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South Africa

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Have travel blogs/bloggers helped you on your travels?


Are there any Travel Bloggers on here? I am an Avid Travel Blogger from RSA . 

I'd like to know from the travelers, backpackers, hostel seekers and nomads, if Travel Blog's help you at all and if you have ever met up with a Travel Blogger you've followed? 

And visa versa for the Travel Bloggers and on here. 

And if you'd like my Blog details just let me know :-) 

#LoveandTravelHugs to all 

9 Answers

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Rasto from Edmonton

I would say so, but I always try to go through several sources to get the right information. Different people have different taste, comfort level when it comes to traveling, things they like or maybe experienced so what might be a really cool place to visit for one can be a total disaster for the other. I don't really follow anyone on a regular basis it is mostly result of Google search, but I met in person during my travels some bloggers.

I usually buy a guide book/e-book for the country I intend to visit to get a general idea and then do additional internet research to get up-to-date information, more details and confirm things. Many times I actually prefer picture galleries or YouTube videos because picture often talks more than words.

I always write a journal when traveling, but actually never got a time to start a blog which is a shame. But I have pretty well organized and rich picture galleries I share with my friends, family, and others as well as YouTube channel with moments from my backpacking trips. Trippy and my Twitter account is just another place I can share ideas and travel moments & tips with others.

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Lauren from Chicago

Travel blogs definitely help me in deciding where to go and then what to do, but when I'm in planning mode I pull from all kinds of sources as well - instagram, various travel and review websites, pinterest, guidebooks, etc. I have a blog (link is in my Trippy profile) and while it's not completely travel, my husband and I have done quite a bit of traveling over the last few years and I have written about it, hoping that it would be helpful to others.

I just discovered this week that Trippy has a plug-in for bloggers so they can tag locations in their blog posts. Not only does it give you a pretty map at the bottom of the blog, it also ties back to the Trippy site, so if you search a location on Trippy it will list any posts on the web that mentioned the location using the plug-in. Here's an example. I'm super excited for more bloggers to start using this feature because I really like reading about bloggers' experiences and seeing their photos in addition to the other resources I use - and this makes it easier than a google search trying to find blogs on my destination. 

I think my use of blogs also depends on the blog or the blogger and if we have similar traveling styles. I tend to get the most use out of blogs for travel when the site is well laid out and our travel styles are similar. Although sometimes finding a blogger doing things I wouldn't normally do pushes me outside of my box, and I think that's always a good thing when it comes to travel!

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Gina from Minneapolis

I definitely consume travel blogs, both as entertainment and inspiration. Because I do a ton of research using various sources, I find that blogs are often a good resource for corroborating information. I have a blog that I need to be far more diligent about updating, but it can be tough to find the time. By chance, we met Travis and Heather from last year in China. I hadn't been aware of their blog beforehand, but just talking to them, I knew theirs would be a blog I'd want to follow going forward (and I'd recommend it highly!). 

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Laura from Buenos Aires

Definitely. For me is a must to check travel blogs of the places I'm going and I also have a blog myself,

I've met once with a wonderful travelblogger, Aniko Villalba, who's made traveling her way of living. 

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answered by
Nam from Bangkok

I'm a travel blogger who writing about WHS in Southeast Asia, since 2011.

Yes, travel blogs help me for some information. However, there are combination from guide books, blogs, web boards and websites too. 

I never met up with a travel blogger I've followed. 

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Sarah from Hamburg

Hi Cecilia,

I'm a travel blogger too (
When I'm planning my own trips, I only use other blogs and rarely look into books anymore because they are heavy to carry around and often outdated once you arrive where you were planning to go.

So far, I haven't met up with any other travel bloggers yet, but I'm going to the Social Travel Summit in Hamburg next week, so I'll meet plenty there :)
If you're interested in meeting others, you could join facebook groups like girls vs globe or visit a conference.

answered by
Holly from West Hollywood

I love to take a quick peek from time to time. I like the Everywhereist. 

answered by
jess from Australia

Yes! whether through a blog or a travel blogger's social media account I find that bloggers have a massive impact on where I choose to travel. Instagram is a big one for me as there are so many beautiful images of places I've never seen or even heard about that I am now considering to visit. After seeing this post I went and stayed at Pier One Sydney Harbour, Autograph Collection® (Pier One Sydney Harbour) Hotel and it was amazing! 

I enjoyed a cocktail over looking Sydney Harbour at The Gantry Restaurant & Bar (The Gantry Restaurant and Bar) right next to Australia's most famous icons. Now I always check instagram before I plan my next trip.

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I like to blog about my travels, so that I can share my experiences with the world and get inspired by the world.

I have been living a nomadic lifestyle for the past 27 years, since I was 18 years old and I make a living from traveling the world today.

I look at blogs a lot in order to get inspired and I am especially interested in blogs from those who make a living out of traveling like myself.

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