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Chantal from Montreal asked

10 or 12 days in Italy, where to go

Hello, I'm planning to go to Italy in July. I was thinking of not visiting too many places because I don't want to be rushed. What are the must see places? I was thinking Rome, Florence, Venice and Sardinia. Is this a good itinerary and if so, how long do I need in each destination?

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Depending on the length of your trip, and taking geographic proximity into account, here are my recommended priorities:
  • 4 days: Rome, Florence
  • 6 days, add: Venice
  • 8 days: Cinque Terre
  • 10 days, add: Siena
  • 13 days, add: Sorrento, Naples, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast
  • 16 days, add: Milan, Lake Como (Varenna)
  • 19 days, add: Padua, Volterra, Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio
  • 21 days, add: Dolomites, or slow down

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Terry from Sarasota
Rome is spread out a bit, but it is relatively straight forward to suggest that you see the Vatican City, the Colosseum
You did not mention how you plan to move about Italy?  I would suggest using Trains for several reasons;  Rome is difficult to drive in and parking is not simple.  In Venice, they do not allow automobiles, so you would have to leave your car elsewhere - but the train station is in the city.
So lets assume that you should stay in Rome for a minimum of three days, the next stop would be Florence. The city has some fascinating places to visit including museums, the famous Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, the Piazzale Michelangelo, the Uffizi Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio, etc.  Bear in mind that in Florence, you will not be very far from Pisa, where you could day trip and see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  For that reason alone, I am going to suggest 4 days in Florence because Pisa is well worth the visit.
The next stop would be Venice, this is a "pedestrian only city", so be prepared to hike about, or utilize the water taxis. The gondolas are everywhere, but they are expensive.  Be sure to plan to visit Lido Beach (requires a water taxi ride), Saint Mark's Basilica.  Remember that Venice is comprised of a number of islands, and that each island has something unique to see - use Google to figure out what else you want to see here.
I'm not so sure that I would recommend Sardinia as your next stop. Once you are in Venice, you could take a train to the Lake Como area and stay anywhere on the Lake.  It is a very pretty area, water taxis are the best way to get around there as well.
You did say 10 or 12 days right?  So I think the above would fit nicely into 12 days, and you would have to put aside a day to get back to Rome to return home. 
Have a great trip and enjoy yourself.  We always recommend making a "hit list" of places & things you would like to see/visit/explore, but don't treat that list as a "gotta do", instead treat it as a set of recommendations and have fun !

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Yes looks like it will be more like 14 days. Thank you for all the information!

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Hi Chantal,
It seems to me a perfect itinerary travel Italy and as per my information 10-12 days would be perfect for this itinerary!

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Russell from Columbia, South Carolina
I am on board with the other answers.  3-4 Days in each city is good.  I would suggest trying to book air tickets that let you arrive and depart from different places.  Start in Rome & end in Venice or the other way round.  There are direct flights from each to the US.  Rome is walkable to an extent.  You may start your day and walk across the city then cab/uber back to your hotel.  Florence, Siena & Venice . . . walking is the best option.  A good Itenerary is start in Rome. Spend 4 nights, then take the train to a Siena and spend 2 nights.  Staying in a small town over night without the crowds of day tourists is very special.  Then take the train to Florence and stay 3 nights.  Then train to Venice for 3 more nights.  You will get a chance to see the highlights of Italy and spend enough time in each place to appreciate it's uniqueness.  I would also suggest looking up Andrea Bocelli's annual concert in Tuscany Teatro del Silenzio.  It is a special event, hard to get to, but very memorable.  He usually does this at the end of July.  There is a good food tour in the Trastevere now under the name Eating Europe.  Start now looking into booking reseravtions for museums and the vatican, summer lines are long and hot.   

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