Liz Stark

Liz from Westlake asked March 26, 2015

Flagstaff: Best Ideas for Two Days In Flagstaff/Sedona?

A friend and I are renting a car from the Phoenix airport and staying in Flagstaff for two nights this coming May. We want to hike and see the area and spend time outside. Any recommendations for trails, restaurants, or the best things to see?

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  • Jason Mraz

    Top Answer by Jason M. from San Diego

    Hi Liz! For next time you're in Flagstaff:

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  • Dan Phillips

    Dan P. from Flagstaff answered

    Hi Liz! As a student living in Flag, I highly recommend Ni Marcos Pizza for a place to grab lunch. It's where us locals go to all the time for great pizza and wings. I highly recommend you get a whole fresh pizza, but you can get pieces by the slice. I could eat Ni Marcos' wings all day, they are SO good!

    For dinner, I'd recommend visiting downtown Flagstaff for a nice evening walk and a visit to Diablo Burger. It's one of the most popular places to eat in Flagstaff and has gluten free options! In fact, I want to go there tomorrow for dinner just thinking about their food =/

    For outdoor activities the next day, I personally love Walnut Canyon National Monument which is about 15 minutes east of Flagstaff. It has an interesting history behind it and it's a neat place to meet fellow visitors. It's not a long walk, but you'll feel the high elevation so I think it's a good way to ease into the day. If you are feeling particularly adventurous and have a good flashlight, I also highly recommend the lava river cave north of Flagstaff. It a mile long and pitch dark, so a headlamp and flashlight are necessities, but once you climb down into it and enter some of the expansive tunnel areas, it's like being in a movie! The tunnel isn't for the faint of heart though, as there are several low cave ceilings to move through. I'm 6'1 though and it was never too much of an issue. Bring good hiking boots!

    For dinner I recommend Satchmo's for DELICIOUS Cajun food. Get the jambalaya! Of if Cajun isn't your thing, hit Delhi Palace for some solid Indian Food. You'll notice Delhi Palace has some of the highest reviews online out of all Flagstaff place to eat. They do the Indian atmosphere and food extraordinarily well. The price for dinner isn't as student friendly, but when my family come to visit (and *ahem* feel like taking their son to dinner!) we go here =)

    I've only been to Sedona a handful of times, so I don't know the hot places to eat, but I do know that when you drive into town it is SO EASY to find stuff you want to do. Just driving into town I usually say to myself, "Yeah, I just want tea and that view." It is a beautiful area and the touristy section of town (when you enter from the north) sums up the culture well in a single visit. If you want a great hike, Google the Cathedral Rock Trailhead. It's not too long and the view is fantastico!

    Liz, I hope this helps and I hope you have an awesome trip!

  • Kara Cremer

    Kara C. from Boston answered

    I highly recommend heading to Sedona! Truly one of the most beautiful place I have ever visited. There are endless options for trails and hiking, and lots of off-the-map ruins to be found if you explore some of the canyons. My favorites were Cathedral Rock Trail, where you can also swing by and check out the beautiful Chapel of the Holy Cross. Fay Canyon Trail was incredibly beautiful, and where we discovered some awesome cliff dwellings off the beaten path. If you are not afraid of heights (and love a good photo opp) then a must-hike is Devils Bridge (below) where you can walk across the beautiful natural bridge with a gorgeous view. One of my favorite parts of the trip.Devils BridgeThe first day we were in Sedona we actually rented ATVs for a self-guided tour, which was a perfect way to get a sense for where all of the trail heads were in the surrounding area. It also allowed us to make our way to Palatki Heritage Site, a very well-preserved cave dwelling settlement. Everywhere you look in Sedona is pure beauty so you can't go wrong. The one thing I did not do personally but was highly recommended was to explore the Sedona Vortex Toursand all of the vortexes around the area. If you want to get in touch with your spiritual side, you can't miss it. Have an awesome time!

  • Watzisname Rodrigues

    Watzisname R. from Chicago answered

    Liz: Sedona is MAGICAL!! Here are some great options:

    Enjoy your time there, it is a fabulous place!!

  • Debra DiTolla

    Debra D. from Westlake answered

    I just spent 4 days in Sedona with my DIL. We did 3 hiking trails that were amazing! First we did the Little Horse Park trail that connected to the trail at Chapel Rd. It was easy/moderate with nice views. Then Devils Bridge trail which is well worth the moderate hike to get to the natural bridge. And last, we did Boynton Canyon Rd trail. Longer and another moderate hike with parts that wander through oaks and aspens between the red rock walls. Sedona also has some nice high end shops for original sculptures, paintings, etc.

  • Lynn Farrell

    Lynn F. from Westlake answered

    You'll be 2 hours from Grand Canyon National Park. Not to be missed. Sedona is gorgeous with many nice hikes. Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is cool, along with Wupatki National Monument & the Indian ruins. If you like astronomy, go to Lowell Observatory & see where Pluto was discovered.

  • Justin Schmid

    Justin S. from Phoenix answered

    Well, I can fill up some time for you in Flagstaff without a problem. Here are some choices:

    -Climb Humphreys Peak, the highest point in the state at 12,600-some feet. It might take you 5-8 hours depending on your condition. The general opinion is that its the remains of a stratovolcano that either collapsed or blew like Mount Saint Helens.

    -Go to Lava River Cave. It's nearly lava tube nearly 3/4 of a mile long. It'll keep you occupied for about 2 hours.

    S P Crater-Visit Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, and follow up with a drive to Wupatki National Monument. You should be able to have about 2 hours worth of fun there.

    -Now here's the really under-the-radar option: Climb S P Crater, and then spend some time poking around on its lava flow. I have a blog post that will tell you all about it. Nobody goes here - you'll have the place all to yourself except for some cattle. Good for about 3 hours of fun. Unlike Sunset, you can climb up this one and look into the crater!

    At night, I love Flagstaff Brewing Company and Wanderlust Brewing Company. Beaver Street Brewery has great food, but really mediocre beer. If you want a good place to stay, I like Aspen Inn Bed & Breakfast.

    Oh, and there's Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course, too.

    EDIT: Be sure to stop at Late For the Train (multiple locations). If you're a traditionalist, they make a great cappuccino. If you want something sweeter, try a Metro Retro or Dave's Rockrammer.