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Georgetown (Malaysia)

Frankfurt, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Milan, Bern, Paris, London, Aberdeen, Wales, Dublin, Amsterdam

Given time constraint, what ONE (or two) places is a MUST visit in Europe?

Hi Trippy-ans... It's me again. I have finalized my Europe trip to the following (I'm using nights so that you'll know I'm staying over that many days, if that makes sense):

Frankfurt - 2 Nights

Pisa - 1 Night

Florence - 2 Nights

Venice - 3 Nights

Milan - 1 Night

Bern - 2 Nights

Paris - 5 Nights

Aberdeen - 2 Nights

Wales (undetermined)

Ireland (undetermined)

London - at least 2 nights

Amsterdam - 2 nights

The first part of the trip, from Frankfurt to Paris, those are firmed dates, therefore, nothing adjustable except for what should I miss and not miss.

I'm still undecided on whether it is feasible to go through Wales/Ireland seeing as I have to be in London for a couple of nights for a play at the Barbican.

I'm going from Oct 3rd to Nov 4th. I could use some advise on what to pack (is it super cold or maybe not?), what to expect, what to see and what to not miss (or miss, given time constraints).

Thanks a bunch, y'all!

14 Answers

answered by
Scott from London

I didn't see Barcelona or Rome on your list but these are "must see" European cities in my opinion. Also, I think that Paris can be easily done on 3 nights, instead of 5. In October, at least in London it could start to get chilly (at least at night), so you would need to pack jumpers and a jacket at least.

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answered by
Jordana from Utrecht

Hi Jessica,

Pisa is not that interesting, next to the tower there is nothing to do. I've also been to Milan but I really suggest you to go to rome instead of Milan. If you go to Amsterdam, you should definitely go to Utrecht for a day. The canals are more beautiful and the city is less crowded. enjoy!

Greetz Dana

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answered by
darcy from Aldershot

Hmm, after making the mistake of staying in Pisa myself I would advise you to stay in Florence and go for the day.While there is obviously something to see in Pisa, there is little else there, and Florence is beautiful and well worth more of your time. Enjoy.

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answered by
Terry from Sarasota

I agree with Scott Milsom, it is going to be chilly at night, and perhaps not as warm during the day either. Remember, you are quite far north...

I also agree that Paris could be done in 3 nights, if you stayed somewhere near the River Seine and you had a multi-day Metro ticket.  Most of the sites you are going to want to see, are near the Seine and Metro stops.

You've said you will be in London, 2 nights might a little thin, but if you stay near the Thames, close to Trafalgar Square, you would be able to walk and see most of the interesting tourist spots quickly.

I am also a big fan of Dublin, the people there are fantastic, very friendly, and the beer is excellent !

Pisa and Florence are very close to each other, if you had a rental car, you could day trip and see both. However, if you are a museum fan, you are going to need another full day in Florence alone!

Hmm, 3 nights in Venice?  Once you've hiked around the main island, and maybe taken the canal taxi over to the other islands, not sure what else you would do for those 3 days?  Beaches aren't going to be good at that time of year?

I prefer Munich over Frankfurt, but I didn't catch whether you had that flexibility in Germany?  If I knew if you had a car in Germany, I could provide you with a list of interesting places to visit.

OK, have fun, and take a look at; to see what the temperatures are going to be.  Ireland, since it is so close to the North Sea, always seemed a bit colder to me than in England, France or Germany at that time of year.

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answered by
Ben from Kenzingen

Hey Jessica,

just signed up on Trippy and your question is basically the first one I'm answering to.

Being a regular visitor to Frankfurt, where lots of members of my family live and having studied in Dublin for one semester, I thought I could provide you with some useful information ;)

Frankfurt: I definitely urge you to check out Sachsenhausen, which is a kind of old part of the city. One the one hand, it serves as a perfect contrast to the more modern and capitalist part of the city ("Bankfurt/Crankfurt").

It's also at Sachsenhausen, where you are able to see some adorable examples of old-fashioned architecture and where you can enjoy some "Äppelwoi" (Apple Wine/Cidre) and traditional German dishes. 

Ireland: I obviously spent most of my stay in Dublin and I loved it. It's such a welcoming and friendly city and although being the capital of a country and being home to an admirable 500.000 odd people, you don't get the feeling of it being a typical huge city. To me, Dublin always felt like a giant village, in the most positive way that is.

I would definitely recommend going there and also getting to know the rest of Ireland. The country's obvious huge advantage is its size, which means you can go coast to coast in about 3-4 hours by car and enjoy the adorable countryside meanwhile. I did a roadtrip to the south once and it was incredibly amazing and memorable.

If you have any specific questions, let me know and I will happily try to answer them :)



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answered by
Iris from Dublin

Hi, Jessica!

Found a nice infographic for you. Hope it will help you. For more information you can read the source:

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answered by
Philip from London

Frankfurt - is pants, if you fly in and out of there you can take the ICE up to Cologne, much nicer 

Pisa - cool but Montecatini is nicer and less heaving with Korean tourists 

Florence - beautiful! make sure you see it early in the morning or you'll be tramped by tourists 

Venice - don't know 

Milan - why?! shopping? Go to Rome instead if you can. 

Bern - nothing there

Paris - cool 

Aberdeen - why? go to Edinburgh instead 

Wales - this is way too rushed 

Ireland - rushed again but if you must, has to be Cork or Dublin

London - not enough time 

Amsterdam - 2 nights is enough 


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answered by
Edward from Stockholm

Hi Jessica!

I see that you have planned for 3 nights in Venice. It's a beautiful city but really, really small. I stayed there for 42 hours this summer and managed to see everything I wanted (historical landmarks, ride the water bus, eat lots of food, see some art, walk across hundreds of cute bridges and more). So even though the dates are set, maybe look into excursions outside of Venice for one of the days? The nature in Italy is amazing and a trip to the countryside is something I highly recommend!

In Florence, I recommend the Uffizi Gallery. Wonderful and gigantic building, lots of central pieces of the European art history (painting, sculptures) and great views over the city. This is one of the oldest art galleries in the world. Buy ticket in advance, that will save you time and guarantee that you'll get in. Also, the square Piazza della Signoria by the gallery is amazing with a small open-air statue gallery (free entry) called Loggia dei Lanzi. Florence is expensive, especially in the city center. I would do some research on restaurants beforehand or just go for street food like pizza. We ended up disappointed when paying lots of euros for mediocre food. I can't recommend any restaurants, just issue warnings. ;)

I would stay more than 2 nights in London (if it's your first time there) since it's a huge city with lots of things to see. If you are a Christmas fanatic (like I am) or just would like to buy some unique Christmas ornaments, I suggest a visit to the Christmas section in the old department store Liberty London on Regent St, London. I also always recommend Electric Cinema since it's really cute and special. It's a cinema with really comfy chairs (think luxurious living room in the 1920s) and a more classy menu than most cinemas. 

I would also suggest that you pack a variety of clothes since the weather will change from country to country or even from day to day. From snow, frost and really cold to sunshine and quite warm (Florence can sometimes be as warm as 20 degrees Celsius in October). And of course lots of rain, at least in the United Kingdom.

Have a great time!

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answered by
Jake from Los Angeles

Hi Jessica, with 2 nights in Frankfurt, I recommend a day-trip. The city outside of the historic center Römerberg is more business-oriented. The nearby Rhine Valley however is great for tourists with river cruises, scenery and castles on hilltops. I've stayed in Oberwesel at the Burghotel Auf Schoenburg a 10th century castle converted into a hotel, really nice.

Also in day-trip distance from Frankfurt are Cochemand Heidelberg and many more scenic villages.

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answered by
Jared from Sydney

Hey Jessica! 

Bust trip! You're gonna have a great time. 

I'd switch out Frankfurt for Munich or Berlin - those cities are amazing, and like others have said, Frankfurt is mostly a financial and business city. 

I'd switch out Aberdeen for Edinburgh or a trip through the Isle of Skye. You just can't go past the awesomeness of the Scottish capital. And Skye makes a lovely relaxing drive. 

I'd suggest more time in London and cut out Wales - perhaps instead of Wales and Ireland you could jet over to Iceland!

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  7. London (city)
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  9. Ireland (attraction)
  10. Iceland (country)
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answered by
Vikalp from New Delhi


Europe is a never ending destination, you can keep spending time there. how to spend time at any destination can be subjective as it really depends on your choices and interests.

Florence and Venice are art destinations. You will find a lot of art galleries and churches there.

Paris is an amazing location to explore serenity and cafe culture. 5 days are more than sufficient to explore Paris. visit Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre dam, Versailles's Palace and Strasbourg. 

Dublin can be covered on foot and is a very small destination. Try some amazing beers there.

You can visit Brussels from Paris As well, it is situated at a night's distance and is a very beautiful city.

Do not forget to take rain coats and sturdy shoes as this trip will require a lot of walking. Keep some trek jackets which can survive every kind of weather. Keep your passports and urgent document in a pouch and always keep it with you. Italy is prone to passport thefts. We lost two passports during our journey to Rome. Trust me life becomes hell without passport in European nations. Try to keep your luggage as light as possible. If ypou are planning a budget travel try to book Youth hostels via Hostel world. You will save a lot. 

If you need to know more about destinations tell me. 

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answered by
Laurel from Calgary

Good luck with your busy trip. Personally, I would go to Edinburgh over Aberdeen, or if you want to visit the Scottish highlands, Inverness is more interesting than Aberdeen. I would definitely allow more time for London. The sights in London are spread out and it takes time just to get to them. I would also go to Rome over Milan because it has more iconic sights. Sadly, it's impossible to cover everything in one trip even if it is a month long.

I've been to Scotland in November and it's not as cold as where I'm from in Canada. I've found the most efficient way to pack is to take layers. For the coldest weather you can start with a long sleeved t-shirt, add a button down shirt on top, add a pullover sweater or cardigan, and cover it all with a water resistant jacket or coat. It's easy to leave off layers when the weather is warmer. Make sure the colours all co-ordinate and you will have lots of choice for different looks.

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answered first by
Mandy from Berlin

My only suggestion: Skip Frankfurt and go to Berlin instead! :) 
Much more interesting, more to see, more fun and more beautiful... 
Frankfurt ist just a business city, not much to see there.

In this time you should be prepared for rainy and windy days, maybe you're lucky and the sun comes out in some places. But in the north, especially UK / Ireland it might get cold.

Dublin is worth a visit. From there your could take a ferry and go to Liverpool and/or Manchester (United Kingdom) before returning to London. 

Check and for connections. You can buy the tickets online. 

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answered by
Belinda from South Carolina

May I ask why Aberdeen? Would think Edinburgh or Glasgow first if that is all you are doing in Scotland. 

How are you traveling between these cities?

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  3. Glasgow (city)
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