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San Carlos, California

Caity from San Carlos, California asked

24 hour Roadtrip in Ireland

I am going to a wedding with a friend in Sneem, Ireland and flying into Dublin first.  I need recommendations for an evening in Dublin (bars, restaurants, must-see), anything after 7pm arrival. 

Then its a girls roadtrip from Dublin to County Kerry in one day. What are the must-dos along the way? We probably have 8-9 hours in total (to stop along the way before arriving).  Which route would you take? What stops are must-dos? Looking for anything historical, or hidden gem pubs or little towns that are a must-see...probably wont have enough time for nature (peninsulas, hikes, etc) as we will be on the move all day. 

Also any recommendations to do/see if County Kerry? Looking for all ideas includes restaurants, pubs, shopping, etc.  



3 Answers
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Darren from Dublin

Hi Caity,

Sneem is a lovely place with plenty of fine views of its own so you'll enjoy it there.

The journey from Dublin to Sneem takes approximately five hours. I would recommend going down the M7 and M8 in the direction of Cork, stopping at Cashel to visit the Rock of Cashel - a seat of regional high kings for 700 years until the 12th century when it became an important ecclesiastical site.

The small town has some good pubs, coffee shops etc.

If you have any extra time then on your way to Sneem you will have a few places to stop close to Killarney to admire the view of the lakes, mountains and take a break from driving.In Dublin, the area around George's Street Arcade has plenty of food options George's Street itself, Drury Street, Castle Market and William Street as well as Dame Street.

A walk along the River Liffey as it flows through Dublin city centre would be a good option for a relaxed evening, and then stop off for a pint or two - plenty of places to mention!

Hope you get good weather and enjoy your time in Ireland!


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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Sneem (city)
  2. Dublin (city)
  3. Cashel (city)
  4. Rock of Cashel (attraction)
  5. Killarney (city)
  6. George's Street Arcade (attraction)
  7. River Liffey (attraction)
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Sean from Hudson Valley

Hi Caity.

These are some of my Dublin favorites.

Cavanaugh's (also known as Gravediggers) is a great pub. It's over years old and seems untouched by time.

Palace Bar specializes in whisky, and does it well.

Cobblestones Cafe is located in the north side. It's a fine pub with great traditional music.

The Crown Liquor Saloon, located on Great Victoria Street, is a top notch pub that also serves up some great Irish Stew, Steak and Guinness pie and Galway Oysters.

Where ever you go, It's a good idea to stand at, or sit at the bar. This will make you appear more approachable than if you were to sit at a table. It's a great way to meet and strike up conversations with the locals.

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Cobblestones Cafe (restaurant)
  2. The Crown Liquor Saloon (attraction)
answered by
Maria from Dublin

Hi Caity,

Some good suggestions there from Darren and Sean.  As your time in Dublin will be limited here's my recommendation for a drink and dinner. About 5 minutes walk from the front gate of Trinity College is a street called Poolbeg Street - drop into Mulligan's for an aperitif, then pop next door to Viking Kitchen restaurant for dinner. The food is superb but it's a tiny little place, well loved by locals, so you might have to book. Then go to Grogan's or The Palace Bar for a chat and a pint or an Irish Coffee before bed.

You have a choice of two routes to Sneem the M7 towards Limerick or M8 towards Cork The M7 is the shortest route (by about 30 mins) We usually stop at either Matt the Thrasher for a bowl of chowder and  toastie or for a longer lunch at The Wild Geese or Blue Door, Adare If you choose to take the Cork route Cashel is a great place to stop.

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Trinity College (attraction)
  2. Poolbeg Street (attraction)
  3. Mulligan's (restaurant)
  4. Grogan's (attraction)
  5. The Palace Bar (restaurant)
  6. Sneem (city)
  7. Limerick (city)
  8. Cork (city)
  9. Matt the Thrasher (attraction)
  10. The Wild Geese (restaurant)
  11. Cashel (city)

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