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Santa Barbara

Alex from Santa Barbara asked

Most fun place to visit in your twenties?

Me and a few girls are going on a 5 week trip through Europe after we graduate from college in June. I was just wondering what the most fun places to visit would be for people in their twenties (lots to do, good nightlife, etc.) ? Any recommendations for must see places or an itinerary for 5 weeks would be appreciated! On the list so far is London, Amsterdam, Belgium, and Prague. Thanks! :)


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Taylor from Pennsylvania

Hi Alex,

It is imperative that you put Spain on that list!  I can not think of a place that would be more fun for young people.  Spain has incredible night life no matter what city you go to, is budget friendly and so much fun.  I love Madrid and I think it's a very vibrant city, but it will be really hot in the summer and you wouldn't have beach access.  There's so much to do in Madrid though.  There's everything from museums, to markets, to shopping, to strolling through parks, etc.  Barcelona would be a good option so you get the best of both worlds: some coastline and a happening city life. Barcelona has some incredible architecture and amazing food.  Valencia would also be fun too.  One of my favorite cities is San Sebastian because it is beautiful, has precious beaches and the best food.  The only downer is it can be prone to rain even in the summer.  You could get some good days in June, but the chances of rain and cooler weather are greater than in July or August.  Lastly Majorca and Minorca (Mallorca and Menorca) are beautiful islands and definitely worth a visit.

I think the choices you have so far are great too.  Prague is an awesome city.  It's cheap and has great night life.  Amsterdam has a lot of young people and would be a great place to visit post grad.  In Belgium, I loved Bruges.  You don't need more than a weekend there, but it is precious.  You can eat chocolate, waffles and drink beer to your heart's content.  If it's your first time to Europe, I don't think you should miss Italy or France.  Paris is a must and Rome too.

Enjoy your travels,


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Jacqui from London
What an exciting trip!! (and congrats on your pending graduations)
Be aware that transport and accommodation costs can increase during the summer months in Europe. But it is such a fun time to be travelling here! 
If you are looking for a good time, things not to miss in summer in Europe are:
  • at least a few nights on a Mediterranean Sea island or a week long “Sail Croatia” experience hopping the islands in Croatia. There are plenty of tour groups, parties and night clubs perfect for this.
  • Eastern Europe. BudapestPrague and Krakow have great night life, incredible modern history and are still cheap cheap cheap!
  • Berlin is known for its big warehouse style night clubs. I have not been but I hear it is awesome.
  • Do a wine/food tasting trip in either France (somewhere like near Lyon or the Côtes du Rhône region) or Italy (TuscanySicily or Naples)
  • Check out a European music festival. Open’er in Gdansk, Poland (July), or The Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary (August), or BBK Live in Bilbao, Spain (July)
If you were looking for scenery check out AustriaSwitzerland and Scandinavia (DenmarkFinlandSweden).
If you are looking for culture and history check out Istanbul in Turkey, Madrid in Spain, Budapest in Hungary, Berlin in Germany and Krakow in Poland. 
I would skip Belgium completely unless it was a must see on your list... but if you do go Brussels, Delirium bar has one of the largest selections of beer in the world.
If I had 5 weeks for my first time in Europe, this is what I would do:
> Start in London (3 nights) - go to a big nightclub like Proud Camden or Ministry of Sound. But the sites and pubs are awesome too! If you can, catch the train to Bristol in the UK for a weekend night – great pubs, craft beer and so much cider! (My guide to Bristol:
> Eurostar train to Paris in 2 hours (3 nights) – do a pub crawl around Montmartre for a good night, eat some authentic French food, see the big sights (My guide to Paris:
> Train to Amsterdam (3 nights) – great nightlife, jazz, coffee shops, parks, museums, tulips, windmills, craft beer. (My guide to Amsterdam:
> Train/Fly to Berlin (3 nights) – great underground nightlife and clubs. Get out of the hostel bar, ask the locals where is cool, follow the big queues of people into warehouse parties. (My guide to Berlin:
> Train to Krakow, Poland (2 nights) – visit the Jewish Quarter and Auschwitz concentration camp Poland Travel. Historical and really cheap drinking in Eastern Europe.
> Train to Prague, Czech Republic (1 night/1 day) – The old town is small enough to see in a day. This is where all the hens/stag parties go, must be good night life ;)
> Train to Munich (2 nights) – beer halls! Try Hofbräuhaus Haus. Or Oktoberfest if you are there September/October. You can also visit Dachau concentration camp. (see my video of the beer halls in Munich here:
> Fly to Budapest, Hungary (3 nights) – relax in the baths (spa) and drink in the ruin bars. Awesome night life.
> Fly to Split/Dubrovnik, Croatia OR in the The Greek Islands  for some awesome nightlife on the beaches and Mediterranean islands (5-7 nights)
> Fly to Rome (2 nights) for sight seeing
> Train to Florence , for wine tasting in Tuscany (3 nights) – or fly to somewhere in France for the same thing
> Fly toIbiza. An island paradise full of young people and night clubs.
Good luck and enjoy!! 
- remember to get travel insurance!

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Thank you Jacqui for giving such a thorough answer! I appreciate the detailed advice and will definitely look into all these places! :)

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  41. Munich (city)
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  43. Budapest (city)
  44. Split (city)
  45. Dubrovnik (city)
  46. The Greek Islands (hotel)
  47. Rome (city)
  48. Florence (city)
  49. Tuscany (state)
  50. Ibiza (attraction)
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answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

Barcelona...all day. Great bars and nightlife and a city worth seeing.

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