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India, Darjeeling, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai

Need help creating an itinerary/finding hotels for India.

A friend and I are backpacking through India this winter break and we need help creating an itinerary/finding things to do and finding hotels for some of the cities. Wondering if you can help us figure out if this is a good way to spend our time (we can add days if we need to):

• Darjeeling – 2 days – need hotel
• Delhi – 1 day – need hotel
• Agra – 3 days – need hotel
• Jaipur – 4 days – staying with my friend’s family
• Mumbai – 2 days – need hotel

Are there any towns in between we should see?  As far as budget goes, we're pretty open but looking for mid-range places for accommodations (is under $150/night fair in India? give or take $100).  No hostels, but also not the Ritz-Carlton!

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answered by
Yudhveer from Bangalore

Hey Tara,

I see you are planning for a trip of 12 days, and have chosen at least one place of each of East, North, and west India.

Closest airport to Darjeeling is Bagdogra, which will take 90-120 minutes of drive. I would suggest drop Darjeeling for this trip and enjoy it in next trip to India along with other places of interest in East and North-east India.

You can pick Delhi and Mumbai at entry/exit points, as it suits you. You can cover a lot of places between these two cities easily. Both cities have a lot of attraction and should take 2 days each.

I would like you to add Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur to your itinerary and as you already have  Agraand Jaipur in your wishlist, these all will take  rest of your time.

Delhi(2)-Agra(1)-Jaipur(2)-Jodhpur(1)-Jaisalmer(2) -Udaipur(2)-Mumbai(2) shall be a nice road-trip. I assume you are interested in Castles and palaces.

Why you should go to each of these places? I am only putting the place of most interest. Long list to follow if you like.

Delhi - Red fort, kutub minar,

Agra - Taj Mahal, Agra fort.

Jaipur - Jaigarh, City palace.

Jodhpur - Mehrangarh Umaid palace.

Jaisal-mer - Sand-dunes, Golden fort

Udaipur-  City palace, Lake palace, Lot of lakes.

Mumbai- Gateway of India. and Many more.

Fatehpur Sikri is a nice place on the way to jaipur from Agra, also visit Ranthambore Tiger Reserve  if you a Tiger lover. 

Between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, Khichan is famous for migratory birds Demoiselle Cranes which are there all winter.

If you want replace Castles/ palace with more nature, you could drop Jodhpur and Jaisalmer and add Kumbhalgarh or Mount Abu.

You have kept a lot of time to plan, which is complement worthy. Please do a little bit of research and decide. I would be glad to help you to shape your trip better. 

I am from Jodhpur and living in Bangalore. If I am in Rajsthan during your visit, I would like to show some of it my self.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Darjeeling (city)
  2. Bagdogra (city)
  3. Delhi (city)
  4. Mumbai (city)
  5. Jodhpur (city)
  6. Jaisalmer (city)
  7. Udaipur (city)
  8. Agra (city)
  9. Jaipur (city)
  10. Fatehpur Sikri (city)
  11. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (attraction)
  12. Khichan (city)
  13. Kumbhalgarh (city)
  14. Mount Abu (attraction)
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answered by
Praveen from New Delhi, India

I can help you out with Delhi as thats where I live.


In my opinion, you should do a 2 night stay in Delhi.

To stay

1. Eros Hotel: Four Star. The best and centrally located hotel in Delhi. This costs about $150-200 per night in Dec-Jan. 

2. Hyatt Regency: Four Star. This is also in the range of $150-200.

3. Le Méridien: (in between Connaught Place and India Gate). Four Star. This is a little expensive ($200+) but is close to all those places where you would want to visit in Delhi.

If you want to go less than $150, and you are willing to be a little more adventurous, you may want to check out some hotels in the Karol Bagh area. There is one which I have visited personally - Hotel Clark International New Delhi, where my relative was staying. It was nice, prompt service, clean beds and bathrooms.

Things to do:

In this sequence –

1. Visit Lodhi Gardens

– First day morning. Beautifully maintained lawns from the ancient era of Mughals. The tombs here are very well kept and clean.

2. Visit Khan Market – Walking distance from Lodhi garden, this market is frequented by expats from embassies near and around. Quite an expensive market, but shops here keep a lot of export quality products.

3. Visit the Taj Mahal, Man Singh road – Afternoon coffee. Walking distance from Khan market. Their coffee shop ‘Machaan’ is quite famous.

4. Visit India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan (presidential estate) – First evening. Can take a cab from Taj Mahal to India Gate. Looks awesome and brilliantly lit in the evening/night. The walk from Indian gate to the presidential estate is about 2.5 km. People in the city come here to enjoy the scenery, ice cream and snacks with their families in the evening. At the presidential estate, on your left and right would be the govt blocks, office and the parliament.

5. Visit Connaught Place – First night. From Rashtrapati bhawan, take a cab to drop you off at the ‘inner circle’ in Connaught Place. You cannot miss this beautiful, white, circular market in the heart of the city. The entire complex has a radius of about 300m, with lots of shops, clubs and bars. A nice place to sit and have beer on an open balcony would be Qba. There are clubs playing EDM, live music, etc too like The Blues.

6. Visit Chandni Chowk – Second morning. Get dropped on the outskirts of Chandani Chowk in the morning (around 4-5 kms from Connaught Place), take a cycle rickshaw inside Chandani Chowk. Extremely crowded, lots of small shops selling sarees, traditional Indian clothing, fake jewelry. Do not eat anything from any shop as the food is not prepared in the cleanest environment.

7. Karol Bagh – (Near Connaught Place) If you are up for more shopping for Indian stuff.

8. Visit Qutub Minar – Second evening. If you have time, then visit this monument the second night. Its well-lit, you may find a guide there to take you around and explain its significance etc. 

Will give you tips for Agra in my next post. Would also advise Goa or Pondicherry as places to visit in India.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Eros Hotel (hotel)
  2. Hyatt Regency (hotel)
  3. Le Méridien (hotel)
  4. Connaught Place (attraction)
  5. India Gate (attraction)
  6. Karol Bagh (attraction)
  7. Hotel Clark International New Delhi (attraction)
  8. Lodhi Gardens (attraction)
  9. Khan Market (attraction)
  10. Taj Mahal (attraction)
  11. India Gate (attraction)
  12. Rashtrapati Bhawan (attraction)
  13. Connaught Place (attraction)
  14. Chandni Chowk (attraction)
  15. Qutub Minar (attraction)
  16. Goa (city)
  17. Pondicherry (city)
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answered by
Ajay from Navi Mumbai

Well those are still stunning places.  But you are missing out on the south.  All the action is down south.  And it is safer for women.  Mumbai has an amazing nightlife.  Considering your budget "Taj Mahal Palace & Tower" in Mumbai would be perfect.

If you don't mind i would suggest

1.Kerala- Breathtaking beaches like Kovalam, Alleppey etc.  Munnar is an amazing hill station.Yummy sea food.

2.Goa-A trip to India is incomplete without a visit to Goa.  It is a melting pot of different cultures Indian, European. Amazing beaches, Great parties, Lovely portuguese architecture.For more info visit                         

3.Tamil Nadu -Again tons of places to visit here.Great temples. Must visit places will be Chennai, Kanyakumari, Madurai.                                        

4.Pondicherry- Blend of Indian and french cultures. Must visit places will be Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Promenade Beach.

There are lot of places you could go.I suggested a few in addition to the ones you have already planned.India is very huge.So if you some time in your hands you could try these out.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Taj Mahal Palace & Tower (attraction)
  2. Kerala (state)
  3. Kovalam (city)
  4. Alleppey (city)
  5. Munnar (city)
  6. Goa (city)
  7. Tamil Nadu (attraction)
  8. Chennai (city)
  9. Kanyakumari (city)
  10. Madurai (city)
  11. Pondicherry (city)
  12. Sri Aurobindo Ashram (attraction)
  13. Promenade Beach (attraction)
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answered by
Saurabh from Jaipur

Hi Tara,

US winter break means February. Good time to visit India. 

Darjeeling is completely a different direction from Delhi Agra Jaipur. 

You should program your tour like below 

Day 1 Delhi arrival and sightseeing of Delhi 

Day 2 Fly Delhi to Bagdogra and drive to Darjeeling 

Day 3 Darjeeling 

Day 4 Drive Darjeeling to Bagdogara and fly to Delhi on arrival Drive to Agra

Day 5 Agra sightseeing 

Day 6 Drive Agra to Jaipur

Day 7 Jaipur 

Day 8 Jaipur 

Day 9 Jaipur 

Day 10 Fly Jaipur to Mumbai

Day 11 Mumbai 

Day 12 Fly Mumbai to Home  

hotel  you can opt like

Delhi - The Visaya

Darjeeling - The Elgin Hotel

Agra - Radisson Hotel

Mumbai - Fariyas Hotel

these accommodations are between USD 100 to 150 per night

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Delhi (city)
  2. Bagdogra (city)
  3. Darjeeling (city)
  4. Agra (city)
  5. Jaipur (city)
  6. Mumbai (city)
  7. The Visaya (hotel)
  8. The Elgin Hotel (hotel)
  9. Radisson Hotel (hotel)
  10. Fariyas Hotel (hotel)
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answered by
Dick from Harrisburg

I stayed in the Hans Hotel New Delhi in Delhi. It was very nice. Forget what the price was, think 85 USD?

Came with free breakfast. This hotel's selling point for me was you can walk to the center of the city AND India gate. I'm a walker so this was perfect for me.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Hans Hotel New Delhi (hotel)
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answered by
nilanjana from India

Delhi-Jaipur-Agra form the Golden Triangle of Indian tourism. May I suggest book yourself either at The Gateway Hotel Fatehabad or YWCA - International Guest House

Either keep to Delhi-Mumbai circle or Delhi-Kolkata circle.

In Delhi-Mumbai circle you will not be able to include Darjeeling.

Should you chose to do Delhi-Kolkata then instead of Darjeeling go to Gangtok, Sikkim or fly to Nepal instead.

If you are booking tickets book it through

Flights through or expedia. Check for the better deal and then may be go to the official site of the flight and book cheaper.

As a woman traveler, my strict advise to you will be not to get too friendly with Indian men (sorry guys but you know what I am talking about), whether rich or poor. A woman's friendliness is usually taken as an invitation to sleep with her. Chose your hotel wisely as well. Bargain everywhere and never shop at any place suggested by your hotel.

Stick to your original play but u can either do Darjeeling or Mumbai.


Darjeeling – 2 days – need hotel (no idea.. instead end your trip in Nepal with a direct flight to Kathmandu from Delhi; as an American citizen, it might be VISA on arrival for you; but do only Kathmandu)

• Delhi – 1 day – need hotel

If you are in Delhi for just a day, may I suggest do not go to any monument. Relax at Khan Market, eat at The Big Chill. If you can, early in the morning go to Lutyens' Delhi (Parliament area and around) for a walk and end it with breakfast in some restaurant in Connaught Place (Rajiv Chowk)

Agra – 3 days – need hotel (Taj Gateway)

Taj is close on Friday(remember). Go and see Fatehpur-Sikri (an hour in local bus).
Jaipur – 4 days – staying with my friend’s family

Amber Fort, Anokhi museum (near Amber Fort) Day 1

City Palace museum, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal (Day 2). In the evening you can go to Birla Planatarium

skip Nahargarh and Jaigarh Fort as there is nothing to see

Drive to Kanota (if your friend can take you there) - Castle Kanota Day 3

Walk in the town near the city palace and see the various temples (wall paintings and architecture). Shop for bangles and bandhani dupattas

• Mumbai – 2 days – need hotel Stay at YWCA International

The Prince of Wales Museum; do not go to Elephant, instead take an evening ferry ride; early morning walk in the Fort area; Marine Drive. Go to Café Mondegar or Leopold Café or Piccadilly, Khyber Restaurant or opposite Regal Cinema is Chikita Cafe. You can catch the latest Bollywood in Regal Cinema (whatever it is). Go to Rhythm House in Kalaghoda, opposite Jehangir Art Gallery to buy Bollywood movies and music.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. The Gateway Hotel Fatehabad (hotel)
  2. YWCA - International Guest House (hotel)
  3. Delhi (city)
  4. Mumbai (city)
  5. Delhi (city)
  6. Kolkata (city)
  7. Gangtok (city)
  8. Nepal (country)
  9. Darjeeling (city)
  10. Kathmandu (city)
  11. Khan Market (attraction)
  12. The Big Chill (restaurant)
  13. Lutyens' Delhi (hotel)
  14. Connaught Place (attraction)
  15. Agra (city)
  16. Jaipur (city)
  17. Amber Fort (attraction)
  18. Anokhi (attraction)
  19. City Palace (attraction)
  20. Jantar Mantar (attraction)
  21. Hawa Mahal (attraction)
  22. Birla Planatarium (attraction)
  23. Kanota (attraction)
  24. Castle Kanota (hotel)
  25. The Prince of Wales Museum (attraction)
  26. Marine Drive (attraction)
  27. Café Mondegar (restaurant)
  28. Leopold Café (restaurant)
  29. Piccadilly (restaurant)
  30. Khyber Restaurant (restaurant)
  31. Chikita Cafe (restaurant)
  32. Rhythm House (attraction)
  33. Jehangir Art Gallery (attraction)
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answered by
Rahul from New Delhi

Hi Tara I hope everything is fine at your end!

What is your place of Arrival to India. Delhi, Agra & Jaipur are nearby but other preferred locations are in two different corners of India. Mumbai is on South Western part of India & Darjeeling on East.

If you are coming somewhere on December then you should start with Hornbill Festival at Nagaland It is on the North Eastern side of India. Google it its a nice Fesival of Music & Art. Do let me know about your place of arrival & date of Arrival. It will be a great help. :) 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Delhi (city)
  2. Agra (city)
  3. Jaipur (city)
  4. Mumbai (city)
  5. Darjeeling (city)
  6. Nagaland (attraction)
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answered by
Radha from Chandigarh

Check ginger or mango hotels! 

It seems that you want to visit Darjeeling for tea gardens..extend ur trip for that coz two days will not be sufficient. 

Four days in Jaipur will be waste. .rather plan Jodhpur or Udaipur along with gor ur days in rajasthan. 

Wish u have a nice trip😊

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Darjeeling (city)
  2. Jaipur (city)
  3. Jodhpur (city)
  4. Udaipur (city)
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answered by
Perma from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hi Tara, You can try searching for hotel deals on Groupon. They come out much cheaper and the service is good too.

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answered by
Jaydeep from Jaipur

Hi Tara,

I would suggest you to break your journey into different darjeeling is in east of india and jaipur is in west. Do Delhi, Agra & Jaipur in one go as it's a part of Golden Triangle. End at Delhi/Jaipur and get a flight to Mumbai. After from Mumbai go to Kolkata to visit Darjeeling.

Regarding is a good website to find decent hotels in your budget.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Delhi (city)
  2. Agra (city)
  3. Jaipur (city)
  4. Mumbai (city)
  5. Kolkata (city)
  6. Darjeeling (city)
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answered by
avinash from New Delhi

To be very honest you must revisit your plan once again.

I strongly recommend you to book either rail tickets ( or flights well in advance (for rail 2 months).

For hotels you can view them on sites like or hotelguru. They would fit well within your budget, in fact in that budget you can rent Radisson or any other 5 star hotel.

If you are more specific about your plan, I can be more helpful.


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answered by
Tushar from Mumbai

Hi ,

Mumbai for two days is kinda nice, but if I may suggest if you can add may be two day more. You should check out Goa Thats where the world gathers in winter for parties. 

Mumbai will be cool for winter too...!!!

Oh yeah and 100$ should be close to about 6000INR (approx) and that should be plenty for a Hotel.

Bellows some links , may some helpful for finding hotels.

Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

More hotels:

You should some good booking offers in online websites.


P.S : Try Goa!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Goa (city)
  2. Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai (hotel)
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top answer by
Prasad from India

Actually in my opinion Darjeeling is way out of place for you from a travel point of view, as all the other places you are covering are in North/West. For Darjeeling you will need to travel to Kolkata from Delhi or if you are taking train to one of the closer train station. So unless there is a very compelling personal reason to go to Darjeeling this is not a great idea to combine  it with Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. If you want to visit a hill station in India you can visit many close to Delhi like Shimla, Nainital, Dharamshala etc.

Point 2: 3 nights in Agra is over kill unless you are doing research, so I would suggest only one at max 2 night in Agra as you can see whole of Agra and the nearby Fatehpur Sikri in a day trip from Delhi. So the only reason you would want to stay in Agra is if you want to do something which is more than sight seeing that I am not sure at this stage.

I would suggest you spend additional night in Delhi and one day cover the old Delhi + New Delhi with Chandni Chowk, CP, Jantar Mantar, Akshardham Temple (my blog post on it),etc. and next day cover the Qutub Minar and surrounding places.  

As Jaipur you are staying with friends, they should be able to help you with details. 

Between Agra and Delhi if you are traveling by road you can visit Vrindavan, and Mathura which both should take half a day.  Then after Agra I would suggest visiting Varanasi (my blog post) the spiritual capital of India and one of the oldest cities in the world. Varanasi has enough small hostels/hotels that you can book online. I stayed at Hotel Heritage Inn | Varanasi near Assi Ghat in Shivala which is a decent new hotel. As you plan to go to Mumbai also I would suggest you enter India through either Delhi and take flight out of Mumbai or vice versa depending on the fare.

Also note if you plan to travel by train within India you will need to book tickets well in advance ( upto 30-60 days as last minute tickets are almost impossible to book) 

The Links I have given in this post are of my travel blog and you are welcome to post here any follow up questions.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Darjeeling (city)
  2. Kolkata (city)
  3. Delhi (city)
  4. Jaipur (city)
  5. Agra (city)
  6. Shimla (city)
  7. Nainital (city)
  8. Dharamshala (attraction)
  9. Fatehpur Sikri (city)
  10. New Delhi (city)
  11. Chandni Chowk (attraction)
  12. Jantar Mantar (attraction)
  13. Akshardham Temple (attraction)
  14. Qutub Minar (attraction)
  15. Vrindavan (city)
  16. Mathura (city)
  17. Varanasi (city)
  18. Hotel Heritage Inn | Varanasi (hotel)
  19. Shivala (restaurant)
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answered first by
sai tarun from India

The itinerary seems cool for me. I guess you have done pretty good research.

My views are , Darjeeling is good for 2 days. Regarding hotels I need to know budget and the location you first drop into these places...based on that I can tell you

Delhi 1 day is nothing..half the time you shall be in the traffic itself.

Agra 3 Days is awesome..thats one of my favourite place. Taj Mahal is extraordinary. there is something like...every month once during full-moon they let people visit taj in the night too..otherwise its just morning to evening. Try coinciding you days accordingly.

Red Fort is good. Hotels, you find lot...but this place has more facilities for foreigners, as lot come down..

visit Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach and Juhu Beach in Mumbai

Coming to other places to visit:-

As I have known that India is one of the listed places you want visit.

Goa , Kodaikanal , Ladakh , Kanyakumari , are few trippy places to visit.

In the path of your journey from Delhi to mumbai,

there is goa and Gokarna Beach... try visiting it

In Agra, you can buy sarees which completely can be pulled out from a finger ring.

hahaha! 150$ is too much for most hotels in india. 150$ is 8800 rupees.

Even 100$ in Agra, you get luxury hotels. please book online in Google hotel finder . I had friends place to stay when i visited Agra. but I know the hotels scene there. Highly tourist place. things are genuine and cool

Jaipur you are anyways staying with friends family ...they would guide you i guess

The next destination is crazy...Mumbai. I lived in mumbai for good time.

Mumbai - 1.second Densely populated city after Tokyo in this world.

2.Please eat wadapav there. Its spicy but yummy.

3. Visit

Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat Gateway of India


4. Try staying in a hotel close to Gateway of India.

5. Mumbai is very big. After visiting the above places...just carry a bag and keep visiting places how many ever possible. Auto & taxi are cheap only.

Experience Mumbai local trains for sure. They are an awesome Experience

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Darjeeling (city)
  2. Delhi (city)
  3. Agra (city)
  4. Taj Mahal (attraction)
  5. Red Fort (attraction)
  6. Marine Drive (attraction)
  7. Chowpatty Beach (attraction)
  8. Juhu Beach (attraction)
  9. Mumbai (city)
  10. Goa (city)
  11. Kodaikanal (city)
  12. Ladakh (attraction)
  13. Kanyakumari (city)
  14. Gokarna Beach (attraction)
  15. Gateway of India (attraction)
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answered by
Gita from Mumbai

Hi Tara, you seem to have gotten a lot of helpful tips from people so I'd just like to add that since you'll be going to Darjeeling, it may interest you to stay at a tea estate's home stay, some which are over a 100 years old provide stays. A few are on and

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Darjeeling (city)
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answered by

$100 a night can get you a room at the The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore in India ;) - It translates to around INR 6400, which is more than what most hotel rooms cost you here.

Delhi, and Mumbai may be the most expensive ones, but Agra and Jaipur will not be far behind. Be a little careful in Agra, since it is kind of a tourist trap, thanks to the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri. You can try the Radisson Blu, or other restaurants, but since they're always staring at a lot of tourists coming in, i'd recommend you book in advance. When in doubt, try finding a phone number and just calling instead of email, or any other feature. That works best in most cases. Please be very direct with your requirements, when talking about your need for a hotel room, as that goes a long way in assuring you get the best service. 

You can also try an AirBNB if you're interested, but you should be able to make do with great hotels rooms in about 50-75 USD or more. Paying more for anything less than a Westin/Sheraton/Radisson/Taj would be overpaying, and i'd recommend you look at as well. 

If the rooms look too bland, and they cost a lot, try to just look for something else. I hope you have a great trip! 

Now to your itinerary - Make sure you go to Rajpath in Delhi, the area where the President's residence (Rashtrapathi Bhavan in Hindi) is, and the Parliament house. This is all a remnant of the British rule, and the unique architecture they left, with Saracen, Mughal, European influences. Jama Masjid in Old Delhi is a very old mosque constructed by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, this area is more or less untouched since that time, barring the modern influences of motor vehicles, electricity and appliances. Although i'd recommend going there doing some further research. Delhi is a great city, but please make sure you are using Uber to travel, and you're not venturing out of the popular/main areas after 10 pm. 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore (hotel)
  2. Delhi (city)
  3. Mumbai (city)
  4. Agra (city)
  5. Jaipur (city)
  6. Taj Mahal (attraction)
  7. Fatehpur Sikri (city)
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answered by

Hi Tara, just saw your post. You didn't mention the total number days you have in hand.

Briefly looking at the cities & days mentioned by you, I feel you are over staying in few cities like Agra & Jaipur. You don't require 3 days in Agra or 4 days in Jaipur, the rest are still fine. 

Suggesting an itinerary would very much depend on your interest. Why go to Darjeeling, it is out of the way. If you want to experience Indian mountain city (hill station, which we call it here), you can visit in the North of India, near Delhi. What I would recommend that you try to use the following website to plan your vacation anywhere in the world - Trip Planning. You can create your own customized itinerary, add all the cities, attraction and things to do in each city in your travel basket (itinerary) and then share it with your co-travellers and discuss it in a group, try it you might find it useful. On each city page that your visit on this website, you are also given suggestions of the nearby cities that you can visit; hence you can create your own itinerary.

Regarding the cost per day that you have mentioned, apart from the metro cities i.e. Delhi & Mumbai, you can get good hotel within US  $50 per night, if you are looking to save money, surely you can get better hotels as well. For the metro cities US $100 to US $125 is a decent amount to spend on an 3 star category hotel. So, broadly speaking, hotels in India are not very expensive if you are looking for 2-3 star hotel.

I would suggest the following:

Delhi- 1 Night

Agra - 1 Night (2 days)

Jaipur - 2 Nights

Mount Abu (mountain city) - 2 Nights

Udaipur - 2 Nights

Mumbai- 2 Nights

Goa - 2 Nights

This is just one option, again it would depend on your interest, there can be many combinations.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Agra (city)
  2. Jaipur (city)
  3. Darjeeling (city)
  4. Delhi (city)
  5. Delhi (city)
  6. Mumbai (city)
  7. Delhi (city)
  8. Agra (city)
  9. Jaipur (city)
  10. Mount Abu (attraction)
  11. Udaipur (city)
  12. Mumbai (city)
  13. Goa (city)
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answered by
Shadab from Agra

Dear Tara, You should start with your arrival Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) spend you days there than there is reasonable connectivity via flight Indira Gandhi International Airport under 100 US$ each and you can travel to agra via shatabdi after your time in new delhi followed by jaipur and than coming to spend a night in new delhi to catch flight or train Bagdogra AIRPORT OR TRAIN STATION to travel to darjeeling. 

there are number of HOME STAYS in india now which you can easily cover in US$ 25 each per night.

Hope the above information will help you, 

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answered by
Saumyajit from Kolkata

Dear Tara

Sound great that you want to visit so many places. As I am, also a traveler and work as a travel professional I can suggest you the best places for stay and the route for your travel itinerary. As far as cost is concern, I will search and manage accommodation within your budget of $150.

If I am not wrong New Delhi or Mumbai will be your IN/OUT point.

Must see Kolkata on the way to Darjeeling.

Delhi-Agra- Jaipur it’s a Golden triangle.There is lot of more places to see , but I need to know that how many days you have or plan to travel exactly.

You can visit Aurangabad during the visit of Mumbai city.

I can plan a itinerary for you and share it with you, but for that I need to know few things. 

Let me know the things on my email id: 

  1. How many days you have to visit Indian destination.
  2. Arriving / Landing date and place in India.
  3. Do you need flight tickets within Indian destination or you preferred to visit places by train.

(Keep in mind : for travelling by train, you need more days  in our hand to visit the places then travelling by flight )

I have also reccommend you one place which is my Hometown and ‘one of the Oldest living city in the World’, that is Varanasi.

I can personally guide you for Varanasi and Kolkata.  You can call me +91 9051152535 or mail me for more information.  



Mentioned in this answer:

  1. New Delhi (city)
  2. Mumbai (city)
  3. Kolkata (city)
  4. Darjeeling (city)
  5. Agra (city)
  6. Jaipur (city)
  7. Aurangabad (city)
  8. Varanasi (city)
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answered by
Mariellen from Toronto

Hello Tara,

Well, I see that many people have given you suggestions, so I won't add to your confusion. But I do want to say one thing: I would take a month or even two months to do the itinerary you are suggesting. Travel in India is TIRING and a lot can -- and does -- go wrong, in terms of delays, Delhi-belly, etc. Pick 2 cities or areas and get to know them for a few days each. You won't miss out on anything, you can always come back to India. Believe me, I have travelled very extensively in India and I am giving you solid gold advice. It's MUCH better to slow down in India. You will be very glad you did. 

ps I publish a travel blog about India called Breathedreamgo and provide travel advice and itinerary planning too. Check out my India travel services page.

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answered by
Anubhav from Delhi, India

Namaste :) 

Welcome to India

I like your itinerary. As far as hotels are concerned here are my recommendations: 

Delhi - Stay in The Imperial & dine at the restaurant, The Spice Route - the experience is beyond words. 

Agra - Book yourself in The Beauty Salon. The hospitality is unbelievable & will leave an impact on you. You will soak yourself into not so overdose of luxury plus excellent food. 

Jaipur - Trident here is right opposite Jal Mahal, which is a marvel to look at. You can also consider to stay at ITC Rajputana, Jaipur. Please go to Johri Bazar for world's best indian traditional wear shopping. Price is also a steal. You can also pick up antique wine holders, and glasses made out of brass, OR copper. Absolute delight to eyes. 

Mumbai - Please stay in south Mumbai as travelling from south to north can be a nightmare. Traffic is not your best friend in any of these metro cities. Hence, I recommend you to stay at Vivanta by Taj.

Also, for next time please do visit Goa and Kerala. Especially stay at The Leela Kovalam. It is mind boggling.

Please reach out if you need to know answers to some specific questions. 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. The Imperial (attraction)
  2. The Beauty Salon (attraction)
  3. Jal Mahal (attraction)
  4. ITC Rajputana, Jaipur (hotel)
  5. Johri Bazar (attraction)
  6. Vivanta by Taj (hotel)
  7. Goa (city)
  8. Kerala (state)
  9. The Leela Kovalam (restaurant)

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