Liz Sessler

Liz from Washington asked January 24, 2015

Italy: 10 days in Italy, what would you do?

Booked a last minute trip with no real agenda. We have a group of six whose only requirements are we make it to Cinque Terres and Rome.  What would you do/where would you stay/and for how long in those places? And what else should we consider? All in our 30s, enjoy hiking, good food/wine, looking for a semi-leisurely trip.  

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  • Josh Newall

    Top Answer by Josh N. from Cambridge (Massachusetts)

    Cinque Terre is absolutely stunning - although quite small. There's a trail that connects all five villages which is a great thing to do, but I wouldn't plan on spending more than two days there.

    As for Rome, it gets mixed reviews. If you're really into history, then it's incredible. I've done five-six days in Rome and was more than satisfied. However, a group of six who likes hiking... I wouldn't spend more than a couple of days.

    Florence and Venice are incredible, but more importantly, the greater wine region of Tuscany is not something to overlook. If I was going with five other friends... I'd be spending as much time as possible staying in Florence and Venice and doing daily trips out to the wine regions.

    Milan is extremely overrated in my opinion - would steer clear of that.

    Maybe consider... Rome to Cinque Terres, Cinque Terres to Florence, Florence to Venice, Venice back to Rome?

  • Desirae Tira

    Desirae T. from Washington answered

    Along that route (Cinque Terre to Rome) we really enjoyed Siena and a quick pit stop at Pisa. If you go a bit farther south, we loved Pompei and the charming small towns in the Amalfi area.

  • Elyse Crescitelli

    Elyse C. from Boston answered

    Florence!! Easy to do in a few days. Great food, wine, and people. Make sure you stay across the Arno away from all the tourist destinations. You can easily walk to anywhere you want to visit, but the best local food and wine is across the river. I recommend Piazza Santo Spirito and any restaurant in it.

  • Kaitlyn Burrell

    Kaitlyn B. from Washington answered

    Whenever I have friends or family visit Rome, I always, always recommend my favorite gelato stop! Just a block and a half from the Pantheon: Giolitti. They have more flavors of gelato than any other place in the city, and they're delicious and affordable! We went more times than I can count, and I never ran out of new flavors to try!

  • Alexis Iwanoff

    Alexis I. from Italy answered

    Hi! Quick answer, I newly live in Italy and agree with Laura, except not a huge fan of Lucca...would make that a day trip and definitely spend some time in Positano and Amalfi.

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  • Laura Kubler Miller

    Laura K. from Kansas City (Kansas) answered

    You'll love Cinque Terre. A must-see location nearby is Lucca. I'd skip Pisa and stay 2 nights in Lucca - spend one morning riding bikes along the top of the wall (you can rent them in multiple locations, or pick a hotel that provides bikes at your disposal) and spend the afternoon walking the city. You can easily make Cinque Terre a day trip from Lucca and spend a whole day there. We stayed at La Boheme:

    In Tuscany, I'd recommend Sienaas your base of operations for 3-4 nights and drive to several hilltops villages during that time: San Gimignano, Greve In Chianti, Montepulciano or Arezzo are all lovely, but you can't go wrong anywhere in that area. If you're foodies, the town of Panzano in Chianti has a famous butcher shop with a celebrity butcher (I can't remember his name now, but that was kind of fun). We stayed at Hotel Palazzo Ravizza:

    Consider a cooking school or even just one day of cooking - there are a number of places in Tuscany and Umbria that can accommodate a group your size. We took a walking wine tour through Siena that was wonderful:

    I'll let others make suggestions about Rome. South of Rome, we loved the Positano and Amalfi Coast area, but can't make any hotel recommendations.

    Have fun - it'll be a trip you'll never forget!

  • Esther Feldman

    Esther F. from Tel Aviv answered

    10 days is not a long time. I think all the other suggestions are great -- all of Italy is quite beautiful. But if you really want to enjoy the city and the coast, then the only thing I'd add - don't try too see it all and do it all.Since your priorities are Rome and the Italian Riviera you know where to start. Allow yourself at least two days, preferable three for Romeand at least the same for Cinque Terre and the surrounding area, and then I'd pick one more area - a great option would be Tuscany, focusing on Sienna and Florence, with some trekking (horseback riding and/or cycling) in wine country. (I love the Amalfi Coast, but you'll lose a lot of time on the road). Take your time, talk to the people and enjoy the food and wine. You'll have a great time.

  • Mike Dry

    Mike D. from Washington answered


    I went to Italy last summer for 9 days last year. I went to Venice, Florence and Rome for 3 days each and I would highly recommend that length of time in each place. Florence was the favourite of all locations mainly due to it being incredibly picturesque and surprisingly quiet for the time of year.

  • Federico Campodonico

    Federico C. from Washington answered

    Ciao, I will recoomend to saty in the Cinque Terre area for at least 3 days, for the accommodation and other info. you can visit ciao

  • Francesco Lapenna

    Francesco L. from Washington answered

    Dear Liz,

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  • John Sappington

    John S. from Carlsbad (California) answered

    Can you give us a little more information? When are your flights and where do you fly into and out of?