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How can you travel & also get paid/make a living?

Most people would rather travel than work. Yet, how can we combine the two? And enjoy ourselves at the same time (i.e. you're not in a conference room in Japan all day). It's the age-old question of getting paid to do what you love! 

I've listed common ways below, yet I'm interested to hear any other creative ones- 

- tour guide

- work assignment in a foreign country (i.e. teaching English, volunteer, etc.) 

- travel with multi-national company

- diplomat 

- contract jobs at home and then travel (i.e. work 6 months, save, travel 6 months) 

- work at a travel company 

- consulting

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Robson from Istanbul

Hi Joanna,
We saved some money and have our travelblog ( as our fulltime job.
It`s not paying all our expenses yet but I believe (and hope) that in 1 year it`ll be possible. So far we are 8 months on the road and have visited : SpainPortugalMoroccoFranceItalyCroatiaTurkeyThailandCambodia.
Housesitting & Petsitting is a great way to save money.( connects hostels and travellers, you can exchange some hours of work for accommodation.

There are jobs on Elance and Fiverr that you can do from any place with a decent internet connection. ( need the skills though...)


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Here are some links to have a look at. These are working for accommodation and food. It's one way to travel slowly and learn about the culture:, International Volunteering, workaday,, WOOFing but I don't know the website.

If you're into the Sharing Community look at The site is huge so be prepared to spend (waste?) a lot of time following interesting links!I hope these help you Joanna. 

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Sustainable travel is one where you are "location independent" and so jobs like tour guide keep you limited to a specific area. Instead, we are developing ways to make money WHILE traveling. Typically, this is by having a blog with great content (which will rarely make you money) but that leads to building an audience who will pay you for services or products.  


Some location independent income generators include:  


Life coaching, health coaching, creating homeschool curriculum supplements, customized diet programs, ebooks, online courses (ie photography, blog building, design, financial planning, etc etc!), app development, etc. The list goes on! You really have to figure out what you are passionate about, build your knowledge, and then take the leap. The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Nomadic Matt, and Extra Pack of Peanuts are all great blogs that talk about how to do this! Of course, combine "travel hacking" and you're all set! :)

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I work as a freelance tour leader and travel 365 days a year and has done so for several years.

And I have quite a few friends in the diplomatic world and they have a super interesting life and I have been considering looking that way too myself.

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Vit from Marrakech

My suggestion is to ask your self several important question:

  1. What am I good at ?
  2. What are my skills anyway?
  3. What other skills do I have?

Remember, you dont have to be perfect. You just need to be better than the one whom you offer your skills too.

If your only knowledge is perfect english its nothing unique about it if you're in USA ok UK but if youre in Barma you can make a living as a teacher. Perhaps there is already to much TEFLs in Asia from my point of view but there is still so many options. Are you good in social media? Offer it for accommodation onec or twice. And next time when you will work not only for accommodation but for money (this is my story here in Morocco last 8 months).

It's about make or save money on the way. You can use communities like Couchsurfing, HelpX, WorkAway, woof and others to save money while you're in some country. And you can save a lot and more important you can even make money this way. Once you're in some country working for your accommodation you have time to find some job or opportunities to make money. Restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, hostels, Airbnbs any kind of tourist services. You can attract other travelers to buy a tour in local agency and get payed.   

Free your mind !  (this is not theory me and others doing that......)


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SC from Petaling Jaya

Hotel reviewer?

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Ben from London

Take the jump and just move their (passport restriction applying).

Luckily with a EU passport I could just go to Europe & I stumbled into various jobs!  There's always jobs out there, big & small I think.

Alternatively, working for a travel company is a great fun of way of doing it :)

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answered by
Rama from Singapore

look up for Working Holiday in New Zealand :)

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Ashley from Calgary

I'm not sure "diplomat" is very common ;)

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