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  • James Hannigan
  • "Free and inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong? "

James Hannigan

Austin, Texas

Free and inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong?

Hey guys I'm heading to Hong Kong with a few friends but we'll be on a bit of a budget. What are some cool, free activities we can do while there? We're up for any suggestions as long as they're free or cheap. Any ideas? Thank you!

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  • Lorraine Moore

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    art galleries- 2P Contemporary Art Gallery and Gagosian Gallery are free and have some great exhibitions.

    Get an octopus card before you leave the airport-it will cover bus, tram, metro and ferries. Research ways of getting from the airport-buses from the airport are often cheaper than the airport train.

    The light show on Victoria Harbour at 8pm every night.

    Take a ferry across the harbour-Star ferries. Take the tram up to The Peak-for experience of the tram and views. Bank of China tower has a free observation deck for great views of Hong Kong.

    A lot of museums are free on Wednesdays-a couple are closed for renovation at present, so check before going.

    Longest escalator system in world from Central is fun.

    Markets in Kowloon- Ladies' Market and Temple St night markets.

    Lan Kwai Fong in Central is the bar and nightlife area-worth a visit.

    Temples- Man Mo Temple, Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha) and Po Lin Monastery on Lantau-ride the cable car, Chi Lin Nunnery.

    If you're looking for cheap lunches-check out some of the bigger supermarkets in Central- an amazing range of "to go" stuff. Some great little dumpling places really cheap as well. When in Kowloon, look up-a lot of great little cheap restaurants are on the first floor not ground level.

    Take bus to Stanley- visit the markets (not that great these days) but some nice walks and temples to see and the bus ride is very scenic.

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    1. 2P Contemporary Art Gallery (attraction)
    2. Gagosian Gallery (attraction)
    3. Victoria Harbour (attraction)
    4. Kowloon (region)
    5. Ladies' Market (attraction)
    6. Temple St (attraction)
    7. Lan Kwai Fong (attraction)
    8. Man Mo Temple (attraction)
    9. Tian Tan Buddha (attraction)
    10. Po Lin Monastery (attraction)
    11. Chi Lin Nunnery (attraction)
    12. Stanley (attraction)

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