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Terry asked

arrive at 9am, leave at 12:55 pm?

I am flying into Gatwick on Westjet and arrive at 9am. I am looking at an easyjet flight that leaves for Cyprus at 12:55 pm. Is that enough time? We have 2 people travelling with 2 pieces of luggage.


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Mary from Leicester
Assuming your Westjet flight arrives on time (which cannot, of course be 100% guaranteed) you should allow at least an hour from arriving at the gate to a) deplane b) get to and through UK border control c) collect your bags d) go through UK Customs and be landside so you can bag-drop for your Easyjet flight (I assume you'll be checking-in online).
Fortunately, both Westjet and Easyjet normally use Gatwick North Terminal . Changing to Gatwick South Terminal would take an extra few minutes.
Easyjet close bag drop exactly 40 minutes before departure time. In your case that is 1215. When they say 'exactly', they mean it. If you're a minute or so late you'll miss your flight with no refund. Bag-drop opens 2 hours before departure and, depending on the flight, there can be long queues. I suggest you join them as soon as you can.
Make absolutely certain that your bags (including cabin bag/purse etc) are within Easyjet's size and weight limits. They do check and they will charge you extra if you are overweight or over-sized.
3h 15min from your Westjet landing/gate time to Easyjet check-in/bag-drop closure is plenty of time assuming all goes well.  It even gives you a little leeway for inbound delays but do be aware that if you are badly held up (weather and technical issues are unforseeable) and are late at bag-drop or gate, you'll miss the flight with no refund.
I'd strongly advise you to be through security and airside at least an hour before your Easyjet flight departs. Security queues can be lengthy and gates can be some distance away.

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Claudia from New York City
Hi Terry,
For ease and faster connection, Gatwick Airport London (North Terminal) offers GatwickConnects Baggage Service, a service available to Westjet and Easyjet passengers. You pay 7 pounds per bag, all you need to do is:
  • on arrival, collect your bag and go to GatwickConnects desk in the baggage claim area
  • GatwickConnects hosts will check you in, take care of your bags and make sure they are loaded to your connecting flight
  • go through airport security customs, and if you need to between 2 terminals, you can hop on the free shuttle.

All info is provided online by GatwickConnects.

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