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Georgia Trakinat

San Francisco, California

Weekend In Guerneville

I am spending presidents day weekend at the Boon Hotel in Guerneville with my boyfriend. Was wondering if there are any nearby wineries that are fun to visit and not too much of a drive or restaurant reccomendations locally? Ideally I would love to be able to ride my bike to many of these activities and stay local, but of course will be willing to drive if it is worth it!

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  • Debbie Lee

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    Fun! I know a great restaurant in Guerneville called boon eat + drink . I'm thinking it might have some sort of relation to the boon hotel . They're at different locations, but very close together. Anyway, great food and wine! Of course, their drink selections are all from different Russian River wineries. Their truffle fries and their mussels in cream and chorizo sauce are both great standalone dishes, but when combined, it is the bomb. My friends and I ordered a bunch of things to share and everything was good.

    I hope you're considering canoeing while up there! My friends and I rented canoes from Burke's Russian River Canoes in Forestville. We got there early and it was a really fun half day activity. Just pack a picnic lunch.

    If you like beer, on the way to or fro Guerneville, stop by the Russian River Brewing Company and get the hard-to-get Pliny the Elder and a beer tasting!

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    1. boon eat + drink (restaurant)
    2. Boon Hotel (hotel)
    3. Burke's Russian River Canoes (attraction)
    4. Russian River Brewing Company (restaurant)

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