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Valdivia, Chile

Diego from Valdivia, Chile asked

Is it good to live and work in France? Tell me why

I'm a lover of nature, specially I love mountain landscapes.  Would France been good to live and work in? I would travel alone and my stay would be indefinite.


2 Answers
answered by
Julian from Tampa

Hi, It's pretty difficult to get a working visa for France but if you can get one, it's a good place to live and work.

Here are some reasons:

  • Health insurance it's an important asset, if you compare it with US, it's a 5 star service...
  • If you are unemployed the state will give you money the time you will find a new one,
  • If you do not have too much money because of a low salary, the state will help you to get somewhere to live (money or / and social apartment)
  • You will have an great percentage of your salary when you will be retired
  • The country is very secured
  • Flight ticket for europe are cheap because of low cost airlines
  • Famous restaurant and amazing food,
  • Beautiful landscapes, and historical monument to visit, everything is full of history, more than 2000 years of history to endurstand, Paris was created 58BC.
  • Some country services will be picked up directly from your salary, like health insurance, retirement allocations, unemployed allocation, familly allocation etc. If you negociate a salary of 40k€/year (called brut salary) you will really have in your pocket 30k€/year (called net salary). You have to know that every salary is negociate as "brut" salary.
  • You will have to had on the previous taxes salary taxes wich correspond to one salary per year so it's gonna be 30k€ / 12.
  • Depending of what kind of job you are looking for, you will have more or less difficulties, for example in IT (if you have a working visa) you will find a job in a week, if you are blacksmith, farmer or some other manual job... it's gonna be more difficult you might never find one because you do not speak French (just guessing)
  • Life is a little bit more expensive than in US (I don't know about Chile)

So if you do not have a working visa here is what's gonna happend:

  • You will have to send thousand of cover letters and resumes you might have an answer one day and I'm using might at purpose...
  • If someone send you an anwser, the company will have to prove that no one in France have the same competences and it takes 6 month, so you really need tto have strong competences in a specific domain (Phd might help)
  • Then you will have a job in France congrat.

If you want moutain and live cheap, you can try to get a job in PauYou have to know that if you want to get a working visa, it can be easier to get it in a company based in Paris.

You might want to check those websites (all of those are official websites from the french government):

After almost two years living in US, I feel like France is a way better because of health insurance and you do not need a car to go everywhere but that's my personal opinion.

I hope all those infos helped you.

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answered by
Marnie from Conflans-sur-Anille

Getting a work permit will prove difficult, as well as getting a job. The social taxes are astronomic, so most employers are not hiring right now. France is a great place to work, IF you can secure a job. And for this, you will need a work permit. Unless you have a EU passport, or come from North Africa, this is not easy.

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