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Hollman from Bogota asked

Best places to visit in Hawaii?

What are the top 10 of places to visit in Hawaii if I only have one week?

Hawaii   O'ahu

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Chiara from San Francisco

I visited three islands for my Honeymoon: The Big Island Kauai O'ahuso I can't speak for Maui but my favorite is Big Island for two unique amazing experiences: Kilauea Iki TrailIt doesn't happen every day to walk on sedimented lava of million years. My advice is to go in the afternoon because you have to wait for the dark to see the caldera of the vulcano Kilauea glowing in the night sky. It takes a couple of hours to do the trail (you will be tired) then you can visit the museum waiting for the sunset. The other must is stargazing night: There are free telescopes that you can use and volunteers astronomers available. I saw Saturn and Jupiter with the moons. Just remember to bring a heavy sweater if you plan to go up there ;)

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  3. O'ahu (attraction)
  4. Kilauea Iki Trail (attraction)
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answered by
Robin from Zurich


This are my top recommendations within the 4 months I've visited Hawaii:

On The Big Island:

- A lava Hike with a guide is really awesome

- Watching the stars and the sunrise on Mauna Kea

- There are some nice beaches with totally black sand which is nice to see as an opposite to the always white sand (there is even one with green sand)

On O'ahu:

Lanikai Beach or Kailua Beach is really nice

Haiku Stairs "Stairway to Heaven"-Hike is awesome, but difficult to find

Na Ala Hele: Manoa Falls Trail is really easy to get from honolulu and is pretty nice

- Every Friday there is a nice firework on the ocean near the Sheraton Waikiki

- You should defenatly try surfing while you're in Hawaii ;-)

-  Sunset Beach is a nice beach on the north shore

On Kaua'i:

Na'Pali Coast State Park is a really impressive place with nice hikes

Polihale State Park is just a huge empty beach where they did some of the sets for LOST

Waimea Canyon State Park gives a fantastic view


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  2. Mauna Kea (attraction)
  3. O'ahu (attraction)
  4. Lanikai Beach (attraction)
  5. Kailua (city)
  6. Haiku Stairs (attraction)
  7. Na Ala Hele: Manoa Falls Trail (attraction)
  8. Sheraton Waikiki (hotel)
  9. Sunset Beach (attraction)
  10. Kaua'i (attraction)
  11. Na'Pali Coast State Park (attraction)
  12. Polihale State Park (attraction)
  13. Waimea Canyon State Park (attraction)
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malia from Cajamarca

Aloha :) I was just in Hawai'i last month. We were in Maui for 6 days and on the The Big Island (Hawai'i) for 5 days and I was on O'ahu for a week a few years ago. Since you have ten days I would recommend staying 5 days each on two different islands so you get to see a bit more. Definitely rent a car which ever islands you choose. I absolutely love the Big Island and we got to see quite a lot in those 5 days but you could easily spend your 10 days there because it is the biggest island. On its east coast it is more lush and rainforesty and the west coast has all of the main attractions (green beaches, black beaches, gorgeous white sand beaches.. snorkeling or scuba diving with manta rays!) My favorite beach was probably Manini'owali Beach it is very pristine, very beautiful and very much like the beaches in the caribbean :)  if you decide to do two islands I think I'd recommend also going to Kaua'i just because on our trip everyone told us we must absolutely go there :P and I have seen lots of photos etc. it is supposed to be gorgeous and very lush and there are quite a few activities to do there aswell.. ohau is great and has some gorgeous beaches "off the beaten track" too even though it is the most populated and popular island.. you just have to go AWAY from Honolulu, to the North Shore and other parts of the island. it is the most touristy island obviously.. we were in Honolulu on a layover for 6h and I must say I was shocked how much it has changed from how it was about 5 years ago.. it is VERY built up, Waikīkī Beach (the actual beach) was PACKED and it wasn't/isn't even high season! tons (luxury) shopping everywhere and tourists from all over the world but mostly japanese... like I said if you take your rental car and drive off, out of the city there are still some beautiful spots like Hanauma Bay for snokeling (although that is quite touristy too) and the North Shore to watch all of the surfers. we were at this one pristine and very deserted beach, unfortunately I forgot its name.. and there is Pearl Harbor which is very interesting if you're into history :) oahu i guess is nice for a first timer because you get the whole package (loads of shopping and touristy stuff and attractions but also some nature and beaches) but I personally love to get away from it all so I would go for the big island and or kauai (Maui is beautiful but it just seems that kauai is even better from what I've heard! and I'm definitely going there on my next trip) anyway sorry I wrote so much I hope this helps! island hopping is easy btw. with mokulele or hawaiian airlines and like i said make sure you can rent a car -> check craig's list for private people who rent out their vehicles (much cheaper than rental companies!! I can give you this great guy's info who rented us his amazing jeep wrangler on the big island if you like, he has a company and everything but it was much cheaper than avis, dollar, budget and all of those official rental companies) ok that's it! i need to stop myself haha let me know if you need anything else :) 

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Wow, amazing answer, Malia! Thanks for sharing your advice with us! By the way, I'm a community manager here and I've helped you highlight the places in your answer on a map! In the future, you can do this yourself as you answer a question by simply typing the @-symbol followed by the name of the place. Take a look at your map next to your answer :)

I would love to hear more about renting vehicles from private owners! Thanks so much!!!!

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  8. Waikīkī Beach (attraction)
  9. Hanauma Bay (attraction)
  10. Pearl Harbor (metro area)
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I've mainly been to Hawaii for work, but have seen the other islands as a tourist.
If you are fist time in Hawaii I would recommend O'ahu. For me personally it's better than Maui.

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