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The Bahamas

michelle from The Bahamas asked

Honeymoon in France

I am going on a honeymoon to France end of may beginning of June For 2 weeks. We are starting in Paris for 2-3 days and ending in Monte Carlo for 2-3 days we have about a week in between, what are some good quaint places to go in between?


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Alex from London

Hi Michelle,

Congratulations on your engagement/wedding!

You will be spoiled for choice, albeit I would say that your stops will depend on whether you are driving or taking the train.

Considering your travels will be in late Spring, I would suggest you focus on the South which will be warmer and less rainy. However, you can still break the journey from Paris to the coast with a few one day stops along the way.

Near Paris, Versaillesis a great place to plan an overnight, so you can experience the town after the day-tourists visiting the palace leave. Fontainebleau is another beautiful option, a forrested area with a stunning castle.

About midway on your journey is Lyon, a cathedral city and one of the largest metro areas in France. The old town is one of the oldest medieval centres of Europe, this is also a foodie destination and a must stop if you are into culinary delights.

Closer to the coast, you will find the dramatic historical towns of Avignon, once a Papal seat, and Nimes, with beatiful Roman ruins. In my opinion, these two are among the best destinations in France.

At this juncture you are basically in the world-renowned region on Provence. Spring is the perfect time to visit and explore the charming villages that define the French countryside. Aix-en-ProvenceSaint-Remy-de-ProvenceUzesArles, Parc Naturel Régional de CamargueCassis, etc. If you want to get a bit off the beaten track, you can even visit the vilage island of Porquerolles.

My personal preference is for skipping Marseilles and Nice all together, and focussing instead on smaller towns and villages, perhaps doing one final stop in Saint-Tropez.

The above options are all basically along the most direct route between Paris and Monte Carlo. If you want to consider some alternative routes, the Ardeche (Montelimar, etc) region is excellent for outdorsy activities including hiking and water sports. 

Lastly, if you find yourself French-out'ed, remember that the Italian Riviera and stunning Sanremo is an easy drive from Monte Carlo.

Have a wondeful time!!!

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Polly from Washington, DC

Oh, wow! There are so many options!

First, I'd consider spending more time in Paris. There are some great day trips from the city like Versailles and Giverny. However, there are many other regions to explore as well.

Bretagne is supposed to be beautiful in the summer, and places like Mont Saint-Michel, Dinan and Morlaix might be up your alley.

Another option would be the area around Tours, with all the grand and beautiful chateaus. You could continue south after a few days and visit Rocamadour and Sarlat-la-Caneda for the "quaint" aspect.

One more idea would be to spend more time in the south of France before heading over to Monte Carlo. Avignon and Aix-en-Provence would be a nice break before checking out the beaches between Marseille and Nice.

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  7. Morlaix (city)
  8. Tours (city)
  9. Rocamadour (city)
  10. Sarlat-la-Caneda (city)
  11. Avignon (city)
  12. Aix-en-Provence (city)
  13. Marseille (city)
  14. Nice (city)
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answered by
Jacqui from London

Check out Lyon ! It is only 2 hours on the TGV from Paris and a great place to relax, eat and drink for a few days. You can also do some great 1-2 day trips to Annecy and Vienne

For a traditional and typical Lyon experience, visit a Bouchon.

Brasserie le Nord is a great restaurant, but try my favourite restaurant in world called Cousin Cousine & Co. located at 1 Grande Rue des Feuillants, 69001, Lyon. Taxi drivers do not know this little street, so I would get out at Place l’Opera (Opera House) or the Hotel de Ville (the town hall) and walk up a couple of blocks. If you are willing, try the Tartar de Beouf!

For more on Lyon, check out



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