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Cat asked

Flight is scheduled to get into Gatwick (South) at 21:50, what train?

Flight gets in at 21:50 on a Monday evening into Gatwick South. How quickly do you reckon we can clear immigration and baggage claim? and should we buy tickets for the 22:30 or the 23:15?


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C from London

you haven't said where the train you want it going to so don't really understand why you are buying a ticket for a particular train (if you get an anytime ticket you can get any old train or else just wait til you get there and use one of the credit card machines in the station hall to buy a ticket there and then) fast you get thru immigration depends on how many other flights are coming in then, how many of the passengers are EU citizens (who fight in a different line to you perhaps?). 

Ditto of course on the baggage claim (or at least w/r number of flights, where your luggage is etc.).

as a guide, last night, as an EU citizen on a plane that landed at 1800 with just  hand luggage and practically the first out of the plane, I managed to get onto a train at 1852. 

hope that helps

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Mary from Leicester

There is no way anyone can give you anything but a very rough answer for Gatwick or any other airport, in the United Kingdom or anywhere else. There are so many possible variables: inbound delay, slow de-planing, border control staff off sick, a delayed plane arriving at much the same time as yours, delays in unloading bags etc etc etc....

As a rule of thumb I always hope to be landside around an hour from touchdown (which is not gate time). If it's faster I'm pleased...but last time I arrived at Gatwick (about 3 weeks ago) it took an hour and a bit (and I'm a UK citizen using e-gates)  

Imo your chances of making the 2230 are very slim indeed, even if you don't have checked bags to collect. If you really want to buy tickets in advance online, go for the 2315.

You don't have to buy tickets online, of course. You can just buy them at the station. UK trains do not get so full-up that you cannot board.

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