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Have you ever lost a relationship after travelationships are over?

Have you ever lost a friendship or a lover after traveling together? When it happens, it's very painful and was not anticipated. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

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Ross from Fort Collins

I find that there are two kinds of trips With friends or lovers, 

1. An easy going, stay in one place and enjoy each other. Example.. An all inclusive with family and friends. Everyone can do there own thing and hang out as much as they want. If some one gets on your nerves just hit a different pool or rent a jet ski!

2. The adventure trip.with this style trip you need to be carful with who you invite. You will have no time apart, you will be in buses, trains, plains and taxies for hours on end. your probably backpacking and a little stinky. And at the end of the day your splitting a room. on this style trip you know how your travel companion is going to be within a day or two.

 I have made the mistake of traveling with the wrong person on two different trips and we are no longer friends. On one trip we split up after a week and finished the trip separately. I have never enjoyed traveling with lovers, I prefer to find them along the way lol. But now that I'm married and have found the best travel companion ever, it's just the two of us!

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answered by
Roxanne from Montreal

After university, my best friend and I when to France, for 3 weeks. We had travel together in our province before. So it seemed a good idea at the time.

While there, I often asked her what she wanted to see or do in the specific city we were at. She always answered : "I don't know, you decide". So I did but while concidering what I thought she would like also.

Back home, a few weeks later, we got together to exchange post trip infos. That's when it hapened. She blamed me of having deceided everything during our trip. I was so stund by her words. If I tried to give my side of the story, she said that I was in the defensive. Got my things and left.

We didn't speak for more then 5 years. We slowly recreated our friendship but we are no more bestfriends. She often suggests that we should do an other trip together.  So strange, I always answer : "We'll see" But in fact we never will...

I have  traveled with many other friends, all say I'm of good company during travels. She is on my very short black list of travel friends. 

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answered by
Peter from Munich

Well for me the opposite usually happens. Because I am mainly traveling by myself due to my job, I meet a lot of people on the road and we stay good friends and I re-visit them. 

I was reading an articla about solo travel a couple days ago and I felt weird reading it, because most people travel with their partner, friends, lover, and so on. 

Well ever since I started my travels, which was for work, I was traveling by myself. Never had the issues of feeling lonely on the way or people would think that I have no friends. Which seems to by the number one topic in discussions about traveling solo. 

I personally enjoy it, because I can spend my time as I want and can do what I want when I want it. 

But because of me traveling alone its way easier to get in touch with other peoples, no matter if its in a bar, and a tourist spot or somewhere else. I made so many good friends all over the globe and that because of travel and thats why I guess they will last. 

I have been traveling with friends too, but rarely and there was no big problem, because we all were like minded the same way and had the same interests.

I am sorry to hear that this negative side happened to you Brenda. But I guess if it brakes apart because of traveling and you enjoy traveling, it might be better that way. That means it wouldnt worked out in the future.

In the moment I would like to find somebody to go on a trip together, because I never really did that. Like I said mostly I find people along the way and we do stuff together, sometimes only a day or couple hours, sometimes even more time and we plan stuff together. I would be all open for an experience to travel with somebody who enjoys traveling to and go somewhere, where I have never been before.

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answered by
Debbie from San Francisco

Fortunately, I've not.  Usually the opposite happens and I get even closer to people.  There have been, however, a couple times where I thought to myself, "Man, I'd rather not travel with this person again", for various reasons, like wanting to sleep all day instead of adventure, being too high maintenance on the road, etc.  Just a matter of travel style/preferences in general.  No confrontations or huge fall outs though, and we've remained friends.  I just would prefer not to travel with them again, but still totally hang out with them otherwise.

For the most part, I try to be wise about choosing who I travel with (though there have my a couple times where I just closed my eyes and dived in blindly in the name of awesome adventures, and I was very lucky they turned out well!).  However our relationships are every day at home will only be amplified on the road, so in my case with my personality, travel style, and preferences, I try to pick my most considerate and adventurous friends to share my travels with.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation.  Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise and you're better off discovering this sooner than later.  And if it's meant to be, you'll both find your way back eventually.  Feel free to send me an email if you want to talk about it, or if you don't mind sharing with the Trippy community, you can post it here and let it all out.  We're a friendly bunch :)

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answered first by
Scott from Fort Collins

Hi Brenda.  Very sorry to hear about your bad experience and I hope things get better for you as soon as possible.  I have traveled with some good friends who I can never travel with again.  Thankfully we were able to salvage our friendships, but just realized some people can't travel together for myriad reasons.  It took a few months to get over some hurt feelings and animosity, but thankfully they weren't "deal breakers."  It stinks to feel hurt.  :( Anyway, hope things look up for you soon.  Maybe a weekend away would help.  You have a Trippy community who can probably answer some travel questions for you.  ;) Take care.  

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