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  • Lisa Taylor
  • "Honeymoon for newly wed in early 2018"

Lisa Taylor

Wellington, New Zealand

Honeymoon for newly wed in early 2018

So my fiance and I are getting married this September and we want to find some advice of where to go and what to do for our honeymoon. In all likelihood it will be around March 2018 before we can travel, as I am changing my name and need to renew my passport and that takes some time to pay for etc etc. 

We live in Wellington, New Zealand. So itinerary would be Wellington, Christchurch or Auckland to the destination/s and return. Thanks.

We would like to go to the following countries: Canada, Cambodia, Japan, Fiji or other Pacific Islands, the USA (Florida, LA and San Francisco in particular). 

We don't want to go near the United Emirates area due to safety concerns, plus I drive and my husband doesn't - so if we have a rental vehicle the country has to be allowing a woman to drive! (My full New Zealand drivers license expires in September 2018, so I need to check International Driving Laws too!) 

Planning on going for 2 or 3 weeks in total. Want to be spending 7 to 10 days maximum in one city if that makes sense. 

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