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New York City

Dylan from New York City asked

Best way to do Oktoberfest and also get to see Frankfurt + more?

I'm looking to do Oktoberfest this year. I've got about 10 days or so and want to do as much as possible. I'd like to spend at least 2-3 days in Frankfurt as well. I plan to fly in to Frankfurt, stay for a few days, then take a train (?) to Munich for Oktoberfest. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking about possibly trying to split between hostels and hotels, but would want private rooms throughout. Are there any must-sees or must-dos? How can I get the most out of my trip?

Germany   Frankfurt   Munich

2 Answers
answered first by
Paulo from Viana do Castelo

Frankfurt you have many things to do and to see. Don't be hurry there and you will regret if you fail a visit to the Frankfurt Cathedral and to the Museum Embankment, the Städel Museum, and many others. Remenber that this is the city were started the Bauhaus Movement and you can catch a train to Weimar to visit Bauhaus-Museum Weimar. Don't forget the Cider Taverns in Sachsenhausen to prepare the Oktoberfest.

Also, at Weimar you must visit the Goethe Nationalmuseum and don't forget this was the capital of Germany when Hitler went to is III Reich. You can do this in one day.

Now, to stay at Frankfurt you have several hotels like the Hotel Ibis Frankfurt Friedensbrücke (but here don't forget to ask for towels for bath because Germans don't take showers everyday :)) and at the lowest stars hotels there are only a simple towel for your face. 

Yet, preparing the Oktoberfest stay a day at Nuremberg to visit the Deutsche Bahn Museum and have a meal at Historiche Bratwurst-Glöcklein.

Doing all this, you are prepare to enjoy Munich and here don't forget this "maximum": in germany be a german or you will feel lost after a couple of beers.

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answered by
Sarah from Hamburg

hi Dylan,
to be honest, I'm not a fan of Frankfurt. I think there are many cities in the area, that are much more interesting. Flying into Frankfurt, I'd stay there for one night and then travel to Stuttgart or Nuremberg, which are both on your way to Munich. You can easily take a train, there are nice and fast ones calles ICE. If you book in advance they aren't too expensive either. Check the Deutsche Bahn page to get "Sparticket" deals as early as possible.

Have fun!


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