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Honeymoons, Now Babymoons, Why Not Retiremoons?

We celebrate weddings, now having babies, why do we not reward ourselves with travel when we retire? 

10 Answers

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Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

I actually know a lot of people that have taken trips upon retirement!  We just had one of my favorite people retire from my company and they took an east coast cruise. 

My husband and I have been planning my early retirement trip for years now.  We have been holding off on the safari trip until then.  The hard part is picking where to go now!

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answered by
Risa from San Francisco

We just retired in November and took off for 8 weeks in Colombia and Ecuador in January. Next is South Africa in September for 2 months and then Bhutan, Laos and Myanmar in January for 2 months. Our new life! Call it what you will, but after 3 kids, 2 grandkids and 35 year careers for each of us, it's our Second Honeymoon as we rediscover each other! Life is good...

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  3. South Africa (country)
  4. Bhutan (country)
  5. Laos (country)
  6. Myanmar (country)
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answered by
Nancy from Fremont (Ohio)

My husband and I both retired about two years ago. We were educators, so we rewarded ourselves by taking a beach vacation in the fall after school had started again. Just because we could.

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answered by
Stuart from Amsterdam

People do, right? there might not be a name for it - but look around any airport, or the tourist destinations of any major city and you'll find retirees taking advantage of their new found wealth of time to do things they never got around to whilst working. 

I know that when I retire (hopefully a bit earlier than 40 years from now) I'll certainly be seeing bits of the world I haven't seen, and spending much more time in the bits of it I love - specifically FukuokaOhopeLake Rotoiti which never fail to make me feel completely relaxed and at ease, perfect for longer holidays and extended stays.

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  3. Lake Rotoiti (attraction)
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I have neevr been married and never had kids, but I do not need any excuses to travel and have been to 73 countries so far. Last week it was Copenhagen, this week it's  Paris and tomorrow I am taking the train to Barcelona and will move on to Tavira from there.

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answered first by
Justin from Phoenix

All this mooning ... will it never stop? Ha, ha!

In all seriousness, though, why "reward" ourselves with travel? I favor making it part of our life. We don't need a milestone to justify travel, am I right?

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answered by
Gina from Minneapolis

I guess I see a lot of evidence to the contrary—it's just that no one has a specific name for it. People are always famously talking about how they plan to travel when they retire, and I've personally seen that a lot of them do it. In fact, we just met a great couple while we were in Colombia; they were both fairly recently retired and had been traveling around South America like a couple of backpacking kids for something like two months. Pretty awesome!

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answered by
Roxanne from Montreal

Don't wait for your retirement to start trveling.  I know a lot of coworker who wanted to travel when they retired but had never done it beffor.  If you've never travel, you might not at your retirement.  Start now, start small. But yes, travel !

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answered by
Kammy from Laurel (Montana)

Actually, I think people do reward themselves with travel when they retire since that's the biggest segment for luxury travel. :)

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answered by
Polly from Washington, DC

I've met many people who do just that! I also know people who have decided to retire in some of their favorite locations - my parents have decided to split their time between Austin and Prince Edward Island. However, as retirement ages get pushed back later and later, I think it's important not to wait to travel - health issues and a fixed income can make it difficult to go as far as you might have once wished.

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  1. Austin (city)
  2. Prince Edward Island (state)

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