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Fernando asked

Should I continue my travel to Greece with the recent economic news?

We have plans to visit Santorini and Naxos this month, but we continue to hear that we should reconsider due to the banks shutting down. Although there has been advice to carry plenty of cash on hand, I question how smart that would be. 

I imagine it to be safe on the islands, but I am curious if businesses will even continue to service tourists. I would love a local's perspective before making any decisions. I appreciate anyone reading this and look forward to hearing thoughts on this. 

Warm wishes 

Greece   Santorini (Greece)

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Natasa from Athens

Dear Fernando,

I am Greek and I work and live in Greece. Believe me, there is no reason for you to worry. Those that visiting Greece they do not even understand why Greece is every day in the news. There is a difficult situation that the country is going through but everything is normal in everyday life here, especially in the islands. The only thing that you should do is have cash with you (just to be sure) and if you have plans to visit Athens just keep in mind that there are some strikes and concentrations in Syntagma Square. Read this article and watch the video to understand what I am talking about.


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Lawrence from Washington

You should absolutely go! Just bring cash. Greece is the best place on earth and you'll have an unforgettable vacation--at probably less cost because of the economic crisis.

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Stephanie from New York City

I think it depends what kind of traveler you are--if you're someone who is OK trading a bit of risk for adventure, then yes, go. Right now a lot of banks are literally out of cash and lines are endless (banks were literally closed this past Monday so it's not like you'd even have someone to complain to). On the other hand, the prices of everything are going down quicker than you can say "euro". If you're a planner and will be disappointed if you have to, say, spend a few days just walking around rather than shopping or having great meals, I'd say now is not the time. If you're someone who would rather spend the day taking in the sun and staring at the sea, then this is probably the perfect time. 

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answered by

Hi Fernando,

There is no problem for tourists to visit Greece.

Also no need to bring cash!!
Your bank's card is OK to live not only in Greece but everywhere.
Most of the shops in Greece are using POS terminals so you can pay easily with your card.

The capital restrictions are set for the locals not for you!
You can withdraw from ATMs in Greece the cash your bank's account allows you.

I live in Athens Greece, so you should consider my words very seriously.
I am here to assist you if you have any other questions.


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