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Manhattan Beach

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Gift ideas for the traveler in your life?

The holidays are around the corner, and I've been eyeing a few travel related items that I'd love to find "under the tree."

What are some cool gift ideas for the traveler in your life?

42 Answers

top answer by
Ross from Manhattan Beach

NOISE CANCELLING HEAD PHONES!!!  See, I'm yelling and you can't even hear me.

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answered by
Valerie from Los Angeles

I've been eyeing the new GoPro HERO4.

They are small, portable and take some of the best pictures I have ever seen. Plus, there is an app for your iPhone where you can hook your phone up to the wifi on the GoPro. Every picture you take is automatically stored on your phone.

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answered by
Heather from Poipu

1. miles on the travelers favorite airline

2. gift card for their favorite hotel or restaurant

3. jawbone jambox

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answered by
Missy from Newport

A dry pack cell phone bag, with a lanyard that hangs around your neck or can be attached to where ever is most convenient.  Used to protect your cell phone from oceans, rivers, rain, even puddles.  Cell phones in most bags can still be listened to, talked on, and even dialed while tucked safely away and water protected.  And many of the dry pack cell phone bags float with the phone still tucked safely inside and water protected! I am usually on the water when I travel and so always have a small lightweight dry pack cell phone bag with me and it works!

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answered by
Mathilde from Venice Beach

scratch map, the Coolest Cooler and a old funky Westfalia, would make my day! Ready to go!!

Oh! And exploring the world defying gravity on the Hendo Hoverboard sounds like a lot of fun too!!

Santa Claus is already in.

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answered by
Melissa from Los Angeles

Ok, so it's a novelty item, but with a nice feel-good factor.  The Life Straw would make a perfect stocking stuffer and is great for hiking / camping / adventure travel, as well as any paranoid disaster preparedness urges : ) AND -- for every straw sold, a child in Africa gets clean water for a year. Wins all around.

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answered by
Julie from York


On the very practical (but not exactly exciting) front, a travel towel and a swiss army knife. The latter comes has come in handy for me for cutting fruit, spreading cheese on bread, opening wine, and unlocking a door.

On a less practical front - but slightly more gift-y - I agree with previous comments about scratch-off maps and 1000 places to see before you die calendars/books. The latter was a little joy of daily wonder in my office when someone bought it for me one Christmas.

Happy shopping!


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answered by
AJ from Connecticut

It is sort of crazy the number of options there are out there:

A) Multi-usb charger & portable battery / solar charger - for all those gadgets that need power from usb (iphone, android, ipad) 

B) Adventure Motorcyclists - 

great quality maps, that are 'weather proof'

C) for the audio/music - Bose Quietcomfort 25 - for the price the best noise canceling and blocks out all sorts of noise.

D) Mole skin notepad - for sketching, writing and overall journaling

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answered by
Andrew from Manhattan Beach

I like to bring an AppleTV so I can stream my recent photos from my phone to the TV to recap our day (and of course pull up some Archer on Netflix...).  And it's small enough, I can usually sneak into my wife's purse without her knowing!

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answered by
Justin from Phoenix

A headlamp. I never travel without mine. A few good compression sacks are also great for gifts. Oh, and a good day pack, if you want to aim for a larger budget.

One last one ... a big ol' Class 10 media card for digital cameras or camcorders.

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answered by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

The best travel gift I ever received was the 10000 places to see before you die off the wall calendar.  Every day is a new place to visit!  I love waking up and seeing what's next!

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answered by
Jillian from Los Angeles

Since Blue Bottle Coffee opened on my street, I recently saw they partnered with Timbuk2 on a travel kit. If you are into great coffee and traveling, this is the perfect gift to receive. It comes with a travel case, Three Africans (my fav), as well as a grinder for amazing freshness on the go.

Definitely going to be gifting it this year (and maybe buying one for myself too!):

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Blue Bottle Coffee (restaurant)
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answered first by
Angelo from Los Angeles

A Tortuga backpack is on my wish list, for sure. The bags look $$$$$. 

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answered by
Kax from Barcelona

Some things I'd love to get if the receiver was me:

  • Organizers like packing cubes, small pouches, anything to help declutter my luggage. 
  • Airline miles :)
  • A really nice scarf/sarong that can work in multiple ways: blanket or wrap.
  • Moleskine.
  • Travel books - not guides but anything (can be fictional) about the places I would love to visit. (e.g. I really liked The Shadow of the Wind and it made Barcelona more romantic, mysterious and over all fantastic for me after I've read it)
  • A really nice duffel bag for carry on
  • Language lessons of my choice
  • And maybe a really nice jacket that's light but can keep you warm 

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answered by

A portable digital luggage scale preferably back lit so you can read it in those dark hotel rooms.  I know I like to shop and need to be sure I don't exceed those crazy airline luggage weight restrictions especially when flying in Europe!  Here's a link to one I like.
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answered by
Lily from Israel
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answered by
Kenneth from Germany

Have you thought about a camera?  I have a Nikon D600 and the pics I get from it and a bag of prime lenses are amazing...  Sometimes though I just want to travel light and the Fuji X100 (in any form X, T, or original) is wonderful.  It has a equivalent 35mm F2 lens and a quiet leaf shutter.  

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answered by
Tera from Utah

If you want to give a gift to a traveler that wants to remember the places they've been, makes some neat 3-D printed jewelry that uses pinpoints on a map.

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answered by
Stef from Germany

Great question! I published a post with my Top 10 gift ideas for Christmas about a year ago, just thought of it a few days ago and am the opinion that those ideas still make good Christmas gifts for 2014: 

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answered by
JJ from New York City

PORTABLE CHARGERS. There's no greater fear than your phone dying on you when in foreign territory. 

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answered by

I love my ultra light travel pillow and my compressor cube. Basics like a money pouch, foldable backpack, mini sewing kit are nice. If you go on the expensive side: technical clothing and a backpack.

I'd like to receive a 3D sleeping mask for christmas :)

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answered by
Tiffany from Corvallis

I love these customized gift tags... great with the lat/long coordinates, a location special to your heart, or may be a location of a special trip along with plane tickets to that location. There are several sellers on Etsy.

Another item on my list is a pendant and earrings from Meshu.  These are customized geometric pieces based on locations that are special to you. You put in the places and watch the shape form as you add more points on the map. It's very cool.

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answered by
Mary from Louisiana

Hmm.... having worked in a luggage and travel store for years, I would say the most popular gifts at Christmas were:

1. Leather Duffel Bag

2. Converters with Adaptors

3. Pac-Safe (the one with theft prevention built in) or Similar

4. A He(or She)mergency kit. I have one and I love it!

And lastly, but we didn't sell it- a Kindle. Hours of entertainment when trapped at the airport without having to worry about the battery going dead as your reading. 

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answered by
Courtney from Los Angeles


Ten friends and I are going in on this together because you get a big discount. You can't actually get it until next year but I don't care. 

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answered by
Jae from Singapore

If that traveller tends to overpack, consider giving them travel gifts that weighs nothing yet will make an impact on their next trip:

  • Google Play or Apple Appstore Gift cards - plenty of good travel apps
  • Viator tour gift card - 20,000+ tours to choose from
  • Amazon credit - they can download and read thousands of e-books
  • Membership to Hostelling International or a Mr & Mrs Smith gift voucher
  • Skype Credit - they can keep in touch with you through wifi, from whenever and wherever


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answered by
Anna from Naples

A Swiss knife and a moleskine for travelers!

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answered by
Peter from Bloomington (Indiana)

Hydro Flask. I don't generally do commercials, but they have somehow reinvented the thermos bottle. It comes in multiple sizes and colors and it just works -- keeps liquids cold (or hot) far longer than any other flask I've ever owned. You really don't want to be without one in, say, Italy in the summertime.

Other than that, I'm not much of a gadget guy. There are clothes especially made to basin-wash and dry fast -- those can be good gifts for travelers. And books. There are lots of places in the world where lugging a book makes more sense than hauling electronics.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Hydro Flask (attraction)
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answered by
Ashley from Calgary

I love travel books, that's always a gooder, or picture frames for all my travel photos. 

Small travel sized versions of their favourite things would make great stocking stuffers. Often when travelling you have to switch to cheaper brand of something so you can get it in the size that will suit your carry on or squeeze stuff into travel bottles. A lot of women definitely use more specific hair and skin care products so it's nice when they can find a micro versions of their everyday items to take travelling. 

I really like the new mirco compact umbrellas as well, save a ton of room, can easily go into a day pack or purse -- great for travel.

Gorilla pod or a selfie stick to help them take travel selfies.

If you want to go the expensive route a high quality compact camera, iPhone camera lens attachment, a tablet are also lovely things to have travelling. If you know they have a particular photo from their travels they love get it blown up or printed to canvas.

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answered by
Christie from Hershey

JR - I have a handheld scale to weigh my luggage and couldn't live without it.  I also have compression knee hi's for long haul flights. 

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answered by
Warren from Michigan

It depends, but I'd personally want a Leatherman Wave or Wingman and or a quality knife. Just make sure they aren't in your carry on.

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answered by
Amy from Florida

For me, the best gifts to receive would be things that would be useful, wouldn't take up space in my luggage, and would help me travel better.

Some ideas for the traveler in your life:

  1. Donate Frequent Flyer miles to them. (I've always wanted someone to do that...)
  2. The Minaal Backpack (I've been eyeing this one for a few months, but it's pricey!)
  3. Language courses (Help them prep for their next foreign trip!)
  4. SteriPen water sterilizer (For those that travel to countries where you can't drink the water, this could save tons of money on bottled water)
  5. For the traveling photographer/videographer, a portable, durable external hard drive, like the LaCie Rugged Mini 1 TB
  6. Memberships to paid websites that will help them travel better, like so they can housesit in exchange for free accommodation around the world.

Hope this helps!

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answered by

Exofficio underclothes.  2 pair and you are set for weeks.

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answered by
Alain from Toronto

I gifted someone Dr. Seuss, "Oh, The Places You'll Go." She brings it anywhere she goes and let the people/strangers/someone interesting/someone unforgettable she met along the way sign on the page. She also takes a selfie with it in front of a city/ country landmark. 

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answered by
Pamela from New Canaan, Connecticut

How about some stocking stuffers?  Here's my picks:

-The "Cord Taco" from This Is Ground, and their other practical and great looking cord and device storage.  A place for everything and everything in its place makes for stress-free travel.

-Foldable shopping bags, like these from Baggu - for picnics, or flea market finds.  Because there's always a flea market somewhere.

-Kikkerland makes the smallest, lightest weight, universal travel adapter I have found.  Small and lightweight are my packing keywords.

-Humangear's Go Toobs - I've purged all my cheap, breakable, leakable plastic travel bottles and replaced them with these fab no-leak silicone tubes.  A traveler's must have.

-The low-tech Moleskine notebook. Let's face it, there's really no substitute for pen and paper, and the pocket at the back is perfect for holding business cards and receipts. 

-And if that's not enough, there's a few more ideas, and a printable check list on the "Don't Leave Home Without" page on my blog.

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answered by
Jahn from Barcelona

Hi JR!

My favorite since years... The lightweight Sea to Summit hanging toiletry bag:

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answered by
Tigger from London

Some great ideas here already! Personally I think it really depends on what type of traveller they are. As a backpacker you wouldn't want to be carrying anything valuable for example. However there are some great ideas for gifts for travellers out there - for example

Or maybe something from a travellers essential list would be suitable

Be great to hear if you come up with others :)

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answered by
Benedict from Berlin

Here are some addt'l ones:  

1) GoToobs: the best travel bottles around w/ lifetime warranty 

2) Eagle Creek Pack - It Folder: Great for dress shirts  

3) eBags Packing Cubes: Great for interior org.  

4) Briggs and Riley Bag: lifetime warranty and more understated than Tumi 

5) Bose Noise Canceling: Enough said.  

6) Int'l Travel Adaptors

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answered by

I would like a little dark eyed girlfriend that never yells at me that i can fit in to my backpack. :)

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answered by
Fernando from Santiago

How about a gift that gives back? Check out Free World United for unique shirts not found anywhere else in the world.

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answered by
Adam from New Jersey

A good place for these type of notions is the Cool Tools blog.  They interview people to find out what they carry.  Check it out here:

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answered by

There are so many different types of gifts you could get a travel lover! It depends on what you are looking for! You could go with something practical for their travels, travel themed jewelry or decor, or gift travel or actual excursions and passes! I made a video about this topic you might find useful:


answered by
Cherie from Bay Area

Items on my wishlist tend to be things I wouldn't necessarily purchase for myself, but would still love to have ^_^ 

  • I have a GoPro, but it would be nice to have some GoPro add-ons like a selfie stick/GoPole, Chest strap mount, or cute carrying case. 
  • Extra external battery pack/chargers are always handy! Bonus if it's solar powered. 
  • I'm not sure if all airports have this, but ours has CLEAR, a pre-screening service that allows you to skip the security lines. 
  • Others have mentioned this, but definitely that Scratch Map! It's really fun to see visually where you've been and dream about where to go next! 
  • I'm curious about trying a cube packing set to stay organized. 
  • I don't think they offer it yet, but an Airbnb gift card would be a practical gift since I always use them for trips! 
  • Vintage travel collectibles – I especially love old globes and 1950s era American Tourister ^_^ 

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