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Decatur (Illinois)

Italy, Rome, Florence, Venice

25th anniversary: Travel to Rome and... ?

My wife and I are traveling to Rome for 25th anniv. next spring(late apr/early May) for 10 days. Plan on a few days in Rome but want to go another location. First time to Italy so would Florence be recommended or combination of Rome/Florence/Venice?  Any particular hotels or restaurant recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Emily from Los Angeles

Your trip will be AMAZING!  I prefer not to make too many location changes on a trip with limited time. So, I would recommend Rome and Florence -- they will be the easiest to travel between.  Trains leave multiple times per day, and you can buy a ticket online or my preference is to just go to the train station the day before (or day of!) and grab one there. Just remember that Italian train travel can be a little less organized than say German train travel.  (Also - be sure to get your ticket stamped at the machines on the platform before you get on the train.)

I've always had good luck just stumbling across restaurants, but definitely get out of the main tourist squares if you want some true Italian food.  If there is someone outside enticing you to come in, the food will be fair at best. Side streets and a little walk will point you in the right direction.

I did stay at a lovely and inexpensive place in Florence called Locanda dei Poeti - but it may be a too budget-oriented for your needs.  The hotel I remember in Rome is Hotel Aventino - a little off the beaten path, but in a true Roman neighborhood and quite lovely!  As you walk from the hotel to the center of Rome, you get an amazing view overlooking the river and the Coliseum - gorgeous.

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Travis from Kamloops

I would definitely echo what Emily said - limiting your places will give you a much more relaxing trip. You probably want at least 3 or 4 days for Rome, and at least 2 or 3 days in Florence. If you added in a daytrip from Florence (to PisaSienaSan GimignanoLucca, or a trip through the Tuscan countryside or the Chianti vineyards) you would be set for an amazing vacation. 

If you did want to add in Venice, you could probably do it (train is just under 2 hours) - in that case I would do Rome 3, Florence 3, Venice 2 (plus a day to get between each city and get settled). 

Definitely get off the beaten path for the best food. The only place I've been that I would definitely recommend is Dar Poeta for some great pizza (it's in the Trastevere neighbourhood of Rome). Hope this helps!

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Staci from Cleveland

You are going to have an amazing trip! I took a three week vacation and traveled across the country. I had to opportunity to visit Rome for three days, Florence for one and Venice for three (among other places). If I may throw another recommendation into the mix, I would highly suggest the you go further down the boot and visit the Amalfi Coast.

The coast is absolutely beautiful and was probably my favorite place. You can easily visit AmalfiPositanoRavello and Capri, Italy. All you have to do is take a quick boat ride or bus ride and you can take in all the sights th
e coast has to offer. 

If you do decide to go to Capri, I highly recommend the Blue Grotto and the chair lift on Monte Solaro. You will have stunning 360-degree views of the island of Capri and the surrounding islands/main land. I added a photo I took at the top of the mountain. 

(This is not a shameless plug, but I have additional resources on my blog.) Please feel free to come by and see the posts I have about Italy. 

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Margherita from Fucecchio

Hi I live in Florence and I hugely reccomend you to come visit it. But 10 days are not even enough to see Rome, so maybe it's better you only do 2 stops.

In Florence I can recommend you a couple of places to stay: romantic Hotel Orto De' Medici in Via San Gallo or - if you are on a budget - Hotel Casci, just close to the Dome.

If it's sunny, climb up the hill and visit Terrazza Bardini (the best view of Florence, even better then Piazzale Michelangelo). 

If you want to eat out for dinner, go to Drogheria Bar & Grill in Piazza Annigoni, drink a cup of execellent chocolate at Rivoire in Piazza Signoria and some good stuff in Ristorante Pugliese - Moyè - Firenze.

have fun, you will love Italy!

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Jaleh from Baltimore

If you're doing ten days, I would definitely recommend sticking to two cities. There's so much to do in Rome that you'll probably want to spend the most time there. I loved both Florence and Venice and I think your decision should depend on what you want to do- Florence is great if you're into art history or will have access to a car that you can take around the countryside, whereas Venice is a nice, small romantic city to visit. Some food recommendations for Rome: Frigidarium for gelato and Alice Pizza for a quick bite for lunch- if you like mushroom, they have an amazing one. 

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Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

In 10 days, I would  limit yourself to 3 locations-otherwise, you'll feel like you are scrambling, in a rush, and not really seeing or feeling the places you are in.  We spent 3 days in Rome, and I felt it was perfect for a short trip.  I adore Venice, and would highly recommend ending your trip there. Which leaves you with your time between the two!

Obviously, Florence is an excellent choice and one I couldn't tell you to change.  However, if you want a little more down time between Rome and Venice-you could pick a lovely little village anywhere between the two.  The countryside is spectacularly beautiful and spending some time in a little village has its own merits too.  There is lovely wine country and spectacular wine in Montepulciano, gorgeous coastal views and scenery on either coasts, and not too far out of your way is famous Comer See.

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Christene from Kansas City (Missouri)

Florence for sure! And if you can swing it, please check out Cinque Terre. It looks like a postcard and is everything Italy is about. Sunshine, great, laid back attitude, sparkling water, wine, and exquisite food. I mainly stayed in hostels, but there are awesome pensiones all over that area. I used and to find some great places. 

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Pamela from New Canaan, Connecticut

For a very special anniversary dinner in Rome, go to Aroma Restaurant (Aroma Restaurant) in the Palazzo Manfredi Palazzo Manfredi at sunset.  The terrace has a spectacular view of the Colosseum.  Stay at Gigli D'Oro Suite (Gigli D'Oro Suite), near the Piazza Navona, and give yourself an afternoon to wander around the charming streets of the Trastevere neighborhood.  Trains between the three cities are easy, and, if you plan well, you'll have plenty of time in each location. (Check out how I did Florence in two days on a layover.) Don't miss Parione in Florence for dinner.  My favorite hotel in Venice is, hands down, Hotel Flora (Hotel Flora).  It's a lovely, romantic, little sanctuary around the corner from bustling Piazza San Marco.  Felice anniversario!

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...If George Clooney has chosen to marry in Venice it must be because it is a Unique City in the world! And only if you go there you can see her stunning beauty! If you want to eat & drink there the best places are bacari... 

The Best Food in Venice: cicchetti!

I'm sure it will be a wonderful holiday and I wish you both a wonderful anniversary

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Isabella from Katowice, Poland

Hi Christopher, I live in italy.

What a great occasion to visit Italy, congrats for your anniversary!

Rome / Florence and Venice is always a great choice :) but a very touristic one. You will find a big crowd of tourists in all those places always. 

Tip: restaurants - better small ones in the outskirts not those in the center locations. Unless you want to spend a lot for a so, so quality :)

here are some slow food trattorie in Rome:

Feel free to contact me on Facebook.

Isabella Mantegazza

Have a great trip to Italy!

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