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Europe, Amsterdam

What other countries near Amsterdam can we visit?

I am planning to go to Amsterdam in may for 20 days. Since I have never been to Europe, I don't know which other nearby countries or cities I should travel to? I don't intend to visit all of Europe in one trip. So my question is that I wanted to the know the easy and best option to visit places nearby Amsterdam? Thank you in advance for your time and effort. 

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Sabine from Amsterdam

So if you don't want to go TOO far, I am thinking of Paris. There are direct trains to Paris from Amsterdam, which takes you just in a few hours to the city of love.

You can also think about visiting other cities/areas in The Netherlands, like Den Haag , Utrecht or Haarlem which are all maximum 1 hour away by train and are nice cities to visit. Or when you like flowers you can go to Keukenhof which is beautiful in May.

A nice and beautiful city is also Maastrichtall the way in the south. You can take a direct train from Amsterdam to Maastricht and from there take a train to Paris.   

Good luck! 

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Jacqui from London

Amsterdam is an amazing city! Though you can probably see much of it in 4 days. 

I have been to Amsterdam 3 times previously and just booked another long weekend there in May because I love it so much and there are still so many things to see and do.

Brussels is a short train ride (or a few hours on the bus) away. We stayed for 3 nights last summer and it was more than enough time. I feel that this is a city you could probably miss. 

For things to do, places to see and what to expect, here is a guide (by me) for Amsterdam: 

From Amsterdam you can get almost anywhere in Europe within a couple of hours. Amsterdam has brilliant links via train to Paris, most parts of FranceGermanyBelgium and even the United Kingdom But it also has a very central international airport, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, that can take you as far as Italy,SpainPortugalPolandUnited Kingdom and more. 

You need to think about what you want from Europe. In 20 days you could travel: 

Amsterdam (via train) to Paris, then fly to Madrid, fly to Rome, fly to Berlin and then catch the train back to Amsterdam. You would see all of the big tourist places, but also experience every little part of Europe in all it's glory. Then, when you come back to Europe, you can decide which areas you would like to see more of. London and Edinburgh or Scotland are also great options! 

Here are a few more guides to help you: 

Berlin -

Paris -

Budapest, Hungary - 

Scotland -

Either way, I hope you enjoy your trip! 


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Maria from Dublin

Ireland is a short flight from Amsterdam and is a really beautiful country to visit (I may be biased, I live here!) Dublin, Cork and Galway City are interesting cities with lots to do and see. Connemara, The Burren, Kerry, County Donegal and West Cork are all very beautiful with amazing scenery. There are regional airports but driving is pretty easy throughout with a decent road network. If you like hiking, swimming, surfing or kayaking the West coast is well worth a visit. The Irish people are generally friendly and very welcoming, restaurants and pubs are good and the country is looking its best in May / June.

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answered by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

When in Amsterdam, you would be closest to Belgium and Germany.  You could make a loop by heading to Cologne-lovely Germany city with a beautiful and rather large cathedral.  Then head west into Belgium and stop in Brussels-then head to Bruges and back up to Amsterdam.  All could be done via the train systems and only a few hours time between cities.

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answered by
Virginia from Amsterdam

In the Netherlands, Haarlem, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haagcan be visited with one-day trips.

Further south, you can visit Antwerpen, Bruges, Ghent and Brussels in Belgium. 

Germany and France are also a 3-4 hour trip away -of course, depending on which city you decide to visit, you might need much more time. Ryanair, Easyjet, and Transavia offer cheap flights to main cities within Europe.

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  4. Den Haag (attraction)
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  6. Bruges (city)
  7. Ghent (city)
  8. Brussels (city)
  9. Germany (attraction)
  10. France (attraction)
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answered by
Charlotte from Amsterdam

Hi, May is good month for visiting Amsterdam due to the holidays and festivals. Have a look at for planning your activities in Amsterdam. As said by other travellers, the train is good way of transport, but you can also easily fly to Berlin or London with Have a look at  for places to stay. Close by is indeed Belgium, of which Ghent is one of my favourites villages. Have a nice trip!

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answered by
Azizull from Los Angeles

If you can, definitely try to visit Germany! There are some beautiful cities about a four-hour train ride away, like Cologne and Dusseldorf and Bonn. Also Belgium would be a great option since it is right next to the Netherlands. Another option would also be to visit northern France; it is not so far away by train from Amsterdam!

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  3. Dusseldorf (city)
  4. Bonn (city)
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  6. France (attraction)
  7. Amsterdam (city)
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answered by
Brew from Manhattan Beach

Very easy to get to Cologne by train.  Cologne is a great place with an incredible Kölner Dom which is literally right outside the train station.  From there you can loop into Belgium (as suggested by Jacey).

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  2. Kölner Dom (attraction)
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Don't miss UtrechtAlkmaarHaarlem, and Gouda. You won't regret. All of them you can reach within less than one hour, by train and train stations in the city centers. Go! Now!

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  1. Utrecht (city)
  2. Alkmaar (city)
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  4. Gouda (city)

answered by
Christina from West Hollywood

Definitely stop into Bruges for a night or two! It's a quaint little city with a central square that looks like it's lined with gingerbread houses. Spend a couple of days and enjoy some great cheese, chocolate, and beer. :)

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Belgium is very close, but quite similar to The Netherlands, so you may want to vary your experience a little as it's your first visit. Germany is easily accessible by train and has many interesting places-Cologne, Munich, Berlin (great street art, interesting club scene and some really good museums), Nuremberg for example. Frankfurt is much maligned but has its own vibe. From Centraal rail station in Amsterdam, only 3-4 hours (but comfortable) by train to Paris-so easy step onto train in Amsterdam and step off at Gare du Nord station in Paris. So much to do in Paris!

Or go north through Germany via Hamburg and up into Copenhagen in Denmark if you'd like a Scandinavian experience. Train takes about 19 hours from Amsterdam, but if you decide to visit Germany, can be worked into itinerary.

Quite often overlooked, but charming is Luxembourg, which you could easily work in if you decide to go through Belgium, It's very tiny but cute!

Trains are easy, comfortable and relatively cheap through Europe-they deliver you, in most cases, to the city centre, so no expenses in getting from airports. Look to see what rail pass deals are being offered-they save you heaps usually and can often prebook your trip.


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Anna from Athens

Well Amsterdam is in a prime location do you have many options. Off course you can explore the rest of the Netherlands as well by visiting Rotherdam, The Hague and Knocke.  

Then you can visit Belgium. Antwerp is pretty close but I suggest Brugge and Ghent as they are more picturesque! And then there's always Brussels.  

You can also venture out to Germany and visit Düsseldorf and Cologne or even get on a train and head to Hamburg.  

Another good option is Paris which is a three hour train ride from Amsterdam.  

Happy Planning!

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