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Amiky asked

Is it possible for girl to travelling solo in California? Please take some time to read this.

Helloo~ My name is Em (Amy), I'm 22yrs old college girl from South east asia. This is my first time asking question online :)

(You can just skip this long intro part.. V..) 


So why do I wanna travelling solo?  Actually, I do love travelling with some friends.

Well.. This year on summer, I'll take course at UCBerk. with some students from my school (none of them are my friends) 

At first, I want to travel around CA with them but then I realized that they won't go travelling with me (in my style) for sure!!! 

My style of travelling? I always go for a trip with my italiano friends - we usually love to travel on ourselves (without tourist guide and lot of facility --once we stayed in Mcdonald in China all night hahaha, that was a very crazy night-(that was 5years ago)- I won't do it again, I swear! ) we've a bit adventurer in our bloodstream haha also we're quite economize.

And what about their(student from my school) trip?... Well, they told me that they planned to take a flight from Berkeley to LA and stay in an expensive hotel (Four seasons hotel - it's quite expensive for me, hey! don't judge me! Haha) and they'll go to Disneyland ,Hollywood and shopping and shopping and SHOPPING!! (I do love shopping a lot but I won't go to LA just to waste my time on shopping) then they'll go to some clubs at night. That is! ... And they ask me if I wanna join their trip... I just said "Holly s....." (In my head: Oo EM GEE, What the ****!(trip) ....DAI!! I love you guys, Goodbye!!!) --please excuse my dirty mind, trust me I'm usually not that negative haha -- ps.Dai is an italian slang. 


Okay well! Back to my plan~ I'll be free on Fri-Sun for 5weeks, and I have listed places I wanna go...  I want u guys to help me see if it's possible. To go from Berkeley to these places..

1.Yosemite National Park 

2. Redwood national park 

3. Napa valley 

4. Mt.Sharta 

5. Golden gate bridge 

6. Alcatraz island 

7. Chinatown 

8. Death valley 

That's.... so, Do you have any other interesting places or event you would recommended me to travel on my own(or maybe with some new friends if I'm lucky enought to find one haha) (and also how to get there -- I can't drive ) or any suggession you wanna share with me??? Or anything!! 

---Oh and also I love amusement park(some crazy roller coasters) and rave!!!

Soooo, Pls~ help me with this

Thank you so much for ur time xoxo!!

2 Answers
answered by
Heather from Carlsbad (California)

I think it's definitely possible to go to those places in weekend trips. You can combine Golden Gate Bridge Vista Pointchinatown and Alcatraz into one trip. Death Valley JunctionRedwood CityYosemite Valley (California)Mount Shasta (California) and Napa would probably be their own trips since they are all kind of in different directions, but if you have five weeks I think you could do it. The only problem is that you won't have a car. I live in Southern California so maybe somebody from Nor Cal could chime in, but I'm pretty sure you can take BART to the stuff in San Francisco, but for the other things you're going to want to try and look up some sort of shuttle to get you there. Maybe there will be something for tourists perhaps, like a tour bus? That might be your best bet because driving would be the easiest way to get to those places.

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Crystal from Anchorage


All those are great places to visit. If you are not driving and don't want to take a tour, the national parks can be difficult to get to. Along the west coast you will be able to take a bus or train to most of the towns and cities. 

As for things like AlcatrazChinatown San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge, you will easily be able to visit them in a day trip from UC Berkeley using public transportation.

Here are some nice places you can take a bus or train to on a longer trip:

Hope this gives you some ideas. Happy travels!


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  1. Alcatraz (attraction)
  2. Chinatown San Francisco (metro area)
  3. Golden Gate Bridge (attraction)
  4. UC Berkeley (attraction)
  5. Lake Tahoe (city)
  6. Monterey (city)
  7. San Luis Obispo (city)
  8. Santa Barbara (city)
  9. Ventura (city)
  10. Los Angeles (city)
  11. San Diego (city)

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