the late afternoon departure by Train to Rome. Arrival in the evening, transfer to hotel, room and dinner accommodation.

Day 12 - Wednesday 19/07: Visit of the Historic Center of Rome

Day 13 - Thursday 20/07: Visit of the Historic Center of Rome

Day 14 - Friday 21/07: Visit St. Peter's Basilica and Vatican Museums.

Day 15 - Saturday 22/07: Visit of the historic center of Rome. Dinner and evening of goodbye.

Day 16 - Sunday 23/07: Transfer to Fiumicino Airport for the departure of the boys.

Camp 2 - 45 participants. Fees 0



9 Sat

Matera (European City of the culture 2019)

Campers Presentaton

Welcome Meetng

10 Sun

Visit to Matera “Sassi “

Departure to Puglia (District 108Ab)

11 Mon

Castle del Monte (Castle of the Emperor Altamura Frederick II)

12 Tue


Melfi Frederician City) 

13 Wed

Departure to Naples (District 108Ya)

Interactve Meetng with Lions:

Arrival and accommodaton

Who was really Frederick IIt The mind of a scientst, the soul of a poet and the iron will of an autocrat.

Naples pizza all together

14 Thu

Naples transfer and visit to Capri Island


15 Fri

Visit to Pompei excavatons

Joint Actvites /Club Dinner

16 Sat

Naples sightseeing tour

Joint Actvites

17 Sun

Visit to historical Musical Academy

Joint Actvites

“ S.Pietro a Majella”- Naples

18 Mon

Departure to Calabria

Calabria “beach and sea”

19 Tue

Calabria “beach and sea”

Departure to Sicily (District 108Yb)

Ferry/ Medieval Dinner

20 Wed

Sicily Giardini Naxos


21 Thu


Joint Actvites/ Dinner

“Adventure Park” all day

22 Fri



Etna Vulcan all Day

23 Sat

Departure to Naples

Club Dinner

24 Sun

Naples free time

Joint actvites

25 Mon

Rome Sightseeing Tour

Club Dinner

26 Tue

Caserta Kingdom

Official Farewell Ceremon 

27 Wed


Internatonal Capodichino Airport –Naples

Naples Central R.way Staton

9 Answers

top answer by
Amanda from Atlanta

What a fantastic opportunity for you!

For your first trip to Italy, I would highly suggest the first camp.  As I've read somewhere before, Italy intensifies the farther south you travel.  Some people love that, others not so much.  I really enjoy Naples (and especially the surrounding area of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast), but I am glad that wasn't my first trip to Italy.  If you like Rome, then you will probably like southern Italy and you can visit Naples and the southern sites on a future trip.

The first itinerary seems to fit in many more iconic sights.  You're sure to see the Colosseum, the canals of Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the duomo of Milan, and the classic art pieces in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. These are the things that you think of when you think of Italy.  When you return home and you see a movie set in Italy, you will recognize many of these sites and relive your trip again.  

You will spend a lot of time exploring Rome, which is a good thing.  I remember my first trip to Rome (which was my first trip overseas), and being amazed at the historic sites around every corner.  We would be walking to see an historic site, and pass by the excavations of ruins that were not in any guide book.  There is so much to see in Rome! Florence is also a beautiful city and one of my favorites.  You won't have much time there, but if you have a chance, simply walk around.  

When we are in Italy, we make it a point to have cappuccino every morning and gelati every afternoon.

I wish you a great trip and have a gelato for me!

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  3. Amalfi Coast (attraction)
  4. Colosseum (attraction)
  5. Venice (city)
  6. Pisa (attraction)
  7. Milan (city)
  8. Uffizi Gallery (attraction)
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answered by
Mickey from Munich

Broadly speaking, this is a choice between a visit to a kind of large area of northern and central Italy, and a second trip to Naples

The north of Italy is very different than the south. Both are great. If you are American- the Italy you know from movies and American movies is the south. Most Italian Americans trace their lineage to the south. 

Milan: it's an industrial city. The center is nice, but the's a city of business. 

The rest of the north, Especially Florence is highly recommended. 

Rome is its own animal, and also recommended - but doing Milan, Province of Florence, other cities of the north and then trucking all the way down to Rome as well.....that is a doozy for a two week trip. Each one of these cities is worth a week or more on their own. 


Naples, on the other hand, is loud, crazy, sometimes dirty, and worth a lifetime! There is a reason Gothe said "See Naples, and die." This is a special city, and here you will see a special culture that is distinct from that of northern Italy. The second trip focuses on this one area, and I think you'll have a nicer time experiencing this one area than spending all your time on a bus or train. Everything you are likely to know about "Italian culture" which is actually an inhomogonous construct - is probably really Neapolitan culture.  


Either way. Both trips are great.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Naples (attraction)
  2. Milan (city)
  3. Rome (city)
  4. Province of Florence (metro area)
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answered first by
Mary from Leicester

Hello Anmol

Both programmes have much of interest but, on a first visit to Italy, I would choose the first.

Why? Simply because programme 1 allows you to make a good exploration of Rome, which is entirely unique both in its history and in the way so many Roman buildings are still standing or incorporated into later buildings. There is a huge amount to see, do and enjoy in Rome and the sightseeing tour from Naples in programme 2 would only allow you the briefest glimpse of the city.

Programme 1 also includes visits to Milan, with its wonderful Duomo,  to Florence, with a Medieval historical centre entirely different to that of Rome (and Venice) and to the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, with its iconic tower, its superb Baptistry and the magnificent Camposanto. 

Your choice will, of course, be swayed by your personal interests. Perhaps you are less interested in Italy's history and past culture and thus more tempted by the 'beach and sea' and 'adventure park' offered on programme 2?

Whichever programme you choose I'm sure you will have a brilliant trip. :-)

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  3. Milan (city)
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  5. Venice (city)
  6. Pisa (attraction)
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answered by
Christine from Auckland

Yes I agree.... start in the north. As you go south it gets a little more chaotic and 'loose'. Personally I love the south, but on my first trip it might have been an overload. Go easy on  yourself and work your way into the lifestyle.

Most of all - when you arrive relax and enjoy it. Wherever you go the Italians want interact with you and make sure you experience the best they have to offer. When you go with that flow, you start to really experience the true spirit of Italy. It doesn't really matter where you go, as long as you don't shut it out by being too worried about the "arrangements". In Italy things just work out. 

If you are young and are going there now - you will return many times in your life. Don't try and cram everything into one trip. Spend the money, sit in the piazza with the expensive cafe cortado and enjoy it, go out late and have a gelato on the way home, light a candle in the church, give money to the street people, flirt with the waiters, practice your italian phrases.... and soak it up. Otherwise you may as well be at home.

Personally I am now pleased that after 6,7or 8 trips I don't have to really SEE anything. I don't have to queue for any major sights, I can wander around and get lost, drink a couple of camparis in the afternoon, people watch, revisit things I loved and stay up late, eat dinner at midnight, sleep in a little, talk to locals and find unexplored churches and sights that are not in the guidebooks.

But still.....I'm a little envious of you and your first trip! Enjoy

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answered by
Alan from Miami

Interesting that most of the answers pick the first choice. I would say that it depends on what you like. Since you probably have seen and studied a lot about history, the contrast of cultures, architecture, values, and food makes the first option an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy :)

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answered by

Neither... too busy and you'll hate going around like herded cattle. I am in Italy now, using individual and small group guides or audio guides in the historical areas of importance. Five days in Tuscany, 3 in Cinque Terre, 3 in Venice, 2 in Desenzano del Garda. Avoid Rome and Venice in summer. Mostly, enjoy the food everywhere and take time to savor meals.

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  2. Cinque Terre (hotel)
  3. Venice (city)
  4. Desenzano del Garda (city)
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answered by
Pat from Cambria

What a wonderful opportunity. Both camps are marvelous and have special sites about them. Matera, Sicily and the south is wonderful. But Padova and Trieste are some of my favorite cities. I would choose camp 1 for your first visit to Italy. Milan is Milan and should be seen at least once. The other iconic sights are a must. And with camp one there are fewer people! Either way, the food, people, and culture will be something you will never forget. Choose one, learn a little Italian and enjoy.

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answered by

I would choose program 1. It seems to give you a wider variety and chances to see more of the cities.  

Naples is by far my least favorite city and I feel seeing the northern area will give you a better feel for this beautiful country and the wonderful sites and people it has to offer.

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  1. Naples (attraction)
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answered by
Richa from Delhi

Hi Anmol,
Sorry I don't have any suggestion to give on this but if you don't mind can you share how you got this opportunity to attend youth exchange programme? you can reply on richasinha1987(attherate) this website is not allowing to write at the rate sign.

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