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Gina from Minneapolis asked

Best/safest neighborhoods to stay in Israel?

My husband and I are planning a quick trip to Israel and need suggestions on where the best areas are to stay in Israel. Looking for a clean area, and most importantly, safe. Thanks!


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Avoid the old central bus station area in Tel Aviv at night, the rest of the city is very safe. 

If you visit Jerusalem (and you should) check in your hotel, you will want to avoid jewish Ultra ortodox neighborhoods in Saturday's and the arab neighborhoods in the east, the old city is safe and welcomes tourists.

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Meir from Tel Aviv

Hello and welcome to Israel! :-)

First of all let's make things clear about safety. Although we get awfull reputation on that issue, Israel is one of the safest places you may plan to visit. You are kindly invited to read about 'Happiness Index 2014', you'll find out Israel scores as 11th country on the globe. Way above countries like the UK, US, Luxemburg, France or Germany... That of course refers also to personal safety in our country. In most of the places - big cities included - you'll feel totally safe to walk around during night hours. Tel Aviv is known for being a city that's alive 24 hours... You gonna enjoy and love it!

As to where to stay - it depends very much on what do you plan to see, where you want to go. The country is tiny, which means that you may chose to make Tel Aviv as your home base, and from there to take day trips north, east or south (you can't GO west from Tel Aviv, for that you'll need a swimming suit :-)

Joggers' hour on Tel Aviv beaches, just as the sun starts to show

If you plan to stay in Tel Aviv, the highest concentration of hotels is not far from the beach, along Ben Yehuda St and neighboring streets. You'll find that area busy 24 hours + if you stay there, from let's say June until October you can go for a swim even in the middle of the night. 

Jaffa Fishermen Harbour, within walking distance from Tel Aviv hotels area. (photo by courtesy of Meir Jacob

In case you plan to spend a couple of days in the north, best way will be to pick some nice B&B. Here we call them 'zimmer' BUT! last years they have all become very expensive, offering services I'm not sure you may need, unless you are planning an ultra pampering stay... The Golan Heights, or northern Galilee are the areas you want to look for a place to stay, and chose wisely, you don't want to end up with a lot of facilities (like a Jacuzzi in your suit) that you don't really need... As long as accommodation is concerned - avoid Tiberias. Too touristy and way too neglected... 

As for the south, and it's by all means worth a visit, just the same, look for a nice B&B.  A place I personally love, in the Dead Sea Region(although you have to be a bit young of spirit to enjoy it), is Shkedi's Camplodge - חאן שקדי Mizpe Ramon Ramon Crater, Southern Israel

For more info about places to visit while you are here, please check my earlier answer here (click)

Answer by Meir Jacob, Founder of Trips for Photographers 

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  7. Shkedi's Camplodge - חאן שקדי (hotel)
  8. Mizpe Ramon (attraction)
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