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Flight Arrangements - when should I book to get the best price?

On average, how far in advance should I book a flight to get the best price for a trip that's in June 2015?

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Andy from San Francisco

Here's a good post about that from

For me it's not always about finding the lowest possible price. If that's what you're looking for then you'll just spend a lot of time stressing and searching and doubting yourself. I just look for flights that within range of what I think is a good deal. So if I end up paying a few dollars more than the lowest price, no big deal. I just don't like to check prices everyday hoping to catch the lowest price. 

With that said, you should also check out the flight search by ITA software. They were recently acquired by Google and they can tell you the best days to travel within a certain date range.

Hope that helps!

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Right now there is an airline doing $100 one way tickets to Europe. I haven't looked much in to it. But they're a brand new airline. So I'm not sure what they have to Oger for services on a flight. But it's called "wow airline" I would def do some research on it before booking a ticket. I work for southwest and I know for us we do our frequent discounts and sales for flights during different times of year. But the earlier in advance you book your ticket the cheaper the fares are. We will have a handful for 50$ 60$ and 70$ when we sell all the ones for 50$ then the next ones are for sale etc et. Until all the discounted fares are gone or it's the day before or day of and at that point the flights are full fare. Hope that helps you!

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Scott from Fort Collins

It generally depends on where, and when, you are flying.  Especially to destinations with high, and low, seasons.  I do like to start on Kayak, or someplace like that, sometimes.  I also think going to the particular airline's website and either putting in a date range, or, on certain airline websites, you can put in a monthly range to help you plan for a more affordable flight.  I do agree with Andy in that you shouldn't sacrifice your convenience for a cheaper flight.  Spend a little more to get something that works better for you.  It won't matter in the long run! :)

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Jaleh from Baltimore

I've read a ton of opinions on when to buy tickets, but as far as timing goes, what I've seen work is searching through sites like ITA or Kayak; booking mid-week (preferably Tuesday or Thursday); and searching for a flight incognito. Hopefully some of this helps you! 

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Rafael from Antwerp, Belgium

There's a popular myth that Tuesdays are some kind of magical day where flight prices drop. That's, well, a myth.

There was a study made that showed that the best time to book domestic flights is, 50-100 days in advance - 57 days in advance being the sweet spot.

For international flights, 150-225 days is the ideal range to book

an international flight. 

However, from a practical standpoint, flight prices are extremely volatile, so don't get hung up too much about it.

I would recommend booking at least 4 weeks in advance. Worst case you can use a service that helps you find a cheaper flight even after booking it, and re-books the cheaper alternative for you.

I wrote about this in detail on my blog  (see #12)

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answered by
Jass from Tampines

What I usually do:

1) I always sign-up/subscribe to airlines newsletters so I get to know their new promotions ahead. It's an advantage since we know that promo seats are easily sold-out.

2) I check airlines websites few days BEFORE the month ends because they usually update their website and put new promotions.

3) If my schedule is flexible, I select flight early morning during weekdays because the fares are cheaper.

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Polly from Washington, DC

I generally watch fares on and then go to the actual airline's website to buy. (I've run into issues booking on third-party sites in the past.) Another tip - try to check fares on different computers. When searching for airfare to Cairo a year ago, my roommates and I found that fares were about $70-100 cheaper on my desktop PC than on their Apple laptops and tablets!

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Justin from Phoenix

That's a tough question ... I've seen more fluctuations based on the day of the week that I book than I do in the time before my departure date. I always, always, always book midweek. 

And seriously, I get my best deals through Google Flight searches that lead me to book on the airline websites. If you book on a third-party site and something odd happens with your flight or reservation, your odds of getting shafted increase exponentially. 

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answered by
Monica from Miami

It depends on the type of trip. But for booking flights, Tuesday's usually have the best fares.

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