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Is £10k each enough for a year's backpacking?

My partner and I are planning on travelling for one year.

The places we would like to go are (not in any particular order): Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Lombok, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

We will stay in budget hotels and homestays and do all the 'usual' traveller activities.

If it doesn't blow our budget we'd also like to go to Japan (he's always wanted to go to Okinawa and I've always wanted to go to Tokyo Disneyland!)

What I want to know is - is GBP£10,000 each a realistic budget including all travel, accommodation, food and activities?

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answered by
Timofey from Semipalatinsk-21, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

Yes i did that, but it was more like 1k per month is completely enough. 

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answered by
Rebecca from Manchester

I spent the last year travelling Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Australia and New Zealand and I didn't spend that much! However I did do a lot of couchsurfing and HelpX. Research both of those and you can save a fortune! They're useful for places like Aus and NZ as accommodation is pricey, but asia is really cheap.

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answered by
Steve from Honolulu, Hawaii

Excluding airfare...doable if you're consistently frugal, cook a lot and don't have expensive hobbies like scuba diving.  Also watch out in AU and OZ, you can spend money there fast.  They will easily cost you 1.5 to 2 x what SEA does.  Look into Airbnb for lodging...lots of good deals there and sometimes as cheap or cheaper for two than a hostel.  If you spend much time in AU or OZ, figure more like 1400 to 1800 per month each. 

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answered by
Rasto from Edmonton

I think it's doable, but you will have to balance your budget since some of the countries on your list are both the most and the least expensive. In other words, spend less in SE Asia and later more in Japan and Australia.

Does your budget accounts for air-tickets from and back home? If you want to focus mostly on things that you can do by yourselves and cost you little than you will be fine. If you are into scuba diving or want to do e.g. multiple-day jungle treks/trips you might find yourselves a bit on a tight budget.

To give you a good idea about prices in different cities around the world, I highly recommend to check Numbeo - Cost of Living website. You can budget based on these numbers for every and each country and it will as well give you an answer to your question.

Have a great trip!

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answered by
Kathryn from London

It's definitely doable, but like Dennis Johansen mentions, it will depend on the choices you make. In addition to hotels and home stays, look at hostels, couch surfing, and if you're going to be somewhere more than a week, be sure to ask about long term prices. Even places that don't list them may drop the price some if you ask. 

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answered first by
Dennis from Copenhagen

Hi Jay - that's a really tough question.

In general I would say it sounds realistic, but it's really individual how people interprets travelling on a budget, can you stay in a bunk bed or will you only stay in a private room, can you eat streetfood or only from restaurants, can you travel in a packed bus or only by taxi etc.

Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Lombok I know for sure can be done really cheap, but the others you have to look more into. 

Hope this helps a bit...8)


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