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I will travel to Indonesia in November. Where is the best place to go?

I love to eat local food, communicate with local people. Love to learn the history of its country. Beautiful views, relaxation and so on. 

8 Answers

top answer by
Jonny from Nowhere

I've spent nine months in total over the years in Indonesia and have been many places there. 

Head to Sulawesi or Papua and get away from the usual tourist crowds of Bali etc.

Sulawesi you can find tribal culture in Tana Toraja before heading to the remote Togean island to relax.

In Papua head inland to the Baliem Valley to stay with tribes up in the mountains who until fifty years ago still lived a stone age existence.

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  1. Sulawesi (city)
  2. Papua (attraction)
  3. Tana Toraja (city)
  4. Togean island (attraction)
  5. Baliem Valley (attraction)
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answered by
Mathilde from Venice Beach

Best view ever is on top of the Gunung Rinjani volcano; it's a pretty intense 3 days trekking to reach the top but worth it so much! If you're more into relaxing, why not staying a couple of days in the Gili Trawangan islands. You'll find good numbers of nice hotels, eat freshly fished food, lie on the beach or go diving - deep sea is amazing there!! I agree with Mariska, Bali also offers everything from cultural visits to hiking, surfing, diving, and so on. A bit too touristic though.

You can also explore the jungle in Bukit Lawang, oran utans are living there and it's a paradise for who loves nature!

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  1. Gunung Rinjani (attraction)
  2. Gili Trawangan (island)
  3. Bukit Lawang (attraction)
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answered first by
Mariska from Jakarta

Hi Junichi,

It actually depends on what you want to find (beach/ mountains/ city/ shopping?). Indonesia has a wide varieties of beautiful destinations to go to. 

If you want to find beautiful views, relaxation and culture I will definitely recommend Bali. Bali is famous for it's strong culture and breathtaking views. One of the place worths to go to is Uluwatu. The scenery is amazing and you can watch Kecak Dance at 18.00 (Bali time) at the outdoor stage while watching sunset. Famous local food in Bali is Ayam Betutu, Nasi Bali, Seafood at Jimbaran. Bali also has a lot of good spa if you want to relax. 

If you are into city that still has strong culture, but not as crowded as Jakarta, you can go to Special District of Yogyakarta. It's located in Java Island and has several historical temple you can go such as Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple. Another place to go is its historical kingdom palace Kraton. The local food there is also very nice, one of my favorite! It's famous for Gudeg and Lotek. For shopping, you can just stroll along Jalan Malioboro.

Hope it helps!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bali (island)
  2. Uluwatu (attraction)
  3. Jimbaran (attraction)
  4. Special District of Yogyakarta (attraction)
  5. Prambanan Temple (attraction)
  6. Borobudur Temple (attraction)
  7. Kraton (attraction)
  8. Jalan Malioboro (attraction)
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answered by
Emily from United Kingdom

I spent a month on the island of Sumatra and it was incredible! From trekking and white water rafting through the beautiful rainforest to discover wild orang-utans at Bukit Lawang to relaxing on the shores of the beautiful Lake Toba there is so much here to do. Trek an active volcano at Berastagi or explore the tragic history and wonderful people of Aceh or even spend you time chilling in a hammock and diving the coral reef on Pulau Weh. Sumatra is known as the "Africa of Asia" (hence my own draw to the place!) and I was not disappointed. I found the people friendly and welcoming, the landscapes breathtaking and, best yet, it is ridiculously cheap! Honestly can't recommend it enough - get off the tourist trail a little bit and you will be rewarded :)

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Sumatra (attraction)
  2. Bukit Lawang (attraction)
  3. Lake Toba (attraction)
  4. Berastagi (attraction)
  5. Aceh (attraction)
  6. Pulau Weh (attraction)
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answered by
ya from Singapore

Indonesia is huge, but if you have a week at least, you should either choose Java (Jogyakarta for the arty area, Mount Bromo & Kawah Ijen for the vulcanos and stunning views - best tour operator is ToTo at Surabaya bus station) or the Toraja country to experience unique tribes funerals in Sulawesi islands (8 hours bus from Makassar, easy to book on the spot at the airport with driver and guide, stunning views on ricefields). If you have time, you can continue up North for exceptional diving places.

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  1. Java (attraction)
  2. Jogyakarta (attraction)
  3. Mount Bromo (attraction)
  4. Kawah Ijen (attraction)
  5. Toraja (attraction)
  6. Sulawesi (city)
  7. Makassar (city)
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answered by
meika from Indonesia

Agree with a lot of places that has been mentioned in the comments above, and it’s up to your preferences to spend what kind of holiday. Every places in Indonesia have its own personality to enjoy, in terms of food, nature, beautiful scenery, etc. If you’re looking for a beautiful nature of beaches you might want to see LombokBaliLabuan Bajo, or Raja Ampat. If you enjoy mountains, you can go to Mount Merbabu or you want to taste the rich cultural rides you can definitely go to Central Java and Yogyakarta City. Not to mention you can really see the magic of man-made temple Borobudur and Prambanan Temple. The sites really speak all the amazing stories about ancient civilization, and not just stopping there, in prambanan there’s Ramayana dance show that you can’t missed. If you like sweet food (not only for dessert) then Yogyakarta is the rightful place to be! You should try Gudeg, there’s a lot of Gudeg restaurants or warungs, and you can just pick one. I’ve heard some Gudeg warungs are only open for 2 hours before midnight, because it just sold out in the blink of an eye, you should ask the local people about this one.

Me myself will go to the Dieng on this august, im not a big fan of holiday with all the heat and humidity, so I chose dieng because it’s pretty cold out there. Because in august Indonesia are entering a tourist high season, I really take my time to considering the itinerary to spend days, what places I want to visit and stuff. tips for you when it comes to high season pay attention onto where to spend nights, because hotels just can fully booked just like that, you don’t want to end up having no place to rest on your holiday. I just finished booked my hostel yesterday, friend in yogyakarta suggest me to this new place, I saw few photos on the Instagram and it looks promising, and have a good price also. If you’re interested on going to dieng, well you can check this new hostel called Tani Jiwo Hostel, finger-crossed that it’s amazing place that perfect my holiday. My friend said that place is great, it has a great vibe, service and facilities are amazing, well I hope that is enough. One of reason why I booked this place right away because of the kitchen facilities. unlike you, I’m not quite adventurous in culinary world, I really have bad experience in eating local food on my last journey (I end up spent days in my room bcs I feel so sick), so I just prefer cooked my own food. Taking care of your health during travelling is really an important thing to do. Hope you enjoy Indonesia!

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  1. Lombok (city)
  2. Bali (island)
  3. Labuan Bajo (attraction)
  4. Raja Ampat (attraction)
  5. Mount Merbabu (attraction)
  6. Central Java (attraction)
  7. Yogyakarta City (attraction)
  8. Borobudur (attraction)
  9. Prambanan Temple (attraction)
  10. Dieng (attraction)
  11. Tani Jiwo Hostel (hotel)

answered by
Sarah from Global Gypsy

Personally I think Borneo Central you can see wild orangutans and monkeys and sail through the rainforest! 

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  1. Borneo Central (attraction)

answered by
Tracy from Singapore

November is entering raining season in Indonesia. You may want to avoid going for hiking and trekking activities.

Touring around Yogyakarta, Surabaya or even Jakarta Capital Region would be good. But to go deeper into locals life, Yogyakarta win over the other two.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Yogyakarta (city)
  2. Surabaya (city)
  3. Jakarta Capital Region (attraction)

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